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People Born on February 14th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 14, 2024

February 14th Birthday Numerology

No. 5:Impulsive and restless by nature, spontaneous and likes to discover the world through the senses.

February 14 VS Aquarius, 5 , Articulate aesthete

People Born on February 14th: Destiny, Future

February 14th Birthday Destiny

Witty and driven, you have seemingly boundless energy and drive to get things done, which can often intimidate those who just can’t think as quickly on their feet as you can. Be careful not to push these people away, especially with your biting humour, and remember one person’s banter may be another’s hurtful wounding. You are so articulate that you’ll do well in whatever career you choose, whether in the arts or science, but the thing that makes your heart really happy is beauty – whether a painting, a piece of music, a chef’s innovative signature dish or a finely crafted piece of pottery. You like to explore the world through all the senses and this fierce love of an aesthetic nicely balances that fierce intellect of yours, so make sure you nurture and encourage it. You may be a maker (manufacturer) yourself and if you are, then your business will be making something that is not only useful but also beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing. Your life partner is likely to be good to look at, as well as your intellectual equal.

February 14th Birthday Future

The quick-witted, silver-tongued February 14th person possesses an analytical intellect with a propensity for tackling extremely complex problems. Lies, even little white ones, and hypocritical pronouncements are abhorrent to your nature. You are inspired to spread the truth abroad, and you feel an obliga-tion to share your beliefs and opinions with the world. Your forte is your capacity for entertaining people and making them laugh. At times you may shock those around you with your devastatingly clever quips and insightful comments, but you rarely fail to make them think.

Those born on this day are apt to go their own way without a giving much thought to possible consequences. Ir's no wonder that for you, your ideas are your ideas, and you'll stand up for them no matter what others n1ay think. A loyal champion of the underdog, you'll fight the good fight even if your cause seems hopeless. Words are your medium, and your manner of employing them can seem bold and reckless to more timid souls. Although you are extremely generous and compassionate, the emotional detachment of an Aquarius makes your humanitarianism appear more universal than personal.

Individuals born on Saint Valentine's Day are loyal and loving, but not especially romantic. Sincere friendship and companionship rate a lot higher in your estimation than syrupy, sentimental pronouncements. You need a partner who either shares your intellectual interests and crusading ideals or grants you the freedom to pursue them

February 14th Birthday Tarot

King of Swords:An intimidating character, the King of Swords sits on his throne ready to slice through time-wasting ideas and nonsense. Or he may just use his weapon to poke fun at those who take themselves too seriously. Handsome, well-dressed and comfortable in his own skin, he knows the value of beauty in uplifting the soul and is unlikely to be swayed from the comfortable path he has chosen and earned the right to follow.

February 14th Famous birthdays

Jimmy Hoffa(American labour leader); Mike Bloomberg(American businessman and politician); Simon Pegg(British actor); Born Today:

Mel Allen (sportscaster); Jack Benny (comedian); Carl BernsteinGournalist); Drew Bledsoe (football player); Hugh Downs (TV host); Florence Henderson (actress); Gregory Hines (dancer); James Hoffa (union leader); Johnny Longden Gockey); Vic Morrow (actor); Alan Parker (director); Meg Tilly (actress)

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