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People Born on January 2nd: Destiny, Future

Last updated onJanuary 02, 2024

January 2nd Birthday Numerology

No. 2:Shows resilience and power in gentleness, often provides the role of mediator, and linked to psychic abilities.

January 2 VS Capricorn, 2, Careful individualist

People Born on January 2nd: Destiny, Future

January 2nd Birthday Destiny

Your approach to life is unlikely to be like the rest of the herd as you tend towards a more individualistic approach. This is reflected in the choices you make, from the clothes you wear to the holidays you take. There’s a carefulness about these choices, too, which suggests a thoughtfulness about how you want to live your life. Because of this, you may find that it takes time to find out what it is you really want to do as a career. Almost by a process of finding out what doesn’t appeal, you will eventually find the right role for your talents. This may also mean working not in a large organisation, but for a small start-up where it’s easier for your individuality to fit in. However, because of your diligent approach, you are likely to be a valued colleague whatever you choose. You probably take a similar approach to your more intimate relationships and even though people often say opposites attract, you will likely only really consider a life partner who has a similar take on life to your own.

January 2nd Birthday Future

The individual born on January 2 is ambitious and determined, with a competitive nature that's been tempered by the spirit of cooperation. Although you're more relaxed than some Capricorns, you are just as willing to work hard for what you want. You want to make it to the top, but not necessarily alone. You enjoy joint enterprises and interacting with a partner or group. You sense other people's needs and desires, and when a mediator is called for, you're often the one they turn to.

Those born on this date are lovers of art and music and know how to put their creativity to practical use. Consequently, your strong intellect is more concrete than abstract. Learning for its own sake holds little appeal for you. You'd rather channel your ideas toward a specific goal. Totally devoted to the principles of law and order, you place a high value on fairness and justice for everyone. In business, you make an outstanding executive who's popular with associates, co-workers, and clients.

You're gracious and sociable, and relating comes naturally to you. You may not feel whole without the companionship of a mate or partner. However, it usually takes more than love and romance to hold your interest. What you really need is someone who shares your goals and your strong sense of purpose.

January 2nd Birthday Tarot

Ten of Swords:The Swords are about action and although this card depicts quite a violent image, it suggests that your actions shouldn’t pin you down. Although decisiveness is generally valued, don’t always feel obliged to act, because it’s sometimes better to wait and see whether this is absolutely in your best interest.

January 2nd Famous birthdays

Cuba Gooding Jr(American actor); Christy Turlington(American model); St Therese of Lisieux(French saint); Born Today:

Isaac Asimov (writer) Jim Bakker (Pentecostal TV evangelist); William . Crowe (U.S. admiral); Taye Digs (actor); Jose Ferran (dancer); Cuba Gooding, r. (actor); Sally Rand (astronaut); Saint Therese de Lisieux, "The Little Flower" (mystic); Renata Tebaldi(opera singer); Christy Turlington (supermodel); Peter Young (artist)

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