March 15th Mountain Climber Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 15, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to stop regarding everyone else as competition

☆The way forward is to understand that another person’s success will not limit your own; success is something that everyone deserves.

The Birthday Of The Mountain Climber, The Day Of The Heights

March 15th Mountain Climber Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 15th Birthdays

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Venus, the lover

Tarot card: The Devil (instinct)

Favorable numbers: 6, 9

Lucky days: Thursday and Friday, especially when this day falls on 6 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, pink, pale blue

Birthstone: Aquamarine

People born on March 15 are adventurous and determined individuals with the potential to become leaders in whatever area they choose to focus on. They have great personal magnetism and others tend to follow where they lead. They might, however, be arrogant and competitive in their race to get ahead, but once they reach the summit they can keep this in check, making intelligent and benevolent leaders. They should be careful not to alienate friends and loved ones, as they depend on the support of those they really care about.

Progress in their chosen line of work tends to be rapid for people born on this day. Although they are adventurous they aren’t reckless, and have the ability to weigh up positives and negatives, form a plan of action and concentrate on achieving their aims. This is a winning combination, especially when allied to their enthusiasm and lovable personality. Before the age of thirty-five they may experiment with various different directions; during this time they are most likely to place greater emphasis on getting ahead than the goal itself. This can impact their personal happiness but fortunately after the age of thirty-six they seek a meaningful direction for their ambition. This is when they really come into their own, although they should watch out for a streak of obstinacy during these years.

Given their desire to scale the heights in their chosen field, people born on this day are often attracted to activities that can, quite literally, take them higher, such as mountain climbing, skiing and flying. Those who are more timid may well find that it is failure in their chosen field that terrifies them more than high places.

Potential leaders of others, these people need to learn not to overwhelm themselves and others with their restless drive to succeed. Once they have learned to ground themselves with the support of others and a goal worthy of their intelligence and courage, they have all the originality and dynamic power they need to reach their place of destiny—the very top.

☆ On the dark side:Driven, competitive, obstinate

☆ At your best:Charismatic, ambitious, enthusiastic

Many born on March 15 are taken up with rising to a high position in their element, be it within a company, social group or profession. In addition, they display natural leadership ability and magnetic qualities which make it likely that others will follow them. Not always content to advance within an existing structure, some March 15 people find it necessary to initiate new endeavors in which they play a central role from the very start.

Therefore, once they have made a commitment, establishing a family or business comes quite naturally to them.

Curiously enough, climbing to the heights can be a literal theme in the lives of March 15 people. Many born on this day are attracted to physical activities involving elevation, whether it be hang gliding, diving, rock climbing or scaling a mountain to enjoy the scenery. Less confident individuals born on this day may show an actual fear of heights, which they can probably overcome through courage and a willingness to understand its psychological basis . In some cases this may be related to an unconscious pact not to surpass a parent (usually of the same sex), an inhibition that can limit their endeavors. Thus individuals born on this day who avoid high places may be less afraid of failure than of success.

Generally speaking, from an early age. March 15 people are concerned with getting ahead and making for the top. If they are able to express this desire in a socially appropriate fashion and move slowly but steadily toward their goal, they will have a better chance of meeting with success. If. however, their actions are precipitous, or are built around envy, insecurity or strident competition, they can experience great resistance from those around them.

The warning lights should be flashing and the alarm bells of caution should be clanging whenever those born on this day feel the stirrings of ambition without having a well-defined goal in mind. This is not to indicate that their enthusiasm is a negative quality by any means— just that for March 15 people in particular, endeavors should be carefully considered. Certain fatal aspects attach to this day which can inexplicably change the course of events in a highly unexpected way. The only way for those born on this day to prepare for such situations is to build their skills, self-confidence, flexibility and acceptance to the point where they are ready for almost anything.

An important decision for March 15 people is whether or not to work with others in a career situation. The choice between self-employment and company employment, for example, can be a crucial one. Furthermore, in their personal lives, March 15 people often face similarly difficult decisions in regard to bonding with a life partner, having children or investing in a financially costly, permanent home base. Not infrequently. March 15 people put off such commitments or even ultimately choose to live on their own. giving up certain personal rewards and opportunities in favor of a freer lifestyle.

