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March 12th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 12, 2024

Pisces is the sign of the fish, a lucky creature. In the east, seeing a fish is a fortunate omen, foretelling wealth and fertility. A large fish swimming by itself promises a life of happiness and prosperity.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 3, 6

March 12th Birthday Love Astrology

People born on this date have eyes you could drown in. Just one look is all it takes for most March 12ites to turn potential partner's brains to jelly. It's a seductive tiger in the jungle. Luminous stripes make it an awesome hunter in the dark and most victims give in to the pleasurable sensations of being seized and born away. Stealthily sensuous, March 12 is master or mistress to sexual techniques other stars haven't heard of- nothing unpleasant, just languorously imaginative.

When they have time, between romancing, they're also totally unbeatable in the market place. And therefore not only employable, but sought after by employers. Which is good, because this big cat has a habit of disappearing when it falls in love, maybe for days, and, when young, needs a sympathetic and patient boss.

Older tigers settle down into domestic life and in middle age you only see the occasional flash of their claws and those to-die-for eyes, just enough to let you know that the tank in this tiger is still fully fuelled. The girls have a strong maternal drive and once they have offspring, their lives may revolve around the children's needs. It makes them exceedingly happy and contented. The men are not quite so domesticated, but fatherhood means a great deal and they will sit up all night nursing a sick child with just the same energy as the mother.

If there is difficulty in conception, March 12 women are easily tempted to misery, as can be the male. But their balanced brains and thinking help them get a hold on the situation, investigating medical help and adoption. One or the other will succeed if these creatures set their minds to it. Adopted children will have a lovely life with a parent who loves them as much as any natural child. And March 12 will find, if the adoption route is taken, that theirs was wholly the right choice.

In Love

An enigmatic charmer, you have two distinct sides to your personality. On one hand, you’re less emotional and more of an intellectual than other Pisces natives. On the other, you project an alluring ethereal quality that potential lovers often misinterpret as submissiveness. Meanwhile, you’re stuck somewhere between your rational approach to love and sexuality and your deep emotional needs and feelings of vulnerability. You can be tender and openhearted one moment, cool and reserved the next. The division between your thoughts and feelings can make you appear duplicitous and cause you to dance around issues of love and commitment.

In Bed

You’re a considerate and extraordinarily skilled lover. Distaste for tedium and routine, and curiosity about what others are doing, help make you a well-informed sexual partner. You won’t hesitate to research various sexual techniques and positions and then make the most of what you’ve learned.

You enjoy passionate, witty conversations in the bedroom and elsewhere. An adventurous lover, you dislike having your sexual activities confined to a specific place and time. Actually, you’ll make love just about anywhere, especially outdoors, near water.


When planning conception, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking and take additional vitamin and mineral supplements especially folk acid. This nutrient has been shown to reduce the risk of spina bifida in babies. A well-balanced vitamin and mineral supplement is also good, during pregnancy, although pregnant women should limit their intake of vitamin A (retinol) and avoid eating liver products such as pate. During the last months many vital vitamin and mineral reserves are used up and new mothers do well to take B complex vitamins and zinc. Both have been shown to help combat post-natal depression or common baby blues.


Intent on sharing pleasure, you like it best when your partner verbally communicates his or her fantasies and desires. Sex talk turns you on. The more detailed the banter, the better you like it. Your head is your most sexually responsive organ and the key to inflaming your passions.


Pisces is the sign of the fish, a lucky creature. In the east, seeing a fish is a fortunate omen, foretelling wealth and fertility. A large fish swimming by itself promises a life of happiness and prosperity.

Reality Check

Some people may regard you as an easy target for a clever sales pitch. Yet in spite of your sweet nature, you’re the one who usually talks circles around others. You possess the unique ability to feel with your mind as well as your heart. Sometimes, however, you translate your feelings directly into words without pausing to think about or consider what you’re saying.

March 12 Date Share

Liza Minnelli, singer, film star, dancer, daughter of Judy Garland. Jack Kerouac, beat poet, writer, On The Road. James Taylor, folk rock singer. Paul Kantner, singer, songwriter, Jefferson Airplane. Giovanni Agnelli, Italian industrialist, Fiat chairman. Vaslav Nijinsky, Russian dancer, suffered from schizophrenia.

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