To every thing there is a season, and this includes a time to be born. Our birthday is where we begin our life on Earth and this resonates with information, not just from the position of the planets at that moment in time, on that specific date and in that particular place, but also from being part of a family heritage and a cosmic whole. Every year, from now on, we will measure our lives. No wonder we all have a fascination with our birthdays and see these as something to celebrate.

As an astrologer, I start with the sun signs of the zodiac, which gives me an insight into where to begin, but there’s also numerology associated with your birthday and then the wisdom of the Tarot. It’s all here, with a reading for 366 days of the year.

Further information about your astrological profile can be gleaned from a birth chart if you know your time and place of birth, but here your reading will give you a personal insight into how you respond to life and its challenges, what predisposition you may already be aware of or what will be revealed as you mature, and the way you approach your closest relationships. This snapshot could be the beginning or the confirmation of a journey towards self-discovery. And, of course, you can also check the birth dates of those you love or work with, family, friends and colleagues.

Your birthday is more than just the day of the year you were born. Each day in the yearly cycle emits distinct vibrations and contains its own unique characteristics. The influence of your day of birth is one of the dynamics that distinguishes you from other people. It's a defining factor in who you are and who you hope to become.

Explores the particular forces at work on the day you were born. It is user friendly, so you won't have to do any tedious calculations. Your birth date (or someone else's) is the only key you need to unlock the secrets of your own or another individual's true potential.

Self-awareness and an appreciation of your place in the cosmic scheme of things.Provides fresh insight into character, personality, temperament, relationships, and prospects for success. Draws on the symbolism of astrology, numerology, mythology, tarot, and historical events to give you a better understanding of your own inclinations a11d capabilities, as well as those of your significant other, friends, relatives, and associates. 

I hope you enjoy discovering what your birthday reveals about you!