February 12th Bold Integrator Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onFebruary 12, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to focus your energy on one project alone

☆The way forward is to understand that developing concentration is essential to anyone who aspires to take charge of their lives. An essential skill for success, its absence means our efforts get scattered.

The Birthday Of The Bold Integrator, The Day Of The Unifier

February 12th Bold Integrator Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of February 12th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aquarius

Ruling planet: Uranus, the visionary

Symbol: The Water Carrier

Birth date ruler: Jupiter, the philosopher

Tarot card: The Hanged Man (reflection)

Favorable numbers: 3, 5

Lucky days: Saturday and Thursday especially when these days fall on 3 and 5 of the month

Lucky colors: Dark blue, light purple, pink

Birthstone: Amethyst

Those born on February 12 have a talent for integration; they have the ability to marshal all the available information, evaluate opposing viewpoints and then bring everything and everyone together in a united front. Nothing matters more to them than the status quo and if need be they will boldly and courageously defend it. This makes them highly valued in both their professional and their personal lives.

People born on this day like to see themselves in the role of peacekeeper, pointing others in the right direction; that direction is, of course, the one they believe to be correct. This isn’t to say that they are stubborn and inflexible, but they possess the tendency to ignore what others think and to believe that the best course of action is always their own. It is important for them to recognize the importance of consensus and to understand that although their ability to see and evaluate the bigger picture more than qualifies them to take the lead, great leadership is not about dictatorship but about motivating others in the direction you want them to go.

As well as being able to unite others and see the way forward with singleminded tenacity, people born on this day have a host of other talents, including confidence, originality and creativity. They do need to be careful that their talents don’t cause them to squander their energies in many different directions. Until their late thirties there are opportunities for them to develop greater self-awareness, but in their forties and beyond there is a focus on personal integration and purpose; in many ways, this is when these people really come into their own.

People with a February 12 birthday have strong convictions and a pro-gressive instinct, both of which have been developed through their powers of original thought, and high moral and ethical standards. They have the courage and charisma to lead and inspire others, and more often than not others will find them living out their mission to make the world a better and more peaceful place.

☆ On the dark side:Inflexible, moody, intolerant

☆ At your best:Patience, purpose, originality

February7 12 people display a marked ability to unify disparate elements in their environment.

Whether bringing together a troubled family, healing a rift between friends or demonstrating leadership to resolve disputes in organizations, they can often be found bridging the gaps between people.

Does this make them team players? Not exactly. Those born on this day usually assess a given situation from their own standpoint and if they have the authority to do so chart the course for the group. It is less in their nature to build consensus. However, this is not to imply that they ignore or undervalue what others think. It is just that they often feel that they have already assimilated most points of view and come to a conclusion as to the best course of action.

Having reached such a determination, they are then highly influential in persuading others to follow their lead.

February 12 people are many-sided individuals with varied talents and therefore an added challenge for them is to unite the disparate facets of their own personality. Too often their versatility works against them and subverts their purpose in organizing their career and personal concerns. Furthermore, their stubbornness once they have made up their mind and a refusal to change course can create difficulties. Faced with problems they may just try to ram their way through rather than seek compromise.

Because they so often think in absolute terms, it can be difficult for February 12 people to relativate. Yet this is precisely what they must do if they wish to perceive the truth of a given situation. Although they may wish to remain faithful to their original ethical principles, they must also learn the importance of changing to meet new circumstances and listening carefully to wellthought- out suggestions and observations made along the way by co-workers or associates. Not uncommonly February 12 people grow comfortable with one codified point of view which becomes a framework or working philosophy for them that directs their thinking. However, if they can bring themselves to periodically examine this outlook, to see if it has stood the test of time, they will strengthen their ideas and divest them of many illusions and misconceptions. The most highly evolved of February 12 people eventually discard those theories that cease to function for them.

Undoubtedly, the efforts of February 12 people to bring people together can do much good. However, letting things change, grow or even fall apart of their own accord is sometimes a more appropriate response. Just walking away or quitting goes against the grain for most February 12 people, but they may come to realize that the greatest courage can sometimes be demonstrated in following the path of nonaction.

Power Thought:The equilibrium of my mind is mirrored in my life,Without breakdown and decay there would be no rejuvenation

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 12th day of the month are ailed by the number 3 (2+1=3). and by the expansive planet Jupiter. Those ruled by the number 3 often rise to the highest position in their sphere. They can also be rather dictatorial, and February 12 people should try to moderate such tendencies. Those ruled by the number 3 like to be independent; in the case of February 12 people this may mean giving up a secure position in order to be free to act as they wish. The jupiterian nature of the number 3 encourages February 12 people to follow their calling with enthusiasm, and the influence of Uranus (Aquarius's ruler) grants them the aggressiveness, forcefulness and luck they need to carry their plans through.

February 12th Birthday Tarot Card

The 12th card of the Major Arcana is The Hanged Man. who dangles by his foot in a head-down position. Though such a position seems helpless. The Hanged Man is nevertheless spiritually powerful and deeply thoughtful. The positive attributes of this card are recognizing limitations and overcoming them, as well as simply being human: negative aspects are spiritual myopia and restrictedness.

☆Luck maker:(Learn to meditate)Meditation is a luck maker because it not only helps ease stress, it also helps you learn to direct and focus your thoughts so that they can attract success your way.

Love Fun loving

You’re drawn to people born on November 23 to December 21:Both fun-loving and focused on achievement, the two of you love to communicate, creating an intense and loving bond.

Although people born on February 12 have no trouble falling in love, they do need to be careful that their work and goals do not eclipse their relationships or that they take them for granted. They prefer to get involved with people who are mentally stimulating and who are interested in self-improvement, as well as having a good time. Their detached exterior can make it hard for them to open up but once they are able to do that they are sensitive, loyal and (when they aren’t working too hard) fun-loving partners.

Health Health before habit

People born on this day are often creatures of routine when it comes to their health, diet and exercise, and although this means they are generally in good health the downside is that experimenting a little can give them more energy and more fun. It is important for them to try out a wide variety of nutritious foods rather than sticking with old-time favorites and to experiment with different types of exercise instead of sticking with one. When they are feeling stressed or anxious instead of alcohol or chocolate they should try a warm bath with a few drops of their favorite aromatherapy essential oil to soothe frayed nerves. They would also benefit from meditation and breathing techniques to focus their energy and thoughts.

Those born on February 12 usually have well-defined ideas about health in general As long as they are basically in good shape, they may choose not to seek help for minor complaints. They figure "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Such an attitude is in general healthy and self-reliant, but those born on this day must beware that various insidious problems don't slowly develop into more than just annoyances. The same is true for their diet. If they feel well enough (after all. they're still alive) they may just eat whatever they wish without considering the consequences. February 12 people should try to limit harmful substances if possible and stress variety and nutrition in food choices. Vigorous physical exercise is recommended, such as gymnastics, aerobics. competitive sports and other endurance activities

Career Born politicians

These people may well consider politics or social reform as their chosen career. Whatever they choose, they are bound to become the head of something along the way, perhaps the principal of a school or a group leader. Their good people skills and business sense may also draw them toward management careers. Other career choices that might work include counseling, publishing, advertising, accountancy, science, or invention. Anthropology and archaeology, as well as careers in writing or the arts, may also appeal.

Destiny To create harmony in all environments

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to beware of their tendency to dismiss viewpoints differing from their own. Once they have learned to be more open-minded, their destiny is to create harmony in any environment in which they find themselves.

Remain objective and open. Examine your belief system and be prepared to rejed those aspects that are no longer true. Flexibility is strength. Keep your critical nature under control

Celebrities Born On February 12th

Charles Darwin(British naturalist, biologist and geologist), Jennifer Stone(American actress), Lee Byung-chul(South Korean founder of the Samsung Group),

Abraham Lincoln (US president, born in log cabin, self-educated, freed slaves, led Union in Civil War, assassinated), Charles Darwin (British evolutionist naturalist, Origin of Species), Cotton Mather (New England Puritan, theologian, founder Yale University, Salem witch hunter). Bill Russell (Boston Celtics basketball center, 5x NBA MVP, led Boston to eleven titles, first big-league African-American head coach), Franco Zeffirelli (Italian opera, film director, Romeo and Juliet), John L Lewis (United Mine Workers Union president), Arsenio Hall (TV host, comic film actor), Charles Dumas (US Olympic gold medal-winning high jumper, first to clear 7 feet), Fang Lizhi (Chinese astrophysicist, Creation of the Universe), Omar Bradley (US Army WWII general), George Meredith (British poet, novelist The Egoist), Arlen Specter (US senator, Pennsylvania), Ray Manzarek (rock keyboardist, The Doors), Lome Green (TV actor, Bonanza). Eddie Robinson (head football coach Grambling State [50+ seasons], college record for most wins). Joe Don Baker (film, TV actor), Hugo Stinnes (German industrialist), Joe Garagiola (baseball catcher, commentator), Judy Biume (juvenile fiction writer). Joseph Alioto (San Francisco mayor)

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