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February 21st Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 21, 2024

All research shows that if it is at all possible, two parents are better than one for children. They grow up steadier, more self-confident and better able to form their own steady, long-lasting relationships in adulthood.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Neptune; Numbers: 3, 5

February 21st Birthday Love Astrology

February 21 is like a bowl of cherries. They please everybody. You can do all sorts of things with them. And they don't make you feel sick. Cherry Ripe's stony centre doesn't indicate a hard heart, but a hard head. Versatile creatures, they work well in teams, their verbal skills and often good scientific brains putting them at the cutting edge of new discoveries. At work, the/re the ones helping others, turning each project into an exciting party. The young cluster near. Older colleagues are consulted for advice and valuable experience. Nobody is left out. February 21 thinks everybody has something to give.

Outside work this soubrette of the skies is a problem. The/re flitters. Rockets firing, they zoom in pursuit of a star, the more difficult to attain, the more zoom. The conjunction in space that follows rocks the heavens, days and nights of star kissed pleasures, love in the grass under the moon's cool smile, declarations beneath the burning rays of the sun. February 21 takes his co-star high into the Welsh mountains, where pearl soft water in rock pools cradles lover's limbs, ice cold and heat for memories.

Suddenly the tricky flitter flees. Boredom is their great fear and by golly, do they get bored fast. Don't ask them if the/re happy. Both sexes will think W to everything, including you. Lovers mustn't let themselves be entirely won, because this creature fears being trapped.

They're serial lovers and marryers. High earning, both sexes can afford it. But February 21's child will never be abandoned. Once a parent, they stick like goose grass, stay put out of love for the other partner /parent, with the emphasis on parent. They raise happy kids, inspired by the dreaming imagination of their mother or father. If there aren't children, watch out. You can spot their home anytime. Full of vibrantly coloured walls, flowers, fruit, paintings, shimmering textiles. Done by their own artistic hands.

In Love

Sociable, outgoing, witty, and bright, you want a partner who provides intellectual stimulation along with love and companionship. However, the idealistic side of your nature also craves poetry and romance. Although you yearn for the grounding of a stable domestic partnership, you fear commitment. When you love, you love deeply, yet you’re uncomfortable with the sense of emotional vulnerability that profound caring engenders. If you want to find a serious relationship, you need to stop dancing around the issue of love. Open yourself up to your own feelings and emotions and allow them to lead you toward fulfillment.

In Bed

In the bedroom, you’re extremely sensual and alluring. A skillful lover and compulsive charmer, your lovemaking technique mixes tenderness and spontaneity with sexual expertise. You are one of those rare individuals with the ability to feel with your mind as well as your body. Consequently, mental communication is just as important to you as physical satisfaction. When you feel that your partner is not tuned in to your wavelength, the sex may still be good, but it won’t be great.


February 21 suffers from work-strain eyeSy tired, stretchy skin around them and blurred vision. Always consult a doctor about vision. But there's a lot you can do to refresh eyes. Find two points on either side of the bridge of the nose at a level with the eyes. Massage these points to make your eyes clearer and brighter and relieve signs of fatigue. Just above the bridge of the nose and the inner corner of the eyebrows, press this point firmly towards the centre of the head. This improves the look of the face, bringing colour by stimulating circulation and eliminating wrinkles, sags and roughness.


Just gazing into your lover’s eyes doesn’t do it for you. Talking and fantasizing with him or her about sex is more your idea of an erotic turn-on. Show-and-tell becomes tell-and-show where you and your partner tell each other what you’d like to do and then show each other how to do it.


All research shows that if it is at all possible, two parents are better than one for children. They grow up steadier, more self-confident and better able to form their own steady, long-lasting relationships in adulthood.

Reality Check

Although caring and empathetic, you’re more intellectual and less impressionable than most other Pisces natives. Some may see you as an easy target for a clever sales pitch; however, the reverse is closer to the truth. Despite your compassionate, easygoing nature, you’re the one with the talent for talking circles around people, and you rarely agree to anything you don’t want to do.

February 21 Date Share

W H Auden, British poet.Ana'fs Nin, French erotic writer, diarist, had affair with Henry Miller. Cardinal Newman, philosopher, Apologia Pro Vita Sua. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe president and prime minister. Hubert de Givenchy, French couturier, perfumer. Alexei Kosygin, Soviet statesman. Ann Sheridan, film and TV actress, ‘the ooomph girl'. Nina Simone, jazz singer, pianist, songwriter. Constantin Brancusi, Romanian sculptor.Sam Peckinpah, film director, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

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