Power Thought:Today I will let others share in my success and happiness,The perfect marriage ofpleasure ami pain can be found in the realm of Iove

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 15th day of the month are ruled by the- number 6 I 1+5-6), and by the planet Venus. Those ruled by the number 6 tend to be charismatic and even inspire worship in others The dual influence of Venus and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) grants great charm to March IS people, but can also make them vulnerable to romance and likely to associate with unstable or questionable characters.

March 15th Birthday Tarot Card

The 15th card of the Major Arcana, The Devil, indicates a tear desire dynamic working wheresexual attraction, irrationality and passion are concerned. The Devil holds us slave through our need for security and money; he represents our base nature grasping for security; he controls us through the irreconcilable differences which exist in our male female nature. The positive and negative sides of this card are both found in sexual attraction and the expression of passionate desires. But the card reminds us that although we are bound to our bodies, our spirits are free to soar.

☆Luck maker:(Share your success)Lucky people approach life with a win-win attitude. They are happy to share their success and give credit if need be; as a result other people are more willing to help them get ahead.

Love Variety is the key

You’re drawn to people born on August 24 to September 23:You share a passion for inventiveness and change, and this can create a stimulating and rewarding union.

People born on March 15 need to learn to place just as much importance on their personal as their professional life, as without the love of the people they care about their achievements will seem empty. They may have problems staying faithful, but once they find someone who shares their love of variety and adventure they are loyal, faithful and exciting lovers.

Health That elusive high

People born on this day need to be careful that in their search for variety and adventure they don’t become addicted to sex, drugs, gambling, and alcohol. It is important for them to understand that addictions are ultimately for people who feel unfilled in their personal and professional life; there are more satisfying and healthy ways of finding that elusive high, such as the love of a partner, a walk in beautiful countryside or the satisfaction of a job well done. As far as diet is concerned, people born on this day need to increase their intake of natural foods and decrease their intake of processed foods and saturated fat. Regular exercise on a daily basis is also recommended, as are stretching exercises to encourage them to be flexible in body and mind. If stress or anxiety is a constant part of their life, they might want to try to burn a chamomile-, lavender- or sandalwood-scented candle. These produce a calming effect.

Those born on March IS must take particular care not to get involved in destructive love relationships. They hawe a propensity for sex-and-love addictions, which although tremendously pleasurable can ultimately prove to be claiming, dependence-promoting, and painful. Meeting others with similar problems for discussions, or taking part in various individual and group psychological counseling or therapy can provide insights into such problems. All addictive substances, whether alcohol or drugs, should be viewed with caution. As tar as diet is concerned. March IS people do best when they take an active interest in food through cooking, w here their natural pride and sensuous traits guarantee success Care should be taken with cream, butter and other rich items. Physical exercise of a moderate variety is strongly recommended tor March IS people on a regular daily or weekly basis

Career Born pilots

These people are often attracted to careers that can take them physically higher, such as aviation, mountain guiding or skiing. Other careers that might interest include management, advertising, law, banking, music, or being their own boss, but whatever career they choose, people born on this day tend to rise to the top.

Destiny To blaze a spectacular trail in life

The life path of these people is to make sure that as they rise to the top they do not become competitive, arrogant and insensitive to the needs of those who care about them. Once they are able to ground themselves, their destiny is to use their adventurous spirit to blaze a spectacular trail in life.

Though you may not be satisfied with your position, learn to enjoy yoursell where you are Beware of your power drives; remain unselfish. Kindness and generosity will repay you many times over. Give up unconscious contracts with your parents.

Celebrities Born On March 15th rapper and songwriter), Ruth Bader Ginsburg(American lawyer and judge), Gerda Wegener(Danish illustrator and painter),

Andrew Jackson (US populist president ["Let the people rule"], debater, duelist, joined Revolutionary militia at thