January 3rd Determination Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onJanuary 03, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is resisting boredom

☆The way forward is to experiment with different concepts, make your own decisions and, instead of waiting for others to catch up, to strike out alone.

The Birthday Of Determination, The Day Of Total Involvement

January 3rd Determination Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of January 3rd Birthdays

Sun sign: Capricorn

Ruling planet: Saturn, the teacher

Symbol: The Horned Goat

Birth date ruler: Jupiter, the philosopher

Tarot card: The Empress (creativity)

Favorable numbers: 3, 4

Lucky days: Saturday and Thursday, especially when these days fall on 3 and 4 of the month

Lucky colors: Dark gray, purple and pale brown

Birthstone: Garnet

Failure is never an option for people born on January 3. They often have a wild, impulsive energy but they are not quitters. It is not in their nature to pass along responsibilities, and their persistence and sense of duty mean that they can overcome incredible odds. Sometimes, however, their stubbornness to see things through to the bitter end, combined with their inability to admit defeat, can make them appear inflexible and intolerant.

Stubborn by nature, January 3 people can impose unbearable pressure not just on themselves but also on others, and when pushed into a corner they can resort to using their charm to help them get what they want. This isn’t to say they are dishonest—dishonesty isn’t in their nature—but they are capable of using their seductive powers if they think it will help them achieve their goals.

The rock-solid determination of people born on January 3 can stretch the patience of those around them; in fact opposition and barriers just tend to strengthen their resolve even further and they are at their most inventive when challenged or confronted. It really is hard to throw them off course, and even if it looks like they have lost or need to reconsider they will secretly be planning their comeback or, in some cases, their revenge. The only chink in their armor is that appearance matters a bit too much too them. Nothing pleases them more than a compliment. They have a strong eye for beauty and style but their intolerance for imperfection can, if left unchecked, exasperate and occasionally alienate others.

With their survival instinct and natural understanding that determination is power, people born on January 3 possess the potential for outstanding success, and they can and do overcome impossible odds. Typically, in their forties, sometimes sooner, they tend to realize that they are at their happiest and best when they connect with their intuition; this enables them to find ways to develop their unique talents and leave their personal stamp on the world.

☆ On the dark side:Stubborn, erratic, controlling

☆ At your best:Charming, controlled, determined

Once a January 3 person commits to a person or project they are in one hundred percent.

Their involvement with practically any activity they take on is total, and rarely or ever will they seek to back out or quit. This can create problems for them (and for those with whom they are involved) when things are not working out, as those born on this day often cannot or will not acknowledge such a failure. When things are going well they are the most reliable individuals to have on the job—watchful, diligent, devoted. They do not get bored with even the simplest tasks, primarily because they have a strong sense of duty. Those born on this day will not shirk their responsibilities because they know that to do so is just to dump their work on someone else, and this will not do.

January 3 people are both persuasive and stubborn. Consequently, those who wish to back out of an arrangement with them may find it difficult or near impossible to just walk away.

January 3 people are capable of bringing enormous pressure to bear on others to get them to do their bidding. They may use secretive means to subtly tighten the screws, or perhaps humor or even outright seduction, since they know what people like. Yet in business matters they will rarely be accused of taking advantage of others for their private ends, since their sense of fealty to their organization or cause is beyond reproach.

January 3 people do not mind being in the line of fire. They can turn aggressive when challenged, but otherwise avoid confrontations and in general appear polite and well-mannered.

Their sophistication is of the charming variety, as it is composed not merely of knowledge and refinement but also has a measure of street sense in it as well. Raconteurs, aficionados of the good things in life, those born on this day display a strong earthy quality. Generally they give the choice to the other person whether things get done pleasantly or unpleasantly—but get done they will! Because of their persuasive powers and strong willfulness. January 3 people can be overbearing and impossible in certain situations. The frustration of those involved with them can bounce off the scale and simmering angers can boil over on both sides. But in fact, it is more often the temper of the other party which is lost. January 3 people are highly controlled, which is part of the reason they win out in most confrontations. A familiar ploy is for them to appear to give up, while all the while marshaling their forces to return to battle on a better day. In reality they never give up on a matter which deeply concerns them.

January 3 people must beware of surrendering too much of their individuality to group endeavors. They should seek a profession in which they are able to put their personal stamp on whatever they do and balance individual freedom with duty in an appropriate ratio. Spiritual goals should not be left out of the equation, or sacrificed in the name of getting the job done.

