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February 12th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 12, 2024

Two quartzes do well for February 11, the rock crystal quartz easily found on beaches which help concentration, intuition and awareness, and the rose quartz, famous for its ability to heal the mind and enliven and stimulate mental ability.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Venus; Numbers: 3, 5

February 12th Birthday Love Astrology

Unpunctuality is a mania with this dreamy creature, whose idea of ‘on time’ is half an hour late. February 11 is not a friend of Time and rarely gets a lift on Time's winged chariot. They think they have all the time in the world when they have none, and regard other's fury with mild mockery.

Quite often other more reliable stars have to persuade young February 11 to get going and do his stint in the universe's midnight dome. None of this gets in the way of career, sex life or their massive social life, which gives the pip to other more punctilious twinklers. Life's unfair that way.

Clock-watchers despair of February 11 at work. Most just arrive late and apologise without explaining, not out of arrogance, but because they've run out of fresh excuses having used up all the ‘car wouldn't start', ‘telephone call from great aunt' and ‘accident on the underground' variety. Because unpunctuality doesn't go with lack of brilliance, most bosses forgive the heedless one just because they need his originality.

Many February 1 Is suffer the reverse of unpunctuality. They make a fetish of being on time, harder to bear because of the little itsy-bitsy-witsy self-righteousness you always get with Punctuality Pushers. Males of the specieé turn the clocks back half an hour to get their partners off to a do on time, then spend fifteen minutes sitting in the car outside their destination because they're too early, while their mate moans because she's got to do her mascara in the car. Worse still, some turn up so early that the hostess is still in curlers and slippers. The women are not quite so frenetic, but get worked up about employees who are never there. Never mind, when Ms and Mr Unpunctuality rises up the career ladder he soon joins top executives who make a point of being late to show how important they are.

In Love

Sociable, outgoing, and gregarious, you have a real knack for getting along with all types of people. Your bright, breezy personality and exceptional wit and humor draw many admirers; everyone wants to be your friend. You may think that what you’re looking for is a close, intimate relationship, rife with passionate intensity. However, what actually appeals to you in a lover is the potential for friendship, companionship, and mutual understanding. You are loyal to those you love, but you won’t tolerate restrictions on your freedom, and you refuse to let others keep you from doing what you want.

In Bed

The ability to talk your way into or out of any situation is never more apparent than in your bedroom antics. You are an exhilarating lover—free spirited, inventive, and eager to please. Because your sexuality is less physical than mental, you tend not to take lovemaking very seriously. You’re comfortable talking about the physical act of love. But when it comes to discussing feelings and emotions, you immediately clam up.


Time conscious February 11 likes to cook and is always in search of fast dishes. Here's an ideal light assembly recipe: Scallops Hawaiian Style. Take 400g fresh scallops (frozen will do), 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar, 1 onion (thinly sliced), few drops Tabasco, salt and freshly milled black pepper, 125ml fresh lime or lemon juice. Wash scallops and dry them well, then place in a shallow dish. Add the onion and vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Stir the Tabasco into the lime or lemon juice, pour over scallops and toss well. Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours before serving.


To you, sex is mainly fun and games. The more you fantasize or talk about what you’d like to do, or have done to you, the more sexually turned on you become. You are naturally more verbal and visual than sensual, and words and ideas stimulate your physical desires in ways that even the most erotic touching cannot.


Two quartzes do well for February 11, the rock crystal quartz easily found on beaches which help concentration, intuition and awareness, and the rose quartz, famous for its ability to heal the mind and enliven and stimulate mental ability.

Reality Check

You’re one of the zodiac’s great talkers and theorizers. Open-minded and tolerant on one hand, you can be extremely stubborn and opinionated on the other. Your inner world is composed mainly of ideas. After pondering and philosophizing about the true meaning of your thoughts, you mentally reorganize and reprocess them. Then you carry on sharing your newly gleaned knowledge and understanding with others, whether they want to hear about it or not.

February 12 Date Share

Gene Vincent, rock and roll singer. Eva Gabor, Hungarian-bom actress. Mary Quant, fashion designer, famous for mini skirts, boots, bob and black lipstick. Virginia E Johnson, sex researcher, joint author of Human Sexuality.Paul Bocuse, French master chef, pioneer of nouvelle cuisine. Burt Reynolds, Hollywood film star, tough guy. King Farouk, Egyptian ruler, fat and given to excessive spending, wine, women and food. Manuel Noriega, Panamanian dictator, convicted of drug offences.

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