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People Born on March 13th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMarch 13, 2024

March 13th Birthday Numerology

No. 4:Invested in the physical world, centred earth energy that is practical in application.

March 13 VS Pisces, 4, Spiritual seeker

People Born on March 13th: Destiny, Future

March 13th Birthday Destiny

Oh, to have been born in the 1970s (if you were, and on this day, then lucky you!). There’s nothing that will get your heart racing faster than the smell of patchouli, a psychedelic kaftan, a one-way ticket to see the guru in the ashram in India and a travel bag packed with only a pair of rope sandals and a copy of the Bhagavad Gita– preferably in Sanskrit. You are the original, non-conforming ‘love child’ of no decade and all decades. You come and go with the wind and the tides, follow only those who share your spiritual beliefs and pretty much make the rules up as you go along. This will endear you to some and infuriate others, perhaps your parents in particular when you were first trying on this alternative lifestyle for size. You do actually have a latent and very serious psychic talent, but you may not find the right channel for it until later in life. You’ll likely have – and leave – many lovers because you’re never in one place long enough to truly settle down. Old age? Not a problem because you are never, ever going to grow old, on the inside at least.

March 13th Birthday Future

Pisceans born on this day are more pragmatic and down to earth than most of their dreamy Sun sign counterparts. This quality is strengthened by your infinite capacity for hard work and your refusal to let anything derail your carefully formulated plans. Yet, despite your ingrained sense of responsibility, you are a Pisces after all. You keep the more serious aspects of your character hidden behind a sunny smile and a warm, amiable disposition. Your magnetic personality and the subtle aura of mystery you project make you a sought-after friend and companion.

Your greatest potential for achievement lies in your ability to combine the sensitivity and perception of the Neptune-ruled with the persistence of the number thirteen. Many with birthdays on this date are artistically inclined and enjoy successful careers in the worlds of entertainment or the arts. Others find their niche in business, where they use their unique blend of intuition and common sense to make money by giving customers what they want. In the helping professions, you're able to employ your humanitarian ideals without losing site of practical considerations.

In an intimate relationship, you're very idealistic. You tend to imagine that this other person in your life actually is whatever you wish he or she could be. You may become disillusioned if your significant other lets you down or fails to live up to your high expectattons.

March 13th Birthday Tarot

Death:A sombre card and one of the Major Arcana, which simply reinforces that this is a message to be taken seriously. It is not a card that literally foreshadows death in the way we all fear it, more a card telling us that for something new to be born, something old has to die. You may already have learned this from your travels to the temples of Thailand and the holy ashrams of India. Nothing lasts forever. Everything will pass. Your job is simply to notice these changes, without forming an attachment, and try to accept graciously what comes and goes in your life.

March 13th Famous birthdays

William Macy(American actor and director); Dana Delany(American actress); Mikaela Shiffrin(American alpine skier); Born Today:

Walter H. Annenberg (publisher); Eugene A Cernan (astronaut); DanaDelany (actress); Roy Haynes Qazz drummer); L. Ron Hubbard (writer/founder of the Church of Scientology); Sammy Kaye (bandleader); Percival Lowell (astronomer); William H. Macy (actor); Neil Sedaka (singer/songwriter); Alexi von Jawlensky (artist)

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