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People Born on February 20th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 20, 2024

February 20th Birthday Numerology

No. 2:Shows resilience and power in gentleness, often provides the role of mediator, and linked to psychic abilities.

February 20 VS Pisces, 2 , Artistically gifted

People Born on February 20th: Destiny, Future

February 20th Birthday Destiny

You know that person who wins every prize for any artistic endeavour – from cake-making to garden design – well, that’s you! You may have no idea just how creative and artistically gifted you are, but everyone else can see it. If you are not an art teacher, you will be working in some way that allows you to use and even teach these gifts to others, although a full-time job can be something of a challenge when what you really want to do is pack a small case and travel the world to see and experience life – especially art – abroad. A little shy and reserved, you may not push yourself forward for praise and accolades, but you appreciate being appreciated and having your talents recognised and acknowledged, so don’t think twice about submitting work for that prize! You are kind and caring, and family will be important to you, and while you may be a little shy at first in any kind of romantic relationship, once you commit, you will be devoted to your loved one for life.

February 20th Birthday Future

People born on this day are romantic idealists with a genuine love of beauty, art, and music. The sign of the fish indicates you're a warm, social being with a compassionate personality and a friendly, easygoing manner. As a diplomat and team player, you are naturally polite and receptive to the needs of others. You identify with those in distress and even feel their pain, and to relieve their suffering, you're usually willing to do whatever you can to help them solve their problems. At times you're so eager to be of assistance that you may not even notice when someone is trying to take advantage of your good nature.

Your mysterious, chameleon-like personality fascinates and often confounds people. You have tremendous insight into what motivates others, yet they can't figure you out. You possess an otherworldly quality that can make you seem softer than you actually are. Your forte is your ability to compromise and bring opposing forces together. Courteous, tactful, and sociable, you project a sense of balance and harmony that permeates all of your interactions. Your real aim is to help create a world where everyone is treated equally, with respect and dignity.

You are sentimental, idealistic, and romantic, with some rather unrealistic ideas about relationships. You abhor confrontations and may try to keep the peace by clinging to a bad situation. Instead of dealing with disappointment, you prefer to put on a pair of rose-colored glasses and tell yourself everything's okay, even when it isn't.

February 20th Birthday Tarot

The Fool:No, this card does not mean you’re daft or easy to take advantage of; instead, it signifies setting out on the adventure of life and lapping up every new experience you can, which, for you, then feeds into your artistic world view and, of course, your art itself. Family ties may prevent you from taking off – the young man in this card is literally about to step off the edge of a cliff – but that won’t stop you travelling in your mind and planning trips and adventures for that time in your life when you can just take off and explore the wider world.

February 20th Famous birthdays

Kurt Cobain(American singer-songwriter); Rihanna(Barbadian singer and actress); Cindy Crawford(American model and businesswoman); Born Today:

Ansel Adams (photographer); Robert Altman (director); Charles Barkley(basketball player); Cindy Crawford (supermodel); Phil Esposito (hockey player); Sidney Poitier (actor); Bob Richards (pole vaulter); Buffy St. Marie (singer/songwriter); Bobby Unser (racecar driver); Gloria Vanderbilt (fashion designer); Nancy Wilson (singer)

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