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People Born on February 9th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 09, 2024

February 9th Birthday Numerology

No. 9:An old soul that looks to spiritual awareness to solve life’s problems and likes to help others to do so in the same way.

February 9 VS Aquarius, 9 , Gifted counsellor

People Born on February 9th: Destiny, Future

February 9th Birthday Destiny

You are so full of hope, praise and encouragement for others that you make a wonderful teacher, counsellor or mentor, but the big question you should be asking is, why don’t you bring that same inspiring positivity to yourself? Or to ask the same question another way: why are you so damned hard on yourself? You are so insightful and perceptive that you really are exceptionally gifted, but it is as if you find it hard to believe that you too deserve the same kind of unstinting encouragement and support. You make an exceptionally devoted parent, lover, partner and friend, but maybe withhold just a little of that love and keep it back for yourself. You will need a life partner who mirrors back to you all the faith, love and encouragement you give them. The only person still thinking that you don’t deserve just as much as you give out is you. Try a little less giving and a little more taking – you may just be surprised by how good that feels.

February 9th Birthday Future

Your birth date signifies a person who is a unique combination of childlike innocence and great wisdom. Although you have to deal with many problems in your own life, you willingly rally to the cause of other people's struggles. You don't merely espouse your spiritual beliefs-you live them. You're compassionate and not overly practical; at times you can be so generous to others as to endanger your own security. Moreover, you could care less. Aquarian stubbornness is marked in February 9th individuals. Once you decide to do some-thing, no power on Earth or in the heavens can change your mind.

You are self-directed and march to a beat that only you can hear. Your innovative ideas often border on genius. You have a reputation for eccentricity that comes as much fron1 other people's misinterpretation of your paradigm-busting brilliance as from your own desire to shock. You have no patience with those who are so focused on the past that they refuse to accept change. You won't hesitate to shake people up if you think it will help get your message across.

Naturally friendly and sociable, you attract all types of acquaintances. You're inherently more romantic and sentimental than many of your Sun sign counterparts. You flourish in the tranquility of a harmonious home and can be rather protective of your loved ones and your private moments with them.

February 9th Birthday Tarot

Two of Pentacles:Pentacles depict our resources, which can be money, but they can also be our emotional resilience, compassion and empathy, and our self-worth. The young man depicted on this card is juggling the equal and opposite weights of the two pentacles captured in the infinity sign he is holding. He is scared to stop in case he drops one or the other. You carry this same fear, which comes from measuring yourself against an impossibly high standard. Drop one of those pentacles and surprise yourself by learning that you will survive to tell the tale!

February 9th Famous birthdays

Joe Pesci(American actor); Carole King(American singer-songwriter); Natsume Sōseki(Japanese writer); Born Today:

Brendan Behan (writer); Ronald Colman (actor); Mia Farrow (actress);Kathryn Grayson (singer/actress); William Henry Harrison (U.S. president); Carole King (singer/songwriter); Amy Lowell (poet); Joe Pesci (actor); Dean Rusk (U.S. secretary of state); Bill Veeck (baseball owner/manager); Alice Walker (writer)

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