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March 16th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 16, 2024

Correct lighting in your bedroom is a key to love. Place two table lamps on surfaces, one nearer the bed than the other, with 60 or even 40 watt bulbs. Dim, low-angled lights provide flattering, suggestive mysterious shadow.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 1, 7

March 16th Birthday Love Astrology

Come live with me and be my love and we will all the pleasures prove. This is exactly what March 20 has probably said a thousand times to different partners. In youth many have the sexual attention of gnats, bored before they are halfway through. Much of the time they spend hiding from newly ex and heartbroken lovers, sometimes unable to get home because of the lurious throng on the pavement.

Egotists at heart, what saves both sexes is ambition, which sobers them up. This spangly individual would give up a love meeting if their boss asked them to nip out and buy everybody in the office fish and chips. They'd rather work extra time than turn up to their own wedding - the first one anyway.

Success comes early because they work so intensively at catching the eye of power as well as completing the job. And with several love affairs under their belt, this individual discovers, late, the difference between lust and love. Having enjoyed a lot of lust, they throw their hat at love and frequently lose the first few times. Accustomed to easy success they have no judgement. This finally learned the hard way, both sexes settle down with a sigh of relief and quite often live happily ever after, once they've got the ambition bug out of their systems and have stopped staying late at the office and working at weekends.

There's a charming naivety which they retain all their lives. A rush of enthusiasm and pleasure in others which attracts some, but causes envy and destructiveness in others. March 20 can't understand why anyone would want to hurt or destroy him and at first blames himself for making a mistake. Later in life he learns better, and uncoils like a deadly snake, unseen in its accurate attack on any ill-bringer.

Some are too easily impressed, even frightened by authority and should learn a little discernment.

In Love

You like the intimacy of a committed union, yet close relationships are difficult for you to sustain. Your penchant for falling in love with an ideal rather than a real person can lead to severe disappointment. Moreover, you’re more adept at reading other people’s feelings than dealing with your own. You fare best with an insightful partner who understands your moodiness and need for occasional periods of solitude. When you’re involved with someone you care about, you put his or her interests ahead of your own. And you have the sticking power to hang in when the going gets tough.

In Bed

Lovemaking means many different things to you, most of them depending on your mood and your feelings for your partner. As a lover, you are adventurous and curious as well as passionate, affectionate, and emotional. Guided by instinct and intuition, you’re predisposed to do whatever it takes to provide your bedmate with as much pleasure as possible. You like experimenting with a variety of sexual innovations but will implement them only if your partner is agreeable.


March 20 people are keen on keeping their beautiful hair, which both sexes like to wash every day as it makes them feel fresher and look glossier. Try natural recipes for delicious hair. Champagne Rinse is a French method of bringing out golden lights in fair hair. Mix half a cup of old champagne with half a cup of hot water. After shampooing and rinsing well, pour the mixture through the hair. Do not rinse. Vinegar Rinse: three tablespoons raspberry vinegar added to your rinse water removes last traces of shampoo and gives hair extra shine and softy smooth texture. Can be used after every shampoo.


Never quite satisfied with the same old routine, you’re turned on by the thought of doing something naughty and outrageous, like making love in a public place. Even if you can’t join the mile-high club in the real world, you can certainly act out your more bizarre erotic fantasies in your imagination.


Correct lighting in your bedroom is a key to love. Place two table lamps on surfaces, one nearer the bed than the other, with 60 or even 40 watt bulbs. Dim, low-angled lights provide flattering, suggestive mysterious shadow.

Reality Check

Your basic makeup is a synergistic blend of a philosophical mentality, the temperament of an artist, and a mystic’s spirituality. Intellectually you are bright and clever; emotionally you’re impressionable and romantic. You lead an intense inner life of sentimental dreams and crusading ideals. With the missionary spirit so strong, your ultimate aim is to help others and guide them along a path of higher values.

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Theresa Russell (Theresa Paup), actress, film star. Holly Hunter, actress, film star.Michael Redgrave, stage and film Shakespearian actor, father of Vanessa and Lyn.Heinrich Ibsen, playwright Ovid, the poet of love. Spike Lee, film director, actor, Malcolm X. Beniamino Gigli, Italian operatic tenor.Sviatoslav Richter, Russian pianist William Hurt, film actor.

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