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January 20th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 20, 2024

Too much food clogs the mind. Keep it sharp by only eating enough to satisfy, never until you are full, not mixing too many types of food at each meal, sticking to fresh food and avoiding meals late at night.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 2, 3

January 20th Birthday Love Astrology

January 20 is one of those people who can do several things extremely well, which often irritates duller starlets who can't. By moondust, by Stardust, this is the streetwalker of the Milky Way, pleasing to all, successful in every chosen pursuit, possessed by nobody. Worse still, both sexes are discombobulatingly sexy.

They can sing and paint, they are terrific sportsmen and women, often exceptional writers and worse still again, good businessmen and women. It's sometimes judicious for January 20 to hide some of their light under a bushelette so as not to make others sick with envy. Remember, this is the creature who saunters unescorted into a party and all eyes of the opposite sex swivel upon them.

And the/re nice with it. Plus honest, decent and clever. Less gifted starlets can take some comfort because understandably, some January 20s are very vain. There is also a tendency to baldness amongst the extremely-hairy-in-youth males, and another tendency for our glittering sweetheart to become extremely rotund after years of swallowing caviare, champagne, chips, chocolate cake and other titbits offered them by drooling lovers.

Some of the men even run two partners simultaneously for many years - even on occasion two wives - in which case they often have to eat so many carefully cooked dinners and lunches that they swell to portly proportions. No matter. A stout and sexy January 20 is often worth several slimmer people, with equally slenderer seduction appeal. They're larger than life and enormous fun to be around.

The children of both sexes adore them, and with January 20 there will be a lot of children born on all sides of the blanket. Ms 20 has more leadership in her little finger than most and may become famous for her work. If not, much admired. Whatever happens, they walk, play tennis, swim, sing, have a ball and everybody, except for those whose hearts are completely tuned to green cheese, wants to be with them.

In Love

Your public persona is gracious and charming, if somewhat restrained. On the surface your emotions seem cool to the touch, but it usually doesn’t take much to break through the ice to the warmth below. Your ideal partner is as grounded and practical as you and is more than capable of matching your earthy sensuality. Your need for structure, loyalty, and emotional security prompts you to seek a stable, committed love relationship. You refuse to be rushed into anything, particularly a love union. Because you have so much to offer the right person, you expect no less in return.

In Bed

You’re a warm, affectionate lover and a generous, protective mate. Your body is uniquely responsive to erotic stimuli. Nevertheless, those born on this day are among the more conservative members of the zodiac. In the privacy of your own bedroom, you can be relentless in the pursuit of your own and your partner’s sexual satisfaction. But in the world outside, you follow all the rules of convention and keep your powerful urges under the strictest control.


High living January 20 - and that means both sexes - suffers from hangovers, which unfortunately get worse the older they get and, depressingly, the less they drink. Hangovers are caused by two things: the toxicity of excess alcohol and dehydration. Plenty of liquid usually helps, plus quantities of vitamin C and Bl, thiamine. These four juices should do the trick, a) Three large tomatoes, a handful parsley, lA medium turnip, pinch salt and pepper. b) Four tangerines and one guava. c) Two large carrots, six kale leaves, lA cucumber, d) One apple, 'A beetroot, one medium parsnip.


Underneath your innate reserve, you’re a true sensualist, with a deep reservoir of love and affection. Your entire skin is an erogenous zone. A feather or a silk scarf trailed lightly all over your body can be a great source of titillation. You adore being pampered, especially in the luxurious atmosphere of a sensuous bubble bath for two.


Too much food clogs the mind. Keep it sharp by only eating enough to satisfy, never until you are full, not mixing too many types of food at each meal, sticking to fresh food and avoiding meals late at night.

Reality Check

You like moving at your own pace and prefer taking things slowly, one step at a time. However, when you cast your eye on someone, you rarely change either your mind or your agenda along the way. When you get involved in a serious relationship, you make up for your lack of alacrity with fidelity and unstinting devotion.

January 20 Date Share

Died: Barbara Stanwyck, Hollywood glamour queen. Audrey Hepburn, film star, style icon. Born: George Burns, film comedian, stage and TV, loved by everyone. Buzz Aldrin, American astronaut, wrote Return To Earth. David Lynch, film director, Blue Velvet, TV Twin Peaks. Patricia Neal, actress, wife of Roald Dahl, early stroke, brave recovery, author. Federico Fellini, Italian film director, La Dolce Vita. Susan Rothenberg, painter. Ernest Chausson, French composer.

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