February 17th Self Discipline Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onFebruary 17, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to learn to let others in

☆The way forward is to understand that success may earn the admiration of others but it will not necessarily win their love.

The Birthday Of Self Discipline, The Day Of The Battler

February 17th Self Discipline Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of February 17th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aquarius

Ruling planet: Uranus, the visionary

Symbol: The Water Carrier

Birth date ruler: Saturn, the teacher

Tarot card: The Star (hope)

Favorable numbers: 1, 8

Lucky day: Saturday, especially when it falls on 1 or 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Sky blue, maroon,

Birthstone: Amethyst

People born on February 17 often figure out early in their life that the key to success in life is discipline. They are determined, ambitious people with a clear idea of where they want to go and what they need to do to get there. These qualities, combined with their remarkable self-discipline, can give them the appearance of invincibility.

Although they may appear superhuman and extraordinary, others generally warm instantly to them, respecting their honesty and ability to be true to themselves and their beliefs. Underneath their tough exterior they really are sensitive souls who can be profoundly hurt by the careless words or actions of others. In fact, neglect or criticism may have been a feature of their early life, leading them to the realization that if they are to survive in the world they need to develop a tough exterior. Occasionally, they can make their defenses so strong that others find it impossible to break through. When this happens, they run the risk of becoming emotionally detached and inflexible in their approach to others.

People born on this day have a tunnel-vision approach to their goals and objectives, giving them the potential to rise to the top. They are the athletes who train relentlessly, the entrepreneurs who sacrifice everything for their shot at success, the artists or scientists who devote their lives to their art or research. The downside, however, is that anything that hinders their quest for fulfillment will be ignored; all too often this is personal relationships. They should make sure that their emotional happiness does not take a backseat to their professional, especially after the age of thirty-three when they often become even more determined and aggressive in their approach to life.

The incredible endurance, intelligence and stamina of people born on this day mean they are able to achieve a level of self-mastery and resulting satisfaction to which others can only aspire. Once they figure out what they are best at, there is nothing that can stop them achieving remarkable things with their life.

☆ On the dark side:Isolated, inflexible, suspicious

☆ At your best:Disciplined, determined, appealing

Theextremely sensitive individuals born on February 17 develop a tough armor around themselves early in life and go out to do battle with the world. Their backgrounds are rarely conducive to their particular form of expression, so they must fight for themselves from the word go. Some February 17 people are privileged, others disadvantaged, but from whatever strata they come they are convinced of their ability to overcome obstacles in order to emerge as individuals in their own right. However, before they can battle with the world, those born on this day must battle with themselves, to shape and mold themselves in a desired form.

Because of criticism, expectations or perhaps neglect, February 17 people come to realize very soon in their childhood that their sensitive natures will not survive unless they strengthen their defenses. In less evolved February 17 people, such defenses may manifest primarily as secretiveness, suspicion and physical armoring. In more evolved February 17 people, they are likely to manifest as talents, extensive knowledge or physical presence. Unfortunately, those born on this day may come to insulate themselves from influences of any kind, good or bad, which try to get through to them. Their toughness belies their hypersensitive interior, which really never dies away except in some highly unusual cases.

February 17 people can be touched by the arrows of love and the soft hand of affection, but the shot must be well aimed and the sentiment direct and sincere. Those born on this day do not wish to be hindered in their quest for self-fulfillment, so often they ignore what could be desirable human contact to avoid getting stuck or bogged down. The most highly advanced individuals born on this day allow their inner expressiveness and sensitivity to shine through, not only in their attitude but also in their work. Thus they have a kind of transparence where they render their armor invisible. In fact, however, it is still very much in place.

February 17 individuals are willing to go to bat for themselves, their family and friends, even for strangers in need of their help. They are extremely realistic and usually possess an insight into the existing social order, with all its inequalities and unfairnesses. Although they are combative when provoked, those born on this day are not overly aggressive, and are slow to anger or upset. They have an impressive earthiness, calm and physical presence which makes others sit up and take notice, while warning those with hostile intentions toward them to watch out. Those who mistake this calm for passivity are in for quite a shock.

February 17 people are believers, with their heart in their cause, whatever it may be. Most born on this day are "spiritual warriors" whose goals are personal ones, and to whom self-development and personal expression are the most important values. Although objectively caught up with themselves (perhaps overly so), they can be highly inspirational and uplifting to those around them.

Power Thought:Today I will look at life in a different way,That which offers no resistance can be harder to push

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 17th day of the month are ruled by the numbers ( 1+7=8), and by the planet Saturn. Saturn carries carries with it a feeling of limitation and restriction and a judgmental aspect as well. For February 17 people, who are born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp, saturnian characteristics combine with those of Uranus (niler of Aquarius) and Neptune (ruler of 1'isces) to firm up the character. However such a combination may indicate tendencies to secretiveness and suspicion as well as eccentricity. The number H carries a conflict between the material and spiritual worlds; those ruled by the this number can be lonely, and also prone to indulge in excess

February 17th Birthday Tarot Card

The 17th card of the Major Arcana is The Star, which depicts a beautiful naked girl under the stars pouring refreshing water on the parched earth with one pitcher and reviving the stagnant water of a pond with another. She represents the glories of the earthly life, but also material enslavement to it. The stars above her are an eternal reminder of the presence of the spiritual world. The Star may serve as a reminder to Febmary 17 people not only to strive for a bettering of their material circumstances but also to realize what is best in them.

☆Luck maker:(Move out of the corner)When you have the flexibility to learn other ways of doing things, you can make luck from a vast playing field of opportunities rather than a narrow corner of one room.

Love Cool and controlled

You’re drawn to people born on September 24 to October 23:Both of you appreciate those who are disciplined and hardworking, and this can create a vibrant and rewarding union.

People born on February 17 can be distant and inflexible in close personal relationships. If they are to have a chance of success and happiness in relationships they need to address this. Although they have no problem attracting admirers, they do find it hard to open up to others. But once they find a partner who can encourage them to give as well as take, they are loyal, caring and endlessly fascinating partners.

Health Athletes

People born on this day push themselves hard in all areas of their life and the physical is no exception. Whether or not they are sportsmen or women, they tend to regard themselves as athletes in training and will often take great care of their physical health through attention to diet and exercise. Some people born on this day are sometimes guilty of pushing themselves so hard that their body can’t take the strain. Others may be neglectful of their health when there are deadlines to consider, so moderation is just as important as self-discipline. They would benefit from a healthy diet low in saturated fats and sugar to reduce the risk of circulatory problems, and an exercise routine in which they can clearly monitor their improvement, such as weight-training. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with shades of green will help remind them of the importance of balance in their personal and professional lives.

Those born on Febniary 17 often suffer injuries, particularly in their early years, that can bother them through life. Particularly at risk are the lower extremities, the internal abdominal organs, the bones of the arm. wrist and hand, and the venous circulatory system (through thrombosis) Febniary 17 people should be extremely careful to control the amount of cream, animal fat and sugar in their diets, to reduce the risk of circulatory problems. For most February 17 people. exercise of a non-competitive but self-developing type, such as weight training, swimming, ninning. hiking or less strenuous forms of rock climbing is recommended.

Career Born detectives

These people love to unravel a mystery and can be drawn to careers in law or the police. They also have a talent for writing and self-expression and may be drawn to careers in journalism, writing or education. They also make great athletes, artists and scientists and, because they generally thrive in careers which demand great self-discipline and self-motivation, they may also be attracted to management, charity work, social reform, or self-employment.

Destiny To inspire others with their vitality

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to place as much importance on their personal happiness as the pursuit of their goals. Once they have learned a sense of balance, their destiny is to influence and inspire others with their considerable vitality and self-discipline.

Keep yourself open to the outside world. At least let others look in. even if entrance is denied.I se your sensitivity to teach you the way to the spiritual life Hew are of being too secretive or suspicious.

Celebrities Born On February 17th

Ed Sheeran(British singer-songwriter), Michael Jordan(American baseball player), Rene Russo(American actress and producer),

Marian Anderson (contralto concert singer, called greatest voice of her generation), Jim Brown (Browns football fullback, 8x rushing leader, 8x All-Pro [out of nine seasons played], all-time leader in TDs scored, film actor), Michael Jordan (Bulls basketball guard, led NBA in sconng seven years in a row, 6x All-NBA, 3x MVP, US Olympic "Dream Team" gold medalist), Huey Newton (political activist, cofounder Black Panther Party, shot to death by crack dealer), Isabelle Eberhardt (adventurer, writer), Horace Benedict de Saussure (Genovese 18thc. philosophy professor, mountain climber), Arcangelo Corelli (Italian Baroque composer), Francis Duke of Guise (French 16th c. warrior), Alan Bates (stage, film actor), Chaim Potok (novelist My Name is Asher Lev), Hal Holbrook (stage, film actor, oneman show, Mark Twain, Tonight!), Andrew "Banjo" Paterson (Australian poet, journalist, author of Australian anthem, Waltzing Matilda), Lou Diamond Phillips (film actor), Red Barber (sportscaster, winner Peabody award). Arthur Kennedy (film actor), Koji Kobayashi (Japanese executive, Competition and Communism). N. Theodore Shelf (Hollywood costume, horror effects designer), Barry Humphries (Australian entertainer, female impersonator), Ruth Rendell (enme novelist, The Best Man to Die), Margaret Truman (president's daughter)

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