February 20th Perceptive Charmer Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onFebruary 20, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to say no

☆The way forward is to understand that only after you give to yourself can you give to others. If you neglect yourself, you can’t be a real help to others.

The Birthday Of The Perceptive Charmer, The Day Of'the Impression

February 20th Perceptive Charmer Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of February 20th Birthdays

Sun signs: Pisces/Aquarius

Ruling planets: Neptune, the speculator/Saturn, the teacher

Symbols: Two Fishes/The Water Carrier

Birth date ruler: Moon, the intuitive

Tarot card: Judgment (responsibility)

Favorable numbers: 2, 4

Lucky days: Thursday and Monday, especially when those days fall on 2 or 4 of the month

Lucky colors: Sea green, silver, lavender

Birthstones: Amethyst and aquamarine

People born on February 20 are often thoughtful and receptive personalities, with the ability to immediately tune into the moods of those around them, adjusting their reactions instantly. Highly ambitious, they are sure to stand out in their career, at home, or on the social scene. They have an appealing personality and an easy charm, but it’s impossible to dismiss them as superficial because behind their looks and charm there is always great intelligence.

People with a February 20 birthday have a great deal of compassion, instinctively dealing with anyone—whatever their background or social status—with great understanding and warmth. In some cases they can become over-sensitive and impressionable, unable to separate their own emotions from the emotions of other people. This is because they identify so much with the viewpoint of others that they risk losing their own perspective in the process. It is vitally important for them to learn to protect themselves from over-identification. Before the age of thirty, this tendency to merge completely with other people is emphasized, but after the age of thirty they become more assertive, confident and self-protective.

There is a danger when people born on this day do become more aware and confident of their ability to instinctively relate to others that they can misuse it. It is important therefore for them to learn not to compromise themselves or take advantage of others in the single-minded pursuit of their goals.

Those people born on this day who remain true to their principles and who learn to make their receptivity work for and not against them have remarkable potential to make a difference and to be highly valued by others. They are rarely happy to sit on the sidelines and desperately want to make their mark; although they have all the drive, intelligence and charisma they need to climb right to the top, what they don’t often realize is that simply being themselves already makes a huge difference; this is because when they are around, people just feel better about themselves.

☆ On the dark side:Indecisive, hypersensitive, impressionable

☆ At your best:Intelligent, appealing, intuitive

Those born on February 20 are taken up with the theme of both registering an impression and making an impression on others. Because of their receptive nature, they generally have vivid memories and can much later repeat accurately what they have seen or heard. On the other hand, they will usually do what they have to do to make certain that others remember them as well. February 20 people want to be taken seriously, and therefore forcefully stamp their mark on whatever it is they carry out, be it their business involvements, creative efforts or familial responsibilities.

For this reason, one might expect February7 20 people to be aggressive types, but though forceful, most born on this day are not particularly combative or argumentative. It is rather out of sympathetic feelings and self-belief that they express themselves so strongly. For them, holding nothing back is a way of showing people how much they really care about what they do.

Excellent additions to a team, they demonstrate both their ability to put their talents to work for the common good, as well as their relative disinterest in being a dictator. They do, however, demand that others pull their weight and can quickly grow impatient with anyone seemingly not giving their all. Those born on this day must not make the mistake of assuming that friends and associates are somehow slouching when they in fact are doing the very best they can.

February 20 people display a tremendous will to win. They must, however, avoid triumphing at the expense of someone else's feelings, if possible. Those born on this day are themselves highly emotional, and also extremely sensitive to criticism and negativity directed their way.

Learning to master and structure their emotional life can makes them more stable and reliable.

This is not to suggest in any way that they bottle up or cool their ardor or passion. It is just that their enthusiasm and belief in themselves is so strong that they do tend to go overboard more often than they should. Thus it is important, particularly as they age, that they become more philosophical and contemplative, more aware of their impact on their environment.

Although being open and retaining impressions is a great strength of February 20 people. they may at times be too impressionable. They can fall under the spell of negative influences through their sympathy and openness. Thus their empathic tendencies may sometimes work against them. In addition February 20 people too often have a desire to please and wind up compromising themselves. Learning not to be so malleable or reactive, and remaining true to their beliefs in the face of adversity is essential to their personal development.

Power Thought:I am in charge of all aspects of my life,The images we receive shape the ones ui transmit

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 20th day of the month are ruled by the number 2 (2+0=2). and by the Moon. Those ruled by the number 2 tend to be gentle, imaginative and easily hurt by the criticism or inattention of others. They may also take offense easily and be prone to irritability Mcx)n influences make for an impressionable and emotional nature, particularly true for February 20 people. The influence of Neptune (ruler of Pisces) and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) may lend highly intuitive, even psychic powers to those born on this day.

February 20th Birthday Tarot Card

The 20th card of the Major Arcana shows The Judgment or Awakening in which people are urged to leave material considerations behind and seek a higher spirituality. The card, depicting an angel blowing a trumpet, signifies that a new day. a day of accountability, is dawning. It is a card which suggests we move beyond our ego and allows us to glimpse the infinite. The danger is that the trumpet call for some heralds only exaltation and intoxication, a loss of balance, and indulgence in revels involving the basest instincts.

☆Luck maker:(Treat yourself)Try to devote at least one day a week to something you really want: a book, a film, a haircut. Ensure it makes you feel good; the better you feel, the greater your chances of attracting luck.

Love Little flower

You’re drawn to people born on June 22 to July 23:The two of you are highly sensitive and intuitive individuals, and this can create an exceptionally close and loving bond.

People born on February 20 can be extremely sensitive when it comes to affairs of the heart and they need to find a partner who understands this. Every detail is important to them and a missed phone call or a few misplaced words can send them into a downward spiral. When they do fall in love they make understanding and passionate lovers. There can be a tendency to put their lover on a pedestal and it is important for them to understand that everyone has faults.

Health Learn to say no

It is important for people born on this day to avoid become drained, anxious, stressed, depressed, or burned out because they are giving so much to others or taking on board the emotions of others. They should also find ways to avoid turning to drink, drugs and comfort eating as an escape, and would benefit considerably from substituting relaxation techniques such as meditation, natural remedies and herbal teas for those tranquillizers and copious amounts of alcohol. As well as moderate to vigorous exercise several times a week, plenty of sleep is also recommended for the sensitive people born on this day. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color yellow will build their self-confidence and encourage optimism.

Those born on February 20 have sensitive nervous systems which can periodically go out of whack. Also they may be prone to skin allergies. They must take particular care of their lower extremities, not only to avoid muscle and bone injuries at the present time but circulatory complications later in life. Certain foods may have to be avoided if allergies are a problem, but for the most part February 20 people can eat a well-rounded diet. As far as physical exercise is concerned, vigorous activities two or three times a week—such as team sports, aerobics, martial arts or weightlifting—are recommended. As sensitive individuals. February 20 people usually need plenty of sleep.

Career Born healers/givers

The giving personality of people born on this day may draw them toward careers in medicine or entertainment, music or the arts where they can give to an audience. Being receptive and versatile, they tend to thrive in whatever career they choose but music, dancing, health and healing work, and all kinds of public relations roles have particular appeal.

Destiny To inspire others by giving

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to set boundaries. Once they have become more self-aware and assertive, their destiny is to inspire and influence others with their giving presence.

Stick by what you believe; do not be so easily swayed by others. The emotional life is but one part of a healthy being. Focus a bit more on your mental strengths Beware of your tendencj to overwhelm people.

Celebrities Born On February 20th

Kurt Cobain(American singer-songwriter), Rihanna(Barbadian singer and actress), Cindy Crawford(American model and businesswoman),

Ansel Adams (naturalist photographer, conservationist), Louis I. Kahn (architect), Sidney Poitier (film actor), Patty Hearst (heiress, kidnapped by SLA, became revolutionary, bank robber, captured by FBI, sentence commuxed, married bodyguard), Robert Altman (film director, Nashville, The Player), Gloria Vanderbilt (heiress, stage actress, designer), "Sir" Charles Barkley ("The Round Mound of Rebound," All-Star basketball forward, MVP, US Olympic "Dream Team" gold medalist), Kurt Cobain (lead singer, Nirvana, influential in grunge music, suicide at age twenty-seven), Phil Esposrto (hockey player, 6x All-NHL, 2x MVP, 5x scoring champ), Rene Dubos (French-Amencan bactenologist developer of first comi B mercial antibiotic), I Nancy Wilson (singer), Bobby Unser (auto racer, 3x Indy 500 winner, 2x USAC/ CART champion), Roger Penske (national sports car driving champion, CART co-founder, record sixty-seven IndyCar victories—Penske racing team), Bob Richards (US 2x Gold Medal winning pole vaulter, minister), Anthony Davis (composer, pianist). Buffy St. -Mane (Canadian singer, songwriter), Riccardo Chailly (Italian conductor), Chnstoph Eschenbach (pianist, conductor), Sandy Duncan (TV, film actress), Ivana Trump (ex-wife to Donald, wrote expose)

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