January 2nd Intuitive Leader Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onJanuary 02, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is overcoming feelings of isolation and loneliness

☆The way forward is to go beyond your dark moods, recreate yourself and achieve a goal that involves the help and healing of others.

The Birthday Of The Intuitive Leader, The Day Of Self-requirement

January 2nd Intuitive Leader Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of January 2nd Birthdays

Sun sign: Capricorn

Ruling planet: Saturn, the teacher

Symbol: The Horned Goat

Birth date ruler: Moon, the intuitive

Tarot card: The High Priestess (intuition)

Favorable numbers: 2, 3

Lucky days: Saturday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 2 and 3 of the month

Lucky colors: Dark blue, silver and light brown

Birthstone: Garnet

Those born on January 2 have a remarkable ability to tune into their surroundings, and this sensitivity toward others, combined with their unusual insight into what makes other people tick, can put them head and shoulders above less observant people.

The intuitive power of these people can, however, work against them, making them at times feel alone and different, rather than unique and natural. But once they are able to recognize and celebrate their uniqueness, January 2 people can unlock incredible energy, creativity, endurance, flexibility and commitment. And when their confidence is high, their intuition works at its best with an extremely powerful shift toward this inner life around the age of forty-nine. Unfortunately their acute sensitivity also makes them prone to unpredictability and extreme mood swings. These can create problems for them and for those who care about them. However, once they become aware that they are masters of their own thoughts, a more stable self-confidence will emerge.

Although by nature reserved, January 2 people possess an uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time; this gives them excellent opportunities for success. If they believe in themselves they can go all the way to the top. If they cannot believe in themselves they may find that they are working in positions beneath their abilities. The same applies to their relationships; if they lower their expectations and don’t set clear boundaries they could find that their gentle nature is taken advantage of by others.

Extremely hard working and committed, those born on this day make highly dependable team leaders and negotiators. The danger is that they can overburden themselves with huge responsibilities and this, coupled with their belief that they are different in some way, can set them up to experience frustration and alienation from others. Even though they are often more than capable of fulfilling their responsibilities it is extremely important for them to keep both their feet on the ground with hobbies, social activities and time spent relaxing with family and friends.

☆ On the dark side:Moody, antisocial, indecisive

☆ At your best:Sensitive, spiritual, intuitive

The serious individuals born on January 2 put tremendous demands on themselves.

Basically because they have extremely high standards, great drive and a certain healthy degree of insecurity as to their real worth they feel that they have to prove that they can "do it." Again and again they take on killing responsibilities or force themselves to scale seemingly impossible heights, sometimes under very tight deadlines. Putting themselves under this kind of pressure seems to agree with them. Even when little in the way of external standards are imposed on them, January' 2 people may refuse to allow themselves an easy pace. It could well be said workaholics and obsessive-compulsive personalities are born on this day. Even more temperamentally relaxed January 2 people can often be found taking on heavy responsibilities, such as a large family, the upkeep of more than one house or property, or ambitious long-term projects at work.

January 2 people do not have to work alone. They can make excellent team members who year after year discharge their duties faithfully to the letter. Retirement may not suit them well, however, if it means time on their hands. On the other side, January 2 people are admirably suited for creative work or self-employment which requires them setting up their own schedule and making their own plans. Rather than truly innovative, most born on January 2 are perfectionistic craftspeople who produce the best products or services they can. Although highlyimaginative, they do best in solid, limited activities where their purpose is clearly delineated.

Rarely if ever do they try to fudge something which they know they cannot do, nor do they try to give the impression that their work is better than it really is. On the other hand, because they are so self-critical, they may not get enough pleasure from their own accomplishments.

January 2 people should be encouraged to take time off from their work, be less serious and have more fun. They can usually be prevailed upon to do so by their family and friends.

Those who cut themselves off from loved ones, however, may become increasingly isolated with the passing years. The danger is that through a minimum of social contact they may lose touch with reality. The possibility also exists that sociopathic tendencies may manifest which justify their every action, no matter how selfish or antisocial. Thus it is crucial that January 2 people remain oriented toward keeping their social and human instincts alive and functioning.

Those born on this day must not get carried away with their own sense of power. Learning to Telativate." to place their ego in relation to the world and the universe, is key.

Power Thought:I deserve the best in life,The relative weight of difficulties is largely a function of our own perception

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 2nd day of the month are Riled by the number 2 and by the Moon. Those ruled by the number 2 often make good co-workers and partners, rather than leaders. This quality helps January 2 people in their jobs and relationships. However. Moon influences can also act as a brake on individual initiative and action, producing frustration. When the Moon's effect is combined with the saturnian qualities of Capricorn, it can make for a highly successful but lonely individual with deep, complex emotions. If a Number 2 person happens to also be a second child, he/she may be both protected and somewhat neglected, spared some of the strong emotions directed by the parents toward the first born but also forced to take a subordinate role to the older sibling.

January 2nd Birthday Tarot Card

The 2nd card of the Major Arcana is The Priestess, shown seated on her throne, calm and impenetrable. She is a spiritual woman who reveals hidden forces and secrets, empowering us with that knowledge. Favorable qualities of this card are silence, intuition, reserve and discretion; negative values are secretiveness, mistaist. indifference and inertia.

☆Luck maker:(Expect luck)Luck follows expectation. Once you expect luck, then you lose your hesitancy and commit to taking actions that will draw it to you.

Love Intoxicating passion

You’re drawn to people born on June 22 to July 22:You share the same desire to live love or friendship to its limits and together your energies can flourish, flow and grow.

January 2 people know that love holds mystery and magic. They want to be carried away by passion but it also scares them, meaning that they can come across as indecisive and uncommitted. Once in a relationship they can be passionate lovers but their generous and loyal nature can mean that they stay for too long in relationships that are not going anywhere. What they need is someone who shares their sensitivity, their goals and their strong sense of purpose.

Health Find your inner child

People born on this day tend to suffer from problems, such as stress, anxiety and fatigue, that are created either by an unhealthy, hectic lifestyle that allows little time for fun and relaxation or by chronic worrying and indecisiveness. Leisure activities that bring out the child in them such as roller skating, finger painting, rock climbing or dancing can help those born on this day escape from their introspection. They also need to take special care of their teeth, gums, hair, skin and bones, especially in the legs, by eating a healthy diet rich in nutritious fruits and vegetables. If stress is a constant part of their life, they should try to burn a chamomile-, lavender-or sandalwood-scented candle. These produce a calming effect.

Those born on January 2 often keep their private fears and worries to themselves, including concerns about their health. Tending to suffer from chronic rather than acute disorders, they should take special care with those parts of their body that need regular maintenance—teeth, hair, muscles and bones particularly. Because of their workaholic tendencies they must program in regular vacations on which they forbid themselves to work. Their diets and physical activities should emphasize fun aspects of life. January 2 people can benefit immeasurably from regular doses of joy, which perk them up and keep them from falling into a lethargic or apathetic state.

Career Born teachers and healers

The highly intuitive nature of these people makes them natural teachers, social workers and healers, but they can also do well in public relations or as managers of others. Their desire for reflection and love of people watching mean that, especially later in life, they have a talent for writing or journalism. On the other hand, they may choose careers such as photography, music, comedy or the theater to express their uniqueness.

Destiny To educate others

When those born on this day conquer their shyness and fear of expressing their individuality, they often encourage others to do the same. They have a tremendous capacity to connect with others and their destiny is to inspire by example, to heal and to educate.

Above all do not cut yourself off from the world. Let sorrows and burdens go. Don't sign for problems; return them to sender. Insist that others serve you as well. Don't deny yourself the very best and most pleasurable experiences that life offers.

Celebrities Born On January 2nd

Cuba Gooding Jr(American actor), Christy Turlington(American model), St Therese of Lisieux(French saint),

Therese de Lisieux (French 1 9 th c. saint "The Little Flower," suffered from tuberculosis, had visions of Jesus, autobiography, Story of a Soul), Isaac Asimov (Russian-bom Amencan scientist writer of popular science and science-fiction, 7~he Foundation Trilogy, wrote over five hundred books, in last year of life a book a week), Renata Tebaldi (Italian opera singer, soprano diva), Jim Bakker (Pentecostal tele-evangelist founder of PTL [Praise the Lord Ministries], defrocked after Jessica Hahn scandal), William j. Crowe (US admiral, chairman joint chiefs-of-staff), Leon Leonidoff (Radio City Music Hall producer), David Bailey (British society photographer), Jose Ferran (Spanish ballet dancer), Louis C Breguet (gyroplane inventor, Air France founder), James Wolfe (British Army commander, hero of Quebec battle, died at age thirty-three), George Blanc (French chef, writer, business executive, La Mere Blanc), Toshiki Kaifu (Japanese prime minister), Yuriy Grigorovich (Kirov, Bolshoi Theater ballet master), Vera Zorina (ballet dancer), Dan Rostenkowski (US congressman, Illinois, House Ways and Means Committee chairman), Gmo Marchetti (football defensive end, 8x All-Pro, Hall of Famer), Daisaku Ikeda (Japanese educator, Buddhist leader, Buddhism ond Cosmos). Robert Smrthson (artist), Peter Young (minimal artist), Mili Balakirev (Russian composer)

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