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People Born on January 20th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onJanuary 20, 2024

January 20th Birthday Numerology

No. 2:Shows resilience and power in gentleness, often provides the role of mediator, and linked to psychic abilities.

January20 VS Capricorn, 2, Rebellious change-maker

People Born on January 20th: Destiny, Future

January 20th Birthday Destiny

You’re ambitious but more for the changes you want to see in the world than for yourself and, luckily, you have the charm to gently persuade others to see your point of view and help you realise your goals for the greater good. You are an unconventional thinker but have a sociable nature which means you work best in a team and can happily find a path that combines business and pleasure. Having such lofty ideals can sometimes make you impatient with others who may be slower to catch on, including romantic partners, so it’s important you build a life with someone who shares some of those ideals or you will end up resenting each other.

January 20th Birthday Future

The person born on the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp is a study in paradoxes. To begin with, you're an unconventional thinker who is determined to give form to your theories and ideas, even when they seem strange to others. On the one hand, you are rebellious and driven by the desire to change the world. On the other, you're a hard-working goat with a practical approach to life and the ability to endure whatever comes along.

The number two's vibration gives you a friendly, persuasive n1anner and a charming way of getting others to see things from your point of view. Your inherently sociable nature makes it easier for you to combine business with pleasure than for most Capricorns, and you make more progress cooperating with others than working alone. You want peace and harmony and can be charming and gracious when you remember that the world doesn't revolve around your personal objectives, no matter how noble they happen to be.

Although relating comes naturally to you, you are romantic in a pragmatic way. Eventually, you may come to resent the time and energy a relationship consumes. Your union is more likely to be successful if it's based on common interests and a shared sense of purpose. At the very least, your significant other needs to understand your ambitious nature and be willing to make allowances for your little eccentricities.

January 20th Birthday Tarot

Ten of Wands:This card depicts a young man struggling to carry ten large sticks towards a town in the far distance; the Wands represent communication, so this card signifies the burden you may be feeling trying to get your ideas where you need them to be heard to effect change. Slow down and trust they will reach the right ears at the right time.

January 20th Famous birthdays

Gary Barlow(British singer-songwriter); Buzz Aldrin(American astronaut); Skeet Ulrich(American actor); Born Today:

Edwin" Buzz" Aldrin (astronaut); George Burns (comedian); Frederico Fellini (director); DeForest Kelley (actor); Carol Heiss (skater); Josef Hofmann (pianist); David Lynch (director); John Naber (swimmer); Patricia Neal (actress); Susan Rothenberg (artist); Ruth St. Denis (dancer); George Stavropoulos (fashion designer)

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