Each of the natal day readings is divided into four sections: “In Love,” “In Bed,” “Turn-ons,” and “Reality Check.” With this book, you will also discover the zodiacal signs of your own and your partner’s Mars and Venus. You will find out the important role these two planets play in your love life and the ways they affect your actions and reactions in intimate situations. The sign connections between Venus, the planet of romantic love, and Mars, the planet of sexual passion, on your respective birthdays are impor- tant indications of the compatibility potential between you and your beloved.

Let’s face it. We can never have too much information about our love lives. Astrologers believe that the celestial configurations that were in place on the day you were born affect your character and destiny for your entire life. This book draws on the predictive powers of astrology and the ancient art of numerology to bring you insightful birthday readings that provide vital information that you can use to create a better life for yourself and your lover.

Lovestrology is a provocative, user-friendly handbook that will provide you with a better understanding of yourself, your significant other, and the ways in which the two of you are likely to interact in intimate situations. This book can also shed new light on your personal prospects for finding, maintaining, and holding on to a loving, successful, and totally fulfilling romantic relationship.