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People Born on February 21st: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 21, 2024

February 21st Birthday Numerology

No. 3:Creative with the gift of imagination and an ability to communicate in writing, art or speech.

February 21 VS Pisces, 3 , Flighty butterfly

People Born on February 21st: Destiny, Future

February 21st Birthday Destiny

You take people-pleasing to a whole new level which, although it makes you nice to be around, can land you in hot water because you’re so busy helping everyone else, it can be difficult for others to work out what’s important to you and who you really are. You are fun to live and work with – until you get bored, that is, and boy, do you get bored easily. If you’re not chopping and changing career paths, you’re probably chopping and changing life partners and lovers. It’s unlikely you’ll be married just once because even when you fancy yourself to be in love, there’s always part of you wondering if you might be missing out on someone else who’s just around the corner. Fortunately, you’re better at committing to your children than your mate and will stick around in a partnership to honour those family values and raise good and happy kids. You’ll work hard to create a harmonious, beautiful and happy home, and maybe even stay with a partner who has learned not to reveal all of themselves to you if they want to keep you interested.

February 21st Birthday Future

The individual whose birthday falls on this day is imaginative, creative, dramatic, and romantic. Charming and resourceful, with a wonderful sense of humor and a chameleon-like adaptability, you fit in everywhere and get along with everyone. You project a dreamy aura that makes you appear one step removed from the real world. Some may see this as an indication that you're a pushover for an adroit sales pitch or heart-wrenching sob story. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite your compassionate, easygoing nature, you are capable of talking circles around most people, and you rarely agree to do anything you don't want to do.

People born under the sign of Pisces and the number three are self-expressive, enthusiastic, optimistic, and sociable. As one of society's charmers, you probably have many friends and admirers. You possess the logical mind of a scientist with an artistic temperament. Mentally, you are quick-witted and clever. Emotionally, you're impressionable, idealistic, and compassionate. Despite your light-hearted manner, there is nothing superficial about your desire to succeed; you are naturally ambitious and hard working. Multi-talented and extremely versatile, you may have trouble choosing from among several different career options.

You project a magical allure that draws romance into your life. It's a lucky thing too, because you consider love vital to personal happiness. You crave moonlight, poetry, and romance. Before you commit to an intimate union, you need to know you're truly cared about and appreciated.

February 21st Birthday Tarot

Eight of Wands:Wands are all about communication and with eight of them all aligned to help you make your point and communicate what’s important to you, there won’t be anyone left in any doubt about what’s going to happen next and why. In fact, your verbal skills are second to none, which not only helps you get what you want but also means you are often the best person to communicate a more difficult message, both at home and at work.

February 21st Famous birthdays

Nina Simone(American jazz singer and civil right activist); Michael McIntyre(British comedian); Ashley Greene(American actress); Born Today:

W. H. Auden (poet); Erma Bambeck (writer/humor columnist); CharlotteChurch (singer); Tyne Daly (actress); Hubert de Givency (fashion designer); Kelsey Grammer (actor); Rue McClanahan (actress); Anais Nin (writer); Sam Peckinpah (director); Alan Rickman (actor); Ann Sheridan (actress); Nina Simone Oazz singer)

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