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February 9th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 09, 2024

Tarot's card in the Major Arcana for February 9 is The Hermit. This indicates a person who enjoys solitude and takes responsibility for themselves. Best policies always include taking time out from too many social activities.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Venus; Numbers: 2, 9

February 9th Birthday Love Astrology

February 9 needs to avoid stress, because it can literally make this sensitive individual ill. There's a streak of depression here which needs to be watched, and although February 9 can reach the heights of the world if he wants, it may be better for all concerned if he decides not to.

In later life the female of the species may develop such wisdom she becomes a shamanic figure, the one in the family or amongst a group of friends whom others turn to because somehow she can always make sense of a situation. Not to be mistaken for an Earth Mother. This airy creature is not devoted to the home-making skills although she has them. She is more devoted to the basic meaning of things, and has a desire to comfort others in distress.

Because these are fixed air people, money may very easily come their way. Aquarians enjoy money, conserve it and this date doesn't spend frivolously, choosing to buy a painting rather than a new frock - although they adore fancy underwear in fancy colours, particularly electric blue and aquamarine. Because they are so fascinated by the human lot - people orientated - expect also to find in February 9's household porcelain or marble figures which may be part of a collection.

Neither sex is patient with whingers or the extremely weak. They have a horror of them almost amounting to whingerophobia, probably because this most developed sophisticated sign of the year regards whimperers as a lesser species. Most February 9s’ philosophy is not so much to congratulate success - although they do very generously- but to regard with admiration those who cope bravely and constructively with adversity. It's how you pick yourself up which appeals to February 9, who understands that life's trials come to us all.

Children born to this person should be grateful. They make marvellous parents, always praising, always planning the next good time, directing like a paternal sheep dog rather than controlling.

In Love

You are a sensitive, caring person, yet you’re able to step back and view your own feelings with intellectual objectivity. Matters of the heart intensify your struggle between romanticism and rational realism. You seesaw between Aquarian independence and emotional detachment on one side and your longing to establish an intense and total connection with your partner on the other. You yearn for intimacy, yet your fear of emotional vulnerability makes you hide your feelings behind a façade of nonchalance. Your challenge is to find a way to merge the disparate aspects of your character—to enjoy love instead of avoiding it.

In Bed

Your birthday falls in the third decanate of Aquarius, ruled by the love planet Venus. Consequently, you’re more passionate and romantic than those born earlier in the sign. Sex is more consuming and less of a mental exchange for you than for other water bearers. Instead of just thinking and talking about what you’re going to do, you just go ahead and do it. A thoughtful, obliging lover, you’re as focused on your partner’s gratification as your own.


Take the Over Stressed Test. Tick where appropriate. 1: Do you sleep poorly, wandering about at night and raiding the fridge? 2: Suffer from intense anxiety, especially if there is a disaster story on the news? 3: Feel nobody appreciates, even notices what you do? 4: Over-eat, golloping down biscuits when distressed? Or even when not apparently distressed? 5: Fly into sudden rages? 6. Spend too much time looking for things? 7: Can't understand new technology, which includes how to work the video? 8: Think you re going to be found out? More than three ticks and you should take a look at your lifestyle.


You have a strong sex drive, and usually all it takes to turn you on is a subtle reminder of the pleasures awaiting you in your lover’s arms. You like being touched and lightly stroked around the calves and ankles. A romantic seduction scene, complete with music and scented candles, is a nice way to get your motor started.


Tarot's card in the Major Arcana for February 9 is The Hermit. This indicates a person who enjoys solitude and takes responsibility for themselves. Best policies always include taking time out from too many social activities.

Reality Check

You are extremely idealistic and devoted to those you love. The problem is that you’re as likely to fall passionately in love with an ideal as with a real person. If your partner fails to live up to your expectations, you can be deeply disappointed. It may not be very long before you decide to move on to another “ideal mate.”

February 9 Date Share

Holly Johnson, bass guitarist, singer, Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Mia Farrow, film star, ex-wife of Frank Sinatra and André Previn, natural and adoptive mother to numerous children. Joe Pesci, TV and film actor, comedian. Carole King, singer, songwriter. Ronald Colman, British romantic film star, made good in Hollywood. Alice Walker, novelist, The Colour Purple. Brendan Behan, Irish writer, playwright, Borstal Boy, alcoholic. Mrs Patrick Campbell, actress, first Eliza Doolittle in Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.

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