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January 2nd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 02, 2024

In Tarot the 2nd card of the Major Arcana is The Priestess. She brings an awareness of otherwordly secrets, gentle reserve and a hatred of gossip. Bad qualities include edginess, untrustworthiness, a hard heart and laziness.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 2, 3

January 2nd Birthday Love Astrology

A bit of a Capricornflake, this person frequently backs out of a project, a house buy or even a marriage at the last minute and makes everybody around her nervous. January 2 was blessed with all the usual good fairy gifts at birth. The good looks are magical. The brain fast. The charm snaps, crackles and pops. But January 2 just can't make up her mind.

In part it's the Eeyore tendency common to many winter people. Her beauty praised, January 2 moans about the spot on her chin. A job well done pleases the boss and this worker murmurs that it would have been better if the computer hadn't kept crashing. Weddings are a nightmare. They can't decide if the future spouse is right for them, if the flowers should be white, if estranged Uncle David should be invited and if the food should be smoked salmon or coronation chicken.

Best men born on this day, bridegrooms, and worse still, fathers always tell deeply Capricorny jokes in wedding speeches and then worry for the rest of the day that they weren't funny enough. Many do manage to control the flakey side to their nature, and then a little doubt can be useful, keeping them watchful as they rise up the ladder. Best places for an ambitious January 2 are some form of politics where their industry, sharp wits and honesty marks them out, the armed forces, police force and for the arty ones, the theatre, design and architecture.

But where marriage or living together is concerned, this can be an unreliable date upon which to hang your hat. January 2 men can be found whispering ’My wife doesn't really understand me’ to a long-legged person in a secret bar. And the girls easily come to the conclusion that they've hitched themselves to a falling comet. This star is always convinced that there's a lusciouser shade of blue in another part of the night sky.

In Love

You’re naturally sociable and considerably more laid-back than other goats.

Consequently, relating comes easily to you. With an “urge to merge” that is particularly strong, you feel incomplete without the affection of a mate or partner. Nevertheless, it takes more than just a frivolous romance to garner your attention and hold your interest. What you’re really looking for is someone who shares your life goals and strong sense of purpose. A born mediator, you dislike dissention and disagreement. Despite a pronounced streak of Capricorn stubbornness, you’re often the first one to make up after an argument.

In Bed

As a genuine romantic, you harbor a great deal of love inside yourself.

A deep-seated need for companionship and emotional security prompts you to seek the right person to share it with. In bed, you’re a sensual and generous lover. In a committed union, you make a considerate, devoted mate. Because you require both beauty and structure in your life, you enjoy creating a sexy atmosphere in a pleasant, inviting environment for your lovemaking.


January 2 is fascinated by haunted places and likes to motor around Britain ghost spotting. At Oldstone Hall in Devonshire locals insist the ghost of Laura Dimes still haunts her ruined bedroom. Forbidden by her parents to meet her secret husband, Laura's riding hat was spotted one morning in the pond, close to the bank. Bizarrely, Laura's dead body stood bolt upright, directly beneath the hat. More generally, Cornwall's Bodmin Moor is one of Britain's most haunted landscapes. There are skeletons driving ghostly carriages, people who vanish in a strange mist that descends and remote spots brimming with horrific feelings of timeless melancholy.


Your ultimate turn-on is a sensuous blend of bawdy sexuality and beguiling otherworldly romanticism. Emotionally you may appear somewhat detached, but once your earthy passions are aroused there is nothing the least bit reserved about your sexual longings or your physical responses to your lover’s overtures.


In Tarot the 2nd card of the Major Arcana is The Priestess. She brings an awareness of otherwordly secrets, gentle reserve and a hatred of gossip. Bad qualities include edginess, untrustworthiness, a hard heart and laziness.

Reality Check

Once you set your mind on something, you rarely adjust your agenda. This lack of flexibility can make for some dicey romantic situations, especially if you allow new developments to throw you completely off stride. Sometimes you become so committed to a specific ideal that dealing with the reality of shifting conditions becomes exceedingly difficult. You expect love to last forever. If it doesn’t, you respond to your loss with resentment.

January 2 Date Share

Died: Jack Carson, Hollywood actor, icon. Born: David Bailey, society photographer. George Blanc, French chef. St Thérèse of Lisieux, had visions of Jesus Christ. Isaac Asimov, science fiction writer. The Foundation Trilogy. Renata Tebaldi, Italian opera singer, soprano. Yuriy Grigorovich, Kirov and Bolshoi ballet master.

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