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February 22nd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 22, 2024

Tarot's Major Arcana gives the 22nd card as The Fool. It indicates an unmaterialistic person, a strong sense of empathy and spiritual awareness of the world. It also indicates minor worries overcome and lessons well learned.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Neptune; Numbers: 4, 6

February 22nd Birthday Love Astrology

Late February people can let their worries overwhelm them. February 22 is a What-Iffer. What if I go to the country and have a picnic and a wasp stings me, I trail my hand in the river and catch some awful disease, I set foot out of the house and a car knocks me down? Everybody has worries and they're often the same ones, but you have to get on or life gets you down. In extreme cases this creature should seek counselling, which is excellent in this area. Otherwise they should share their worries, but not to burden. Nor should this date give in to constantly seeking reassurance. There was no dark star reigning on this day when Ms and Mr What-If came into the world.

If this person can keep worries in check, he or she will have an excellent time both at work and in their private life. A little worry is useful at work, making them double-check, so February 22 is reliable and accurate. Give them a plan and ask them to tear holes in it and they will find all the weak spots you can't see. Many flourish in scientific and research areas, and in accounting, or anything to do with retail or entertainment, where accurate checking is vital to please the public.

A great lover of natural beauty, this individual loves those who share this enjoyment. Expect to tramp mountain and moor, walk by river and sea. During this time, expect February 22 to collect natural things. Both sexes are passionate about plants, birds and indigenous rocks. Favourite precious stones will be those they can find, such as amethyst, rock crystal, fluorite and haematite. A lump of haematite is as likely to be a present to the dearest as any shop-bought goodie. Partners should learn to see the glittering world through February 22's eyes, or they might be offended by receiving some dusty old pebble.

In Love

In a close relationship, you’re generous and protective of your loved one. As a very private person, you don’t let many people get close to you. However, with a mate or partner you really trust, you feel free to let down your hair and share your most intimate concerns. Despite your self-sufficient appearance, you crave love and affection and may not be truly happy without it. A romantic and an idealist, you have sensitive feelings that are easily hurt.

When your partner doesn’t live up to your expectations, you may try hiding your emotional pain, yet you feel totally shattered.

In Bed

Yours is a lush, sensuous brand of sexuality. The romantic, Piscean side of you may crave nothing more than to be wooed and appreciated. But the dominant, passionate part of your love nature is more interested in down-to-earth physical gratification than otherworldly, ethereal dreams. In a subtle, unobtrusive way you somehow manage to control and direct most of the bedroom action. You captivate and enchant your lover with a unique combination of alluring fantasy and red-hot reality.


Rock crystal is a colourless, transparent variety of quartz and very commonly found on beaches. People in many lands use amulets, worn at night to give them sound and peaceful sleep. It is also said to protect against spells and evil thoughts. Amethyst, commonly found in the north of Scotland, is supposed to counteract hangovers, nervous headaches and ward off ill fortune. It was commonly worn in medieval times by doctors and was often the choice for a prelate's Episcopal ring. It is also a favoured stone for beads of rosaries and one of the chosen stones set into the breastplate of a Jewish high priest.


The contradictory impulses of the fish swimming in opposite directions make you say one thing and do another. You think you want emotional stability, yet you’re actually turned on by adventure and excitement. You may yearn for romantic sentiments, but your libido is more readily aroused by outrageous and possibly even domineering behavior.


Tarot's Major Arcana gives the 22nd card as The Fool. It indicates an unmaterialistic person, a strong sense of empathy and spiritual awareness of the world. It also indicates minor worries overcome and lessons well learned.

Reality Check

You have two distinct sides to your character. You’re as creative as other fish, but your inner self is constantly urging you to channel your abilities into practical undertakings. You feel empathy for people in need, yet caution lurks beneath your kind Piscean facade. While you may not go around offering handouts, you are willing to help those who help themselves.

February 22 Date Share

Died: Andy Warhol, New York film maker, painter, diarist, gossip. Born: Drew Barrymore, film star. Niki Lauda, Austrian racing driver, three-times Formula One champion. Luis Bunuel, Spanish film director, The Exterminating Angel. Robert Baden-Powell, founder of Boy Scouts movement. Kyle MacLachlan, film and TV actor. George Washington, first US president. Frédéric Chopin, Polish composer, pianist. Teddy Kennedy, brother to John, US senator.

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