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February 11th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 11, 2024

Women who can whistle take no notice. Those who don't should know that traditionally a whistling woman was thought to encourage evil spirits. ‘A whistling maid and a crowing hen Are neither fit for God nor men.'

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Venus; Numbers: 2, 4

February 11th Birthday Love Astrology

February 19 is the sort who thinks there are fairies at the bottom of her garden. And who knows but she's right. Celtic people born on this day are particularly aware of others who people the world just beyond our sight, and in Ireland awareness of the fairy people is part of every day life for many. So February 19 shouldn't heed those who mock. They only do it out of blockheaded embarrassment.

Both sexes will prefer alternative medicines to conventional ones, country life to city dwelling and if they must live in an urban high rise, expect it to be full of mystical wind chimes and wafting essential oils designed to heal and help. Whether they be behind the counter in the high street bank, or on a building site, February 19 holds true to his or her beliefs. And because of them often has a happy, confident life.

Many raise enormous sums of money for environmental benefit. Others sit up trees to stop them being torn down for car parks. Because their theory of life is advanced, they are excellent social workers, listening gently to other people's problems, and trying to instil in their clients the idea of self-help. Basically both sexes dislike being at the mercy of authority, whether it be lawyers or doctors and will avoid these people if they can at all costs.

Sex is a matter of soul as well as body and these people keep lovers happy with real magic as well as ordinary old sex skills of the Ancient Orient. They regard children as a gift of God and treat them as such. They are often vegetarian, so not at the mercy of today's food scares. Many February 19 people's idea of bliss is to live in a group with uncles, aunts, grannies and hangers-on all joining in with child rearing and domestic duties. It's a very long-lived date and no wonder.

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays today feel as if they are being pulled in opposite directions by conflicting impulses of Aquarian independence and the traditional “urge to merge” denoted by this day’s number vibrations. The characteristically rebellious portion of your airy nature favors freedom and unconventional relationships, but the romantic side of you longs for the comfort and companionship of a long-term union. It may be quite a while before you’re ready for a permanent relationship. However, once you decide to commit, you do it with your whole heart. And you make a wonderfully loyal, caring, and devoted life partner.

In Bed

You are a sensual, free-spirited lover. You bring sensations of uninhibited excitement and the joys of experimentation and discovery to your sexual experiences. You have the heart of a true romantic. Your head, however, is that of an intellectual. You want to be a friend as well as a lover. No matter what your heart tells you, your initial instincts are more often mental than physical or emotional. Where your mind leads, your body follows.


Essential oils of patchouli, sandalwood and vetivert are the sexy oils for massage or oil burners, mimicking as they do the subtle odour of natural sex perfume. Relaxing oils such as lavender, neroli and marjoram clear the mind, and lavender in particular is a sleep inducer when sprinkled on pillows. Oil ofravansara, rosemary and myrtle really do have the power to revitalise a tired or unhealthy body and are particularly good when used after illness. Rosemary is a protective and strengthening oil, ideal for massaging into the Solarplexus area when we are feeling vulnerable and unable to cope.


You want more than just physical sex. What you really desire is involvement with your partner on all levels. Stimulating conversation excites you, and it doesn’t even have to be erotic. Just talking to your lover in the candlelit intimacy of your private sanctuary is usually all that’s required to put you in the mood for sensuous lovemaking.


Women who can whistle take no notice. Those who don't should know that traditionally a whistling woman was thought to encourage evil spirits. ‘A whistling maid and a crowing hen Are neither fit for God nor men.'

Reality Check

You project an enigmatic quality that may make others wonder who you really are. Affable and friendly on the surface, you have a detached, impersonal side that can give the impression that you don’t care about people. But in actuality, you’re an idealist and humanitarian. You feel things deeply and worry about the world and its problems.

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Prince Andrew, Duke of York, affable younger brother to Prince Charles, Royal Naval officer. Merle Oberon, Hollywood movie beauty. Lee Marvin, Hollywood tough guy. Margaux Hemingway, Hollywood star, model, granddaughter to Ernest.Luigi Boccherini, Italian composer. Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish astronomer. Andre Breton, French surrealist Smokey Robinson, singer, songwriter. Carson McCullers, novelist, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter.Istvan Szabo, Hungarian film

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