March 14th Dazzling Inventiveness Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 14, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is making a decision

☆The way forward is to weigh up the pros and cons and follow your instincts. Making a decision keeps you moving forward because you can learn from your experience.

The Birthday Of Dazzling Inventiveness, The Day Of Relativity

March 14th Dazzling Inventiveness Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 14th Birthdays

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Mercury, the communicator

Tarot card: Temperance (moderation)

Favorable numbers: 5, 8

Lucky days: Thursday and Wednesday, especially when this day falls on 5 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, green, lilac

Birthstone: Aquamarine

The potential for success for people born on March 14 lies in their intelligence, versatility and open-mindedness. They have the mental dexterity to jump from one idea to another without losing track of the bigger picture.

The universal attitude that people born on this day possess encourages a humanitarian outlook. Abhorring intolerance and bigotry, they are extremely sensitive to the feelings of others; this makes them extremely popular at home and at work. They have the ability to take what is familiar and transform it into something new by presenting it in an unexpected way.

Although there is a dash of brilliance about them, these people can have problems making decisions. This is not the result of a lack of direction; quite the opposite, as these people often have a very clear vision. Because they have such a universal outlook—visualizing countless future scenarios—they can sometimes find it hard to decide on a single course of action that takes into account all viewpoints.

The only danger with this approach is that it can lead to information overload, so they should find a stance they can champion or a direction they remain faithful to, even if it means disagreeing with other viewpoints. If they can’t do that, the risks they run are confusion and lack of direction. Until the age of thirty-six the emphasis tends to be on swift changes of mind and direction. Fortunately, after the age of thirty-seven these people are able to make a stand; by the age of forty most of them find their focus and really come into their own.

As well as indecisiveness, people born on March 14 also need to overcome their tendency to be self-effacing. To fulfill their potential they need to trust what they feel, allowing their minds to take them to unfrequented places. Once they have learned to be bold, making decisions if life demands it, the uncommon intellectual gifts and daring inventiveness they are blessed with ensure that there will be no end to the wonders they can create.

☆ On the dark side:Indecisive, preoccupied, passive

☆ At your best:Inventive, curious, affectionate

Those born on March 14 tend to understand themselves in relation to others. Their position in a family or social group is tremendously important to them, since it defines their role and gives structure to their daily activities. The theme of relativity, however, goes much further in their lives. Ideologically, they tend to be open to many approaches and thus find it difficult to be sympathetic to absolute points of view. For March 14 people, changing their mind is a specialty, and even those born on this day who have adhered to a fixed set of principles for a lifetime will be open to examining and modifying them if the right set of circumstances arises.

More highly evolved March 14 people are able to consider many different planes of existence simultaneously, whether emotional, physical or spiritual. They are also interested in the relationship between the personal world (concerns of here and now) and the universal world (unchanging, eternal principles). Most March 14 people do believe in some absolute principles, whether they be of God, science or humankind, but they can struggle a whole lifetime trying to define where they themselves stand. They recognize that even the simplest fact can be viewed from many sides (everything depends on how you look at it), and thus can experience great frustration trying to reconcile their varying points of view.

Because they like to remain independent, and are usually not the first to rush to join a cause or ally themselves with a group, March 14 people must be careful that others don't take them for aloof or superior tvpes. Though they have a fine sense of humor and are not afraid to express their opinions forcefully, they are somewhat wary where offering deeper friendship is concerned.

In their personal lives March 14 people tend to be open, accepting and tolerant, since they know that anyone may be right in a given situation, and that all outlooks should be considered.

They do. however, have a tendency to idolize objects of affection who they are unable or unlikely to attain. Less highly evolved March 14 people often get themselves into trouble by playing favorites with their family, and are in general prone to indulging in relative evaluations where one person suffers by comparison to another.

The most successful of those born on March 14 evolve to the point where they can appreciate the merits of a given person or thing with less need for comparison. They recognize both the sameness and difference of all living things, i.e., a person is a person like all other people on the one hand, but is a unique individual with distinct thoughts and feelings on the other.

Power Thought:Today I will stand up for myself,We are at once the same—and worlds apart

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 14th day of the month are ruled by the number 5(1+4-5), and by the speed) planet Mercury, which confers strongly developed mental abilities. However, for March l-» people. Mercury's influence is shaped by Neptune (mler of Pisces i which makes for a marked sensitivity and appreciation for surrounding stimuli—panicularly colors, smells and sounds It is fortunate for March 14 people that the number 5 bestows a resilient character, which can recover quickly from the hard knocks of life.

March 14th Birthday Tarot Card

The 14th card of the Major Arcana is Temperance. The figure shown is a guardian angel who protects us and keeps us on an even keel. The card cautions against all forms of egotistical excess. Positively seen. Temperance modifies passions in order to allow for new truths to be learned and incorporated into one's life. Because Temperance may indicate negative qualities of passivity and ineffectiveness, March l-i people should work to establish certain absolute principles which they believe in strongly and stick to them.

☆Luck maker:(Step out of your comfort zone)We all like to stay in our comfort zone, where everything is possible and all options are kept open; as comforting as this place is, it is not the place to go for opportunity.

Love Throw caution to the wind

You’re drawn to people born on May 22 to June 21:You share a passion for discussion and intellectual stimulation, and this can create an intense and satisfying bond.

People born on March 14 often work hard to please their partners but they should also recognize their own needs and not shy away from expressing them. Slow and careful before offering their heart, they can come across as over-serious and need to learn sometimes to throw caution to the wind to keep their love life alive.

Health Stand up

People born on this day don’t enjoy routine or the mundane so they need to make sure their diet and exercise plan has plenty of variety. As far as diet is concerned, because they are often excellent cooks and enjoy nothing better than an evening with good food and friends, they tend to eat healthily but they do need to make sure they don’t over-indulge and eat for the sake of eating; this can lead to weight problems. Sitting around talking or working for long periods can also lead to problem with circulation, especially in the legs, so they need to make sure they get plenty of exercise. If their work is sedentary, they should do some stretching or walking every half-hour or so. In fact, regular walking and swimming, and exercise that is moderate rather than vigorous, are highly recommended. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color red will help them be more assertive in their decision making, and yellow will help boost their optimism and self-confidence.

Most March 1-4 people have a natural tendency to nurture and provide. Since they are familyoriented, they will usually be concerned about the health of other family memlx-rs. and not infrequently take a strong interest in medicine and the healing arts. They must txware of worrying too much or nagging others about such matters. They themselves are prone to problems with fluid retention and circulation—particularly in their feet—as they get older March U people can make excellent cooks. They often find the kitchen, therefore, an important creative outlet in their lives and a social focus for most evenings. Since they tend to be relaxed and comfort loving, some March 14 people may find it difficult to summon the discipline necessary to institute a daily or weekly program of exercise. Particularly recommended are milder tornis ot physical activity such as walking and swimming.

Career Born lecturers

These people are excellent with words and can explain clearly and precisely what they think. They may therefore be drawn to careers in education, lecturing, debating and politics. They may also have a gift for science, accountancy, law or writing, and their humanitarian concerns may lead them to careers in social reform or the healing professions. Alternatively, they may express their creativity and inventiveness through music and the arts.

Destiny To discover startling new insights

Their life path is to find a direction or a focus that they can commit to. Once they are able to make a stand, their destiny is to reinvigorate the familiar by discover startling new insights.

Be more demanding of yourself as far as your personal development is concerned Evolve into the best person you can be Beware of withholding love from some people while lavishing it on others. Try to be at ease with certain basic principles.

Celebrities Born On March 14th

Albert Einstein(German theoretical physicist), Quincy Jones(American music producer), Michael Caine(British actor),

Albert Einstein (German-Jewish- American Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist, mathematician, advanced notions of space and time through Relativity Theory), Paul Ehrlich (German Nobel Prize-winning immunologist, founder of modem chemotherapy), Victor Emanuel II (first king of united Italy, Sardinian king), Frank Borman (US astronaut airline executive), Georg Philipp Telemann (German composer, most prolific composer of all time), Qumcy Jones (jazz trumpeter, keyboardist arranger, composer, bandleader, producer, record executive), Diane Nemerov Arbus (photographer, portraitist of strange people), Michael Came (film actor), Sylvia Beach (Paris publisher, owner of Shakespeare & Co. book store, first to publish Joyce's Ulysses), Johann Strauss, Sr. (Austrian composer, conductor), Billy Crystal (comedian, entertainer, film actor), Osa Helen Leighty Johnson (explorer, filmmaker), Max Schulman (comic novelist, The Feather Merchants), Robert Rimmer (writer, That Girl from Boston), Hank Ketchum (cartoonist. Dennis the Menace), Bertrand Blier (French filmmaker. My Best Fnend's Grf), Rita Tushir ; (British film, stage, TV actress). Kirby Pu: (Mmnesota Twins baseball outfielder, led team to two World Senes titles). "Casey" Jones (fabled 19th c. tram engineer), Tessa Sanderson (British Olympic gold medal-winning javelin thrower)

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