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March 17th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 17, 2024

Lucky stones for March 16, include coral, bringing the sea’s vibrations to help all illnesses, and the bloodstone, which is green jasper with red specks, traditionally enhancing bravery and warding off harmful vibrations. It also promotes harmony.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 2, 8

March 17th Birthday Love Astrology

March 16 makes every occasion one for a party and makes everybody at that party have a good time. All the world adores this child of pleasure, admires them as they flash through the water, taking everything in their stroke. They are realists too, and when they see danger coming, like the lobster, they can swim backwards just as fast as they advanced, Christmas and Easter are heaven for this water sprite. And picnics in the summer, boat trips on the river. They were made to play.

Fortunately this creature can turn play to money earning. The/re a gift to any catering or tourist industry, to teaching, or anything to do with leading and entertaining a group. In truth, there's not a depressive bone in this person's body. Psychiatrists, to them, are adorable people they invite to their parties who have the further plus of making money - March 16 likes lots of money scattered about, preferably paving his or her apartment with gold.

Fortune indicates plenty of love affairs and quite a few cracks to the heart. But while March 16 may pine for a long time, this steady, sturdy psycheology regains its sense of balance in the end and remembers how its mother always said there were plenty more fish in the sea where that one came from. At last, when this individual settles down, it's likely to be with someone very much older or younger, with family money and very likely more than one home -the second being abroad. It's nevertheless the case that March 16 never forgets old friends and never gets too grand for anybody.

Some may suffer from chronic fatigue and should visit their doctor. If nothing comes of the visit, then try alternative medicine, or another doctor. This individual is vulnerable to viruses and thyroid problems, which may affect their weight. And on occasion they encounter irritating allergies, which they are usually clever enough to be able to track themselves.

In Love

Despite a decidedly romantic slant to your character, you are more prudent in love than others of your Sun sign. Your desire for emotional security makes you crave the safety and companionship of a close, long-term relationship. Until you find it, you may choose to follow the lifestyle of a self-reliant loner. Although you enjoy your solitude, you long for the love and affection of a devoted partner and may not be truly happy without it. You flourish in a caring, committed union with a mate who understands both the seriousness and the whimsical aspects of your nature.

In Bed

You’re a passionate lover with a strong libido and a somewhat traditional view of sexuality. Your bedroom technique is straightforward and generally lacking in chatter and superfluous moves. You approach lovemaking with the same intensity as everything else in your life. Still, you are a romantic, and you strive to create the right kind of environment. You like being the one in control. You set the pace and expect your partner to follow your lead.


'In the pleasure room, decorated with flowers, and fragrant with perfumes, attended by his friends and servants, the citizen should receive the woman, who will come bathed and dressed. At last, when the woman is overcome with love and desire, the citizen should dismiss the people that may be with him. After this, sitting in their own places, the citizen should apply, with his own hand, to the body of the woman, some pure sandalwood This gorgeous image from the Kama Sutra makes a perfect fantasy for 16 at play. Other sensuous essential oils - dropped into a carrier oil - include patchouli, cinnamon and jasmine.


Sometimes you shock yourself by realizing what really excites you. A touch of the tacky, supersexy, naughty, or gaudy may seem déclassé, but it gets your juices flowing. A slow striptease, a racy video, or a few bawdy suggestions can set your heart racing and make you forget all about work and responsibility.


Lucky stones for March 16, include coral, bringing the sea’s vibrations to help all illnesses, and the bloodstone, which is green jasper with red specks, traditionally enhancing bravery and warding off harmful vibrations. It also promotes harmony.

Reality Check

You have two quite distinct sides to your personality. You feel great empathy for those in need, yet a cautious pragmatism lurks beneath your kindhearted Piscean nature. Although you want to help people, you’re afraid of being used or taken advantage of. Consequently, you’re not likely to be found offering free handouts, yet you’re perfectly willing to offer a boost to those trying to help themselves.

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