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People Born on January 21st: Destiny, Future

Last updated onJanuary 21, 2024

January 21st Birthday Numerology

No. 3:Creative with the gift of imagination and an ability to communicate in writing, art or speech.

January21 VS Aquarius, 3, Kind mentor

People Born on January 21st: Destiny, Future

January 21st Birthday Destiny

Drawn to the arts – music, painting, writing and design – you bring new ideas to your chosen speciality and, although sometimes a bit unpredictable, will be seen by others as multi-talented and someone whose advice and guidance is worth seeking out. You know the value to others of praising and encouraging their efforts, and you are often selfless in supporting and comforting other people, including and especially children. You are kind and idealistic and so may already be working on setting up a charitable foundation to help others or some other kind of initiative that will allow you to champion those who need it most. If you’re not already doing this, don’t be surprised if something similar finds its way to you out of the blue and is the perfect fit for the next chapter of your life.

January 21st Birthday Future

Individuals born January 21 are highly communicative original thinkers with dynamic, outgoing personali-ties. As such, your inventive mind and quick-witted curiosity combine to produce a left brain/right brain mentality capable of understanding science and technology on the one hand and philosophy and religion on the other. Some of the time, you live inside your head and its realm of logical thought. At other times you are motivated by strong feelings of compassion generated by your humanitarian ideals. Your challenge lies in finding a balance point between the two sides of your nature.

You are a consummate performer with a flair for the dramatic, and you enjoy occupying the center of the stage. In company, you're friendly, charming, and sincere. You like being surrounded by friends and associates with whom you can discuss common interests. Despite a well-earned reputation as a visionary with rather eccentric ideas, when you speak, your words have a noticeable effect on people. You're definitely not a loner, but you are extremely independent and resent having restrictions imposed on you by society's code of behavior.

Essentially a charming, sociable people-person, you will strike up a conversation with anyone. However, you often function better in casual relationships than in heavily emotional, romantic ones. You tend to be more comfortable in a companionable partnership that begins as a friendship and develops into an intimate union based on shared goals and ideas.

January 21st Birthday Tarot

Ace of Cups:This fantastically positive card tells you everything is aligning to give you the life you imagine for yourself; a life full of wonderment, love and, just as importantly for you, magical opportunities to use your creative gifts to truly help and support others, making a difference in the lives of everyone you meet.

January 21st Famous birthdays

Grigori Rasputin(Russian mystic and visionary); Geena Davis(American actress); Christian Dior(French fashion designer); Born Today:

Cristobal Balenciaga (fashion designer); Robby Benson (actor); Geena Davis (actress); Christian Dior (fashion designer); Placido Domingo (singer); Jill Eikenberry (actress); Richie Havens (singer); Wolfman Jack (disk jockey); Igor Moiseyev (choreographer); Jack Nicklaus (golfer); Telly Savalias (actor); Paul Scofield (actor)

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