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March 11th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 11, 2024

True quiet means keeping still when the time comes to keep still, and going forward when the time dictates to go forward. Rest and movement are now in agreement with time's demands. Thus there is light in life.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 2, 5

March 11th Birthday Love Astrology

March 11 is a good leader, pulls a team along behind her with such enthusiasm that work seems more like a privilege. They have something infectious about them. People will work for this person for little money, putting in long hours and sometimes clearing up after March 11 who leaves a trails of paperwork and half-finished ideas behind him. They work for the praise and instant comprehension of their work this creature always shows. And ignore the flashes of contempt and terrifying temper, usually displayed for an excellent reason.

They're also anti-ageist. Captains of industry born on this day delight in using older people, relying on their experience and understanding the wealth of talent which contemporary prejudice ignores. Also find about them the very young and inexperienced, given their first chance to shine brilliantly with support from a boss who may have silently redone their work to help out and to show the correct way.

Great bosses, good colleagues and firm friends, they are not so comfortable with everlasting love, nor will close work relationships necessarily translate to out of office hours, or last after March 11 has gone to pastures new. Some colleagues feel let down by this and never forgive what they see as a slight. But there's a tough side to this water creature. He doesn't really care. You'll rarely find either sex turning up to a reunion. They live for the present, are immediately bored with the immediate past, except for their close circle.

This creature easily travels abroad to work, adapting fast They take family if they can, but are content to carry on distant relationships if they must, sometimes proving slightly less than faithful to partners. It makes them a natural for businesses with overseas offices, oil mining and the armed forces. Look for a streak of ruthlessness here. If they want to push an idea through at work, at home or in the local community, they won't brook opposition.

In Love

Even if you still believe in fairy tales, you want real love in your life. When you find it, you dedicate yourself to your partner and do everything in your power to make him or her happy. You’re looking for a lover who is your perfect match. You trust your intuition, and when you meet Mr. or Ms. Right, you know instinctively that you’ve found a soul mate. You have little trouble attracting love and companionship because you possess a knack for boosting egos and lifting spirits.

In Bed

You tend to be secretive about your sex life, and you’re not inclined to share the intimate details with your friends. However, there is nothing prissy or uptight about you. When the lights are turned out, you turn on. In the privacy of the bedroom, you are sensual and uninhibited. You want to experience the heights of passion. Because of your sultry nature, you like your lovemaking hot and sexy, but never crass or vulgar.


For such clever people, March 11 is awful at finding his way to places, a hopeless map reader. Detailed instructions like take the M94, turn off at junction 16 on to the A663, then left round the second roundabout etc irritate, so they don't listen properly. Women turn the map upside down to accord with the direction they're going in, only half-hear roadside instructions, so have to stop frequently. The men won't ask for directions, so get seriously lost. Car rage ensues, inter couple shouting and frostinesss on arrival. In these circumstances a little pre-journey concentration with the great brain is a fruitful thing.


As a lover and partner, you’re both giving and responsive. Romantic expression in all its guises is your favorite form of foreplay. However, you’re too subtle to come right out and say what you want. You expect your lover to be savvy enough to know that you like being wooed and courted before you are bedded.


True quiet means keeping still when the time comes to keep still, and going forward when the time dictates to go forward. Rest and movement are now in agreement with time's demands. Thus there is light in life.

Reality Check

The compassion of your Pisces Sun sign makes you receptive to the needs of others. Friends and relatives trust and depend on you. They know you understand their pain and are willing to help them solve problems. Your empathy is rooted in practicality, so your advice is sound. Although you’re not as easily imposed upon as some fish, you are impressionable enough to be taken in by a really good sob story.

March 11 Date Share

Harold Wilson, British prime minister. Douglas Adams, science fiction writer, A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.Rupert Murdoch, Australian newspaper and media magnate. The Times, Sunday Times, News of The World, Sun, Sky television.Dorothy Glsh, stage, silent film actress, sister to Lillian.

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