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People Born on February 17th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 17, 2024

February 17th Birthday Numerology

No. 8:Sees the big picture and aims for it, linked to abundance and material wealth, and uses financial success to give back to others.

February 17 VS Aquarius, 8 , Empathic activist

People Born on February 17th: Destiny, Future

February 17th Birthday Destiny

Building a better world is the reason you get up in the morning, so it’s likely you will work full-time as an activist channelling all that determination of yours into persuading others to implement the ideals that really will make the world a better, safer and fairer place and to unshackle those living under a cloud of injustice and fear. You’ve had to learn to build a thicker skin to protect your soft heart, and although you may now come across as tough, there’s no hiding your sensitivity from those who really know and love you. You’ll need a collaborative and enlightened workplace to thrive since you don’t like being shackled, either, and it will be your kindness that draws the right life partner to you at the right time – probably in the short time you take a break between your campaigns to save the world and everyone in it.

February 17th Birthday Future

Water bearers born on this day are charismatic, ambitious, smart, and successful. Your birthday means you're a leader with executive skills and a very strong presence. You continually push the envelope, and you're constantly challenging yourself to bigger and better accomplishments. Like others born on February 18, you are hard working, persistent, and adept at overcoming obstacles. Your essential nature is obstinate and rebellious, and once you set your mind to a goal, virtually nothing can stop you from achieving it.

You enjoy both physical and mental competition, and your responses on all levels are quick as lightning. While you may act the part of the innovative, eccentric Aquarian where your own affairs are concerned, you're less likely to take risks in ventures involving others. Yow· concern for your group or team can cause you to stick to the tried and true until you're absolutely convinced that a proposed change is in everyone's best interest. When you get both sides of your paradoxical nature working together, you're capable of inspiring people with your inherent wisdom and farseeing, humanitarian principles and ideals.

In relationships, you're sociable and enjoy the company of interesting people from diverse backgrounds. You are attracted to strong-minded, talented individuals with something worthwhile to contribute to a conversation. You may hesitate, however, before getting involved in a permanent union. When you do make a commitment, you can be quite demanding, yet also loyal and loving.

February 17th Birthday Tarot

Eight of Cups:The Cups represent emotions and in this card the figure walking away from us across a mystical landscape and by the light of a saddened Sun and crescent Moon appears bent in sorrow, too. This simply means you have the resilience and fortitude to face the sorrows you see and learn of in the material world but the determination to head for a better place which offers fairness to all. You may have to climb that mountain depicted in the background to get there, but you have a sturdy staff for support.

February 17th Famous birthdays

Ed Sheeran(British singer-songwriter); Michael Jordan(American baseball player); Rene Russo(American actress and producer); Born Today:

Marian Anderson (opera singer); Red Barber (sportscaster); Alan Bates (actor); Jim Brown (football player); Paris Hilton (socialite); Hal Holbrook (actor); Michael Jordan (basketball player); Arthur Kennedy (actor); Huey Newton (political activist); Lou Diamond Phillips (actor); Chaim Potok (writer); Rene Russo (actress)

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