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People Born on January 1st: Destiny, Future

Last updated onJanuary 01, 2024

January 1st Birthday Numerology

No. 1:A powerful entity and results-oriented force, all about initiating action and getting things done.

January 1 VS Capricorn, 1, Insightful pioneer

People Born on January 1st: Destiny, Future

January 1st Birthday Destiny

As befits the first day of the year, the Roman god Janus could look backwards and forwards, and individuals born on the first day of the calendar year combine great insight with a Capricorn dedication to the upward climb of the year. You’re also likely to show tenacity and a willingness to take the world in your stride, which means that, like the proverbial mountain goat, you’re resilient when it comes to tolerating stress. This will stand you in good stead across many different career choices, where dealing with other people is a key feature – from retail, to teaching, to working in medical settings, you are well disposed to delivering under pressure. You’re probably the first to volunteer to support others, whether through mentoring a colleague or babysitting a friend’s child. This sort of equanimity means you’re valued both at work and at home. In love, you can be quite a cool character, but kind, and, if you’re really interested in someone, you’re more than capable of playing a long game. Because a harmonious domestic life is important to you, once you’ve made a commitment, you’re unlikely to change your mind.

January 1st Birthday Future

Those born on this day are ambitious, high­ achieving, powerful executive types with overwhelming desire to win. Determination and the need to be first drive your climb up the ladder of success. You view life as a series of challenges to be met and overcome. Your standards are high, and you refuse to compromise on principle. You expect the best from yourself and others and have little patience with laziness or incompetence. You probably don't think about becoming famous. You just do what you do best and let the chips fall where they may. Still, there's no denying your ability to stand out from the crowd.

Capricorn's caution doesn't prevent you from taking a gamble when the odds appear to be in your favor. Whether in business, sports, politics, or the arts, your fearless enthusiasm and innovative ideas place you on the cutting edge of your profession. When you're feeling insecure, restless, or impatient on the inside, you refuse to let it show on the outside. When necessary, you'll hide your anxieties rather than allow them to hold you back.

Although you may appear cool on the surface, at heart you're a passionate and caring secret romantic. Family means a lot to you, and you are extremely loyal and dependable. You like taking charge, however, and can be so demanding at relatives may find you rather difficult to live with.

January 1st Birthday Tarot

Page of Cups:The suit of Cups is representative of our emotions and the youthful page isn’t quite sure what to do with the contents of his chalice. You may sometimes wonder about the nature of your own feelings and should be reassured that over time these will mature and become easier to understand.

January 1st Famous birthdays

J.D. Salinger(American writer); E.M. Forster(British writer); Verne Troyer(American actor); Born Today:

Maurice Bejart (choreographer); Xavier Cugat (band leader); E. M. Forster (writer); Barry Goldwater (U.S. senator); Hank Greenberg (baseball player) Edgar Hoover(FBI director); Carol Landis (actress); Don Novello (comedian) D. Salinger (writer); Ousmane Sembene (director); Alfred Stieglitz (photographer)

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