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People Born on February 19th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 19, 2024

February 19th Birthday Numerology

No. 1:A powerful entity and results-oriented force, all about initiating action and getting things done.

February 19 VS Pisces, 1 , Original hippie

People Born on February 19th: Destiny, Future

February 19th Birthday Destiny

If you’re not already living in the countryside, you will be one day. You have a strong understanding of, and appreciation for, ‘the other’, and probably talked to fairies and elves at the bottom of the garden in your childhood. Wherever you settle there will be a glint of crystal catching the light in the window, the rustle of the feathers of a dreamcatcher in the bedroom and a faint scent of patchouli trailing in your wake. You are an original hippie child and could not be happier living out your alternative lifestyle irrespective of what others may think of you. You care about people and the environment and will put yourself out to join a protest march or seek alternative therapies for ailments. In fact, you’ll do just about anything to avoid conventional medicine and the doctor’s surgery. You’re happiest living with and among a community of like-minded people and since, for you, sex is as much about the soul as the body, you’ll have no problem keeping your partner drawn to you both in and out of the bedroom.

February 19th Birthday Future

Those born on the Pisces/Aquarius cusp, a combination that blends the cool rationality of the water bearer with the intuition of the emotional fish, are among the genuine visionaries of the zodiac. The vibration of the number one adds the dynamic energy of the aggressive doer to your gentle Piscean nature. As a result, you often feel conflicted or pulled in several directions at once. Sometimes you just want to kick back and watch the world go by. However, when your rich imagination is fired by a dream, your strong sense of pur-pose surprises everyone.

People are drawn to your magnetic personality and bubbly enthusiasm. Many famous people in fields related to the arts and entertainment were born on this day. Although you enjoy the spotlight, too much scrutiny and attention makes you uncomfortable. Your charitable instincrs and sympathetic understanding of people's problems incline you toward the helping professions. You have what it takes to accomplish whatever you set your mind to, and your innovative ideas and exceptional powers of persuasion inspire others to try to make a difference in the world as well.

In a one-to-one relationship, you're passionate and sympathetic to your partner's desires. You enjoy being pampered, and you're willing to indulge your lover's desires in return. As a true romantic, you're easily swept off your feet. However, if reality fails to live up to your idealistic notions of love, you are easily disappointed.

February 19th Birthday Tarot

Nine of Pentacles:Just like the woman who is in a beautiful garden and lavishing attention on her pet bird in this card, you know how to gather your resources (Pentacles) and make them work for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean money; you may prioritise emotional resources and the stability they will bring. The good news is that however you decide to go about it, contentment is your goal, and this card shows it is, literally, on/in the cards for you.

February 19th Famous birthdays

Smokey Robinson(American singer-songwriter); David Gandy(British fashion model); Lee Marvin(American actor); Born Today:

Eddie Arcaro Gockey); Nicholas Copernicus (astronomer); Jeff Daniels (actor); John Frankenheimer (director); Stan Kenton Gazz composer/bandleader); Lee Marvin (actor); Carson Mccullers (writer); Merle Oberon (actress); Smokey Robinson (singer/ songwriter); Brad Steiger (psychic researcher/writer); Amy Tan (writer)

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