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March 18th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 18, 2024

In Tarot, card 17 in the Major Arcana, shows The Star. It can mean awareness of sudden renewal and changes in life. Spiritual power indicates that if misfortune arrives as an expected guest, it will not disrupt March 17's equilibrium.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 3, 9

March 18th Birthday Love Astrology

A lover of all beautiful and natural things, March 17 can't get over the gloriousness of the world. They're born to be painters” film makers, designers, flower arrangers, quilt makers, cooks, gardeners, sewers, embroiderers, tapestry enthusiasts. They're not born to drudgery in a factory or shop, bank or even the civil service. And while they will always do their best, unhappiness in the work place is physically bad for this tender person. It can even make them ill, with skin afflictions, palpitations and bad attacks of hayfever and blurry eyes.

March 17 needs fresh air and since air in towns is not now so fresh, this person must try to get to the country regularly, or preferably live there. And preferably by water. Not every star born under Pisces needs to be near water quite so physically as March 17, but this radiant starry creature's brilliance is reflected back when he looks into a watery mirror, reinforcing energy and a sense of well-being. Like Tinkerbell, March 17's belief in himself fades easily and that sense of self-esteem produced by water flowing brightens the sensitive soul.

Find this individual messing about in boats. There's nothing quite like it. Seaside towns are packed with them. The male of the species fishes - just a chance to dream by water. The female needs no such excuse and can sit for hours looking at the light reflected as small fish and frogs busy themselves and the languorous grass snake makes her way laboriously across the surface. The seashore is a favourite walking place. And the rocks and shells found there are favourite ornaments and furnishings for March 17's home.

Both sexes paint, embroider, write about and compose music for seas and rivers. Some may develop such a skill in swimming that they can achieve international status, because, of course, they are in their element.

In Love

Your character may be compared to the deepest part of the ocean, because there is a good deal more going on beneath the surface than an outside observer can possibly imagine. In a romantic relationship, you are a sensitive, caring lover, capable of much love and affection. As sentimental as you are compassionate, you fall passionately in love with an ideal. You have a propensity for overlooking your partner’s foibles, preferring to see your loved one as perfect in every way. In an intimate union you will give everything you have, but you need a lot of encouragement and emotional support in return.

In Bed

You want to be swept away by sensual pleasure and the emotional power of a great love. However, you never come right out and say what you want.

Instead you use your intuition and seductive allure to make things go your way. Passionate, sultry, sensual, and crafty, you know exactly what to do to bring your lover under your magical spell. After that, you’re able to maneuver the bedroom activity in any direction you like.


Use shells everywhere in the house because it will make you feel good. At Christmas large and small shells can he gold sprayed together with pine cones and arranged in a small basket on a swirl of old red, dark blue or any rich-coloured velvet Tuck in glittering single earrings when you've lost one, a broken string of pearls or a brooch to make the basket look like treasure trove. Spray paint over shells lightly held along a wall border top and bottom for charming effect. Stick them on mirror frames. Stick tiny ones in swirling patterns on wooden boxes.


An ethereal romantic, you want to be swept off your feet in a tide of passionate rapture. You are the seducer who dreams of being ravished by your lover in an act of unbridled lust. Of course, you expect this wildly erotic scene to take place in an extremely comfortable, luxurious, and tasteful setting.


In Tarot, card 17 in the Major Arcana, shows The Star. It can mean awareness of sudden renewal and changes in life. Spiritual power indicates that if misfortune arrives as an expected guest, it will not disrupt March 17's equilibrium.

Reality Check

You have an active imagination and a tendency to see meanings in things that other people don’t even notice. A romantic, a dreamer, and a poet at heart, at times your grip on reality may seem a bit tenuous. Yet this otherworldly connection provides you with an apparently mystical insight and the uncanny ability to cut right to the heart of things.

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Died: Lucino Visconti, Italian film maker. Mai Zetteriing, glamorous film star.Capucine, film actress. Born:Rudolf Nureyev, Russian dancer, choreographer, icon.Nat King Cole, singer, jazz pianist, film actor. Bobby Jones, golfer, Masters Tournament founder, Grand Slam winner. Kurt Russell, film actor. Rob Lowe, film star. Kate Greenaway, children's book illustrator.

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