Power Thought:The darkest hour is before the dawn and I will come shining through,To desire without any wish for attachment is a high aim

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 3rd day of the month are ruled by the number 3 and by the planet Jupiter. Those ruled by the number 3 tend to rise to high positions in their sphere, and can be dictatorial when they get there. Since Saturn rules Capricorn, January 3 people know how to put limitations on themselves and rarely fall victim to unrealistic jupiterian optimism. The mutual influence of Jupiter and Saturn lends ambition, but also honor and trustworthiness, to their efforts. Those ruled by the number 3 value their independence, and can do very well for themselves in business, but unfortunately many January 3 people get stuck in company jobs, due to their dedication and abundance of loyalty. Catholic missionary, Molokai leper colony, died of leprosy), Barbara Nanning (Dutch ceramic sculptor), Dabney Coleman (TV actor), Victoria Principal (TV, film actress) Hoiiin Hi ii

January 3rd Birthday Tarot Card

The 3rd card of the Major Arcana is The Empress, symbolizing creative intelligence. She is the perfect woman, the ultra-feminine, Mother Earth nurturer, who embodies our dreams, hopes and aspirations. This card represents positive traits of charm, grace and unconditional love, but also negative traits of vanity and affectation, as well as an intolerance for imperfection. Her steadfast qualities are often exemplified in January 3 people, who. as mentioned above, make faithful friends and loyal family members.

☆Luck maker:(Trust your gut)Tune into your intuition while you are day-dreaming or just "hanging around." Just a few minutes of quiet time a day can help you make the right decisions for yourself.

Love Protective of loved ones

You’re drawn to people born on November 23 to December 21:The childlike non-conformist qualities of people born between those dates will be an excellent counterbalance to your more serious tendencies.

People born on January 3 are capable of unconditional love and are drawn to the security, comfort and happiness that family life can bring. Their determination applies to their relationships as well, and they want these to work. They love the routine of family life and are extremely protective of loved ones, sometimes overly protective. The only danger is that they are vulnerable to flattery; if they aren’t getting admiration and respect from their loved ones, they may well try to seek it elsewhere.

Health Set a goal of eating one new fruit and vegetable a week!

An early-to-bed and early-to-rise routine, combined with a healthy, balanced diet rich in a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, and forms of competitive exercise such as swimming or athletics, will keep people born on this day running smoothly. Concerns and anxieties about appearance and/or aging should be managed not by quick fixes such as cosmetic surgery but by regular health check-ups, attention to diet and lifestyle, and a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. A few drops of the following essential oils on a handkerchief to breathe in will help produce inner security and self-acceptance when anxiety about aging threatens to overwhelm: frankincense, jasmine, sandalwood, and bergamot.

Those born on January 3 are sensible enough to schedule regular dental and medical checkups for themselves. Yet too often they are ready to sacrifice their health and well-being for their work. Consequently it is important that from an early age, habits promoting a nourishing diet, personal hygiene and regular sleep become ingrained. Strenuous physical exercise, not excluding competitive team or one-on-one sports, is highly recommended for those born on this day. January 3 people should beware of skin disorders and allergies of all types

Career Born self-starters

These people have good financial know-how and tend to be able to accumulate plenty of money. They often function better in small rather than large businesses, or when they are self-employed. Music, drama, comedy and media hold their appeal but they are also very good at fighting for humanitarian issues or pushing forward social reforms, so they can also excel in politics, charity work, career counseling and education; perhaps even running for office one day.

Destiny To show others that the impossible can be possible

Once people born on this day have discovered that they can be committed to a cause without losing their identity, their personality is so powerful that they have no trouble influencing others and winning against all the odds. Their destiny is to show others that the impossible is possible and that determination can yield remarkable results.

You don't always have to win. Being invulnerable doesn't make you well-liked. Don't expect everyone to be as committed as you are. Recognize and respect differences

Celebrities Born On January 3rd

Mel Gibson(Australian actor), J.R.R. Tolkien(British author), Greta Thunberg(Swedish environmental activist),

Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman orator, writer), J.R.R. Tolkien (British linguist, scholar, writer, Lord of the Rings), Sir Richard Arkwright (British cotton spinning machine inventor, industrialist), Mel Gibson (Australian film actor), Sergio Leone (Italian film director, spaghetti westerns, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West), John Sturges (film director, The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, producer), Pola Negri (Polish silent film actress), George Martin (British arranger, pianist, Beatles producer, A&R record executive), Bobby Hull (hockey left-wing, 3x NHL sconng leader, 2x MVP, I Ox All-NHL), Zazu Pitts (comic actress), Ray Milland (film actor), Steven Stills (singer, songwriter, guitarist, Grosby, Stills and Nosh, Buffalo Springfield), Cheryl Miller (basketball play- , er, 3x College Player of Year, led US team to Olympic gold medal), Victor Borge (Danish comic pianist), Dorothy Arzner (film director, Donee Girl, Dance), Herbie Nichols (jazz pianist, composer), Joseph Damien (Belgian Catholic missionary, Molokai leper colony, died of leprosy), Barbara Nanning (Dutch ceramic sculptor), Dabney Coleman (TV actor), Victoria Principal (TV, film actress)

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