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People Born on February 11th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 11, 2024

February 11th Birthday Numerology

No. 2:Shows resilience and power in gentleness, often provides the role of mediator, and linked to psychic abilities.

February 11 VS Aquarius, 2 , Original thinker

People Born on February 11th: Destiny, Future

February 11th Birthday Destiny

It’s not that you think the rules don’t apply to you, it’s more that you don’t think about the rules at all. Luckily for you, talent is not tied to conformity, so where others may get into trouble for turning up late, missing deadlines and generally marching to the original beat of their own drum, you are somehow excused and forgiven (which will often infuriate those around you who will complain, quite rightly, that it really isn’t fair). Fairness is not really a concern of yours, either. You’re too busy squeezing the life out of every minute of every day and every experience that comes your way to stop and think about falling into line and conforming. The reason you’re forgiven for your rule breaking is because you’re an original thinker with some very big and brilliant ideas, which, if you want them to, will take you right up the ladder to the very top of your chosen career. Tune in to your mostly hidden psychic gifts and it won’t be hard to make this happen.

February 11th Birthday Future

The essential makeup of those born on this day is a fascinating combination of strength and ambition on the one hand and gentleness and imagination on the other. Your magnetic intensity and commanding personality rarely fail to attract attention and admiration. You understand and appreciate the powerful forces that drive you, even if others don't. While your avant-garde and occasionally outlandish ideas may startle some in the mainstream, they can also bring you fame and fortune. Although you're a lot more interested in prestige than money, success has a way of attracting both.

You're highly competitive in a very un-Aquarian manner. Your single-mindedness and desire to make it to the top of your profession help you overcome disap-pointments and setbacks. Your forte lies in your ability to balance the different areas of your life without losing your focus or emotional center. You are socially aware, sincerely interested in others, and fair and equitable with everyone you meet. Wherever you go, people respond to your friendly, gracious, colorful ways.

You enjoy the good things in life and want to share them with those you love. You also tend to be more romantic and partnership oriented than other water bearers. You have many friends and acquaintances, and you treat them all with the same open-hearted warmth and affection that other Aquarians reserve for their nearest and dearest.

February 11th Birthday Tarot

Page of Swords:Just like the red-booted young man depicted on this card swinging his sword, you like to cut a swathe through the tedium of everyday life and its conventions to find and walk your own path. But don’t expect everyone to get smartly out of your way just because you have that sword in your hand. Not everyone will appreciate what an original you are and so there may be times when you need to tone it down in order to take your next step.

February 11th Famous birthdays

Thomas Edison(American inventor); Jennifer Aniston(American actress); Sheryl Crow(American singer-songwriter); Born Today:

Jennifer Aniston (actress); Brandy (singer); Sheryl Crow (singer);Thomas Alva Edison (inventor); Tina Louise (actress); Joseph Mankiewicz (director); Sergio Mendes (band leader); Manuel Noriega (Panamanian dictator); Mary Quant (fashion designer); Burt Reynolds (actor); Sidney Sheldon (writer); Kim Stanley (actress)

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