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People Born on March 14th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMarch 14, 2024

March 14th Birthday Numerology

No. 5:Impulsive and restless by nature, spontaneous and likes to discover the world through the senses.

March 14 VS Pisces, 5, Perceptive empath

People Born on March 14th: Destiny, Future

March 14th Birthday Destiny

The trouble with being able to see the merit in multiple arguments and both sides of a dispute is that it can make you appear indecisive. You’re not. You will definitely know if you want beans or peas, but you are not afraid to accept life is not made up of certainties and that often it will be difficult to determine the best course of action to take when the word ‘best’ itself is so open to subjective interpretation. You will not tolerate bigotry or unfairness, so you clearly have strong principles; you just struggle to decide on the single best course of action when there are so many to choose from. This can translate to your love life where you may struggle to commit to just one person. And you won’t thrive in a big corporation where the rules may be rigid, with everyone expected to be and act exactly the same. An artistic calling and working with smaller teams will be more conducive for you and if you do get around to parenting, you’ll excel because what some see as indecisive, others, especially your children, will experience as encouraging and non-judgemental.

March 14th Birthday Future

People born on this day are creative visionaries and are frequently out of step with the status quo. A dreamer and paradigm buster, you're a font of innovative ideas and imaginative plans for the future. Your particular brand of intuitive logic stems from the combination of your scientific mentality and artistic temperament. Although your mind is open to all possi-bilities, you never n1ake assumptions without verification. Before you arrive at a judgment, you question everything. Then you carefully scrutinize your own conclusions.

Those with March 14th birthdays have an other-worldly quality that makes them appear removed from the people around them. With your quirky sense of humor and somewhat skewed image of the world, you accept the odd, bizarre, and outrageous as normal. At heart you're a humanitarian and deeply concerned about society and its problems. You have a knack for getting along with all types of people and quickly make friends out of strangers. You believe in truth and beauty, and your ingrained idealism and sincerity are obvious to everyone your meet. Despite your tolerance for dissenting ideas, you come across as rather preachy when expressing your personal views.

In a close relationship, you're devoted and understanding. It's easy for you to tune in to your mate to find out what he or she is thinking and feeling. However, when you're seized by the creative impulse, you can just as easily tune your partner out.

March 14th Birthday Tarot

Two of Pentacles:There you are, just as we said, weighing up all the options (in this case, pentacles) and taking so long to consider all the pros and cons of a decision that you may appear completely incapable of making one in this lifetime. You’re not – and you will, but you won’t be rushed or put in a position where you have to second guess yourself. The card shows a young man juggling two pentacles, one in each loop of the infinity sign. Is he (are you) destined to do this forever? Who knows …?

March 14th Famous birthdays

Albert Einstein(German theoretical physicist); Quincy Jones(American music producer); Michael Caine(British actor); Born Today:

Frank Borman (astronaut); Les Brown (bandleader); Michael Caine (actor);Billy Crystal (comedian/actor/director); Paul Ehrlich (immunologist); Albert Einstein (physicist); Quincy Jones (arranger/composer/producer); Hank Ketcham (cartoonist); Robert Rimmer (writer); Johann Strauss, Sr. (composer/conductor)

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