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March 13th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 13, 2024

Change is the conversion of a yielding line into a firm one. This means progress. Transformation is the conversion of a firm line into a yielding one. This means retrogression. Firm lines represent light, yielding ones, darkness. (I Ching)

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 4, 7

March 13th Birthday Love Astrology

Deeply dippy. Deeply psychic. Who knows what will happen around March 13, but better get hold of the controls or it may just become irritating. Nothing is certain. These are only signposts. No need to follow a path, especially a bad one. But this creature, although it sets out perfectly well balanced, can get right out of hand. Unless it stops generally floating about with its head in the clouds.

March 13 just leaps on the fadwagon and goes on about it until the next one comes along. This is a space capsule which careers about the sky apparently unmanned. And the trouble is that criticism or even hesitation is paranoidly dismissed. The psychic talent is there and could be useful, but the power is often waylaid into less sensible areas. Both sexes, but in particular the women, may decide to wear nothing but white, a Pisces colour, or blue, a good water personality colour. And so should everybody else, they think, leaping on someone's red trousers and asking very seriously if this is a show of aggression.

They may choose to lie naked at night in their back garden under the light of the full moon, hoping for something to happen. Not what you think and March 13 doesn't think that's funny either. Or maybe the entire garden has to be planted white only, symbolising innocence, the horrid buttercup plucked out for its insinuating yellowness. This person goes to India without injections or pills because of their new faith in a guru's power to create balanced health in foDowers, and then can't comprehend why he or she has diarrhoea the whole time. At parties they turn up in sandals and kaftans, the men with long beards, influenced by another foreign journey. They buy a Georgian house and make it so authentic, the lighting is from candles and there's no central heating. Fortunately they haven't worked out a legal way yet to recycle the sewage into the vegetable patch.

In Love

When you love, you love deeply and intensely. When you commit, you are a kind, sincere, generous partner. Nevertheless, true intimacy is difficult for you. You set emotional boundaries that others are not allowed to cross. You are as idealistic and romantic as the typical fish but considerably more serious and practical. You hold your mate or partner to a very high standard.

You can be quite critical when you feel that he or she does not measure up to your expectations. Even though your comments come from love and a desire to help, they are rarely welcomed.

In Bed

You’re a hot-blooded, lusty lover, with almost unlimited staying power.

However, you always maintain control over your passions. In fact, you keep such a tight rein on your emotions that you sometimes have difficulty letting yourself go and enjoying the moment. Your style of lovemaking tends to be straightforward and quiet. You don’t particularly care for pillow talk. Your idea of romantic foreplay involves setting up the love nest in advance with flowers, music, soft lighting, luxurious bedding, and guaranteed privacy.


They have good brains and are proud of their memories, which stand them in good stead at work, where if they keep putting in the eight hours a day, some of the loopierfads can be well kept at bay. March 13 astounds everybody with his capacity to remember telephone numbers and number sequences. They use mnemonic systems, such as these ten pegwords, each of which rhymes with a number. One = bun, two = shoe, three = tree, four = door, five = hive, six = sticks, seven = heaven, eight = gate, nine = wine, ten = hen. Once these words are securely in your head, number sequence memory feats aren't particularly difficult


Sometimes you get so caught up in practical matters, you forget to make time for love and sex. When you are able to relax, you enjoy playing out the fantasy of a stylized seduction scenario. You particularly like it when your lover gets the ball rolling by assuming the role of sexual aggressor.


Change is the conversion of a yielding line into a firm one. This means progress. Transformation is the conversion of a firm line into a yielding one. This means retrogression. Firm lines represent light, yielding ones, darkness. (I Ching)

Reality Check

Where those you love are concerned, you’re caring and devoted and can always be relied on to follow through on your promises. However, your ambitious nature and strong work ethic may cause you to spend less time having fun and pursuing pleasure than is good for you. As a result, overwork and a negative mind-set can trigger bouts of depression.

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Died: Busby Berkeley, great Hollywood director of formation dance musicals. Born: Neil Sedaka, singer, songwriter. Tessie O'Shea, entertainer, Two-Ton Tessie. L Ron Hubbard, Church of Scientology founder, science fiction writer. Dick Katz, co-founder Milestone records, jazz pianist.

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