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February 23rd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 23, 2024

Total responsibility for others readily transforms itself into martyrdom, which is the bid for power often chosen by those who have no claim on political and economic power. Hence its popularity amongst househusbands and wives.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Neptune; Numbers: 5, 7

February 23rd Birthday Love Astrology

February 23 suffers from the Cinderella Complex and the/re very entrenched. Although they dream of bright lights and happiness there's a perverse little streakette which urges them to miss opportunities. When the Fairy Godmother says ‘You shall go to the ball', Cinderella replies ‘I think I'll give it a miss. Tve got all this work to finish. I probably won't know anybody, anyway.' She needs hours of morale boosting and by the time the exhausted Godmother has magicked the girl into agreeing that a glittering evening of pleasure could be fun, it's too late. Fortunately for Ms C Complex, there will always be another party with another prince just waiting to admire the glass slippers. Or a princess in the case of Mr Cinderella.

If people born on this day don't stir their stumps, nothing interesting will happen, and they'll feel taken advantage of. At work, they sort out the boss's work, while she is out drinking champagne. Both sexes take on too much. It makes them useful, but who'd choose useful, when exciting's on offer? You are talented. So shine. Many February 23s so afflicted are second sons or daughters in families large enough for them to spend too much time deferring to older siblings and caring for younger ones. But adults don't need to carry the baggage of their childhood. Beware the martyr's streak at home. Dinner parties are à never ending story of self-imposed lack of enjoyment. Partners and family get used to cries of'Why am I always the one to de-fluff the tumble dryer?' Resolve to do nothing unless it is with pleasure, personally and for others.

And never play the martyr again. Resolution taken, February 23 rediscovers a lovely frivolity and often a quick, amusing wit. It's a rare person who can make others laugh, but also surprise those nearest and dearest with imaginative treats. Expect exotic trips on water. And a fountain installed in the living-room.

In Love

Your friendly, outgoing personality masks an inner core of independence.

Part of you lives in a private world that few can share. You expect more than sex and romance from a love relationship. What you are really seeking is a psychic link that transcends differences in temperament. You are loving and affectionate but likely to jump in and out of romantic unions. You like the security of a committed partnership, but there is a fear of intimacy in your makeup. Your ideal partner is one who is aware of and willing to accept the paradoxical aspects of your nature.

In Bed

Your lovemaking may vacillate from the intensely emotional and intuitive to some off-the-wall experimental moves that you just happened to read or hear about. Nevertheless, your unpredictable sexual antics can work in your favor if they keep you and your lover from becoming bored with each other.

As a lover, you are generous and considerate of your partner’s wishes. Although open-minded and accepting of most things, you patently refuse to put up with tedium, especially in the bedroom.


Late February people often suffer from tired, aching feet and sometimes swollen ankles, especially after a day at work, and especially in a hot summer. Try to get up every so often and move your legs about, or pop out for a quick walk. Try ‘ upturning a metal waste paper basket and putting your feet up. Experts suggest avoiding too much tea and coffee. Stick to lemon and water and eat citrus fruit, known to be a natural diuretic. Cut down on salt. It promotes water retention. You may find that you are one of those people whose feet swell up because of an allergy to bread, cakes or biscuits. Cut them out for a few days and eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can


You may be a sucker for romance and fantasy, but it’s novelty and excitement that really turns you on. Although you love the sweet anticipation of a subtle seduction scene, complete with candlelight and tender kisses, it takes a bit of variety and change to get your blood boiling and all your juices flowing.


Total responsibility for others readily transforms itself into martyrdom, which is the bid for power often chosen by those who have no claim on political and economic power. Hence its popularity amongst househusbands and wives.

Reality Check

You get along with all types of people, and you have a way of making friends out of strangers. The benevolence of your Pisces Sun makes you want to jump right in and offer aid and comfort to anyone in need.

However, the impersonal side of you remains detached from those you are helping and keeps you from getting emotionally involved in their problems.

February 23 Date Share

Died: Stan Laurel, half of famous comedy duo. Born: Akira Kurosawa, film magnate, actor. Peter Fonda, actor, film star, writer, son of Henry. Julie Walters, actress, comedian, film star, Educating Rita. Anton Mosimann, chef,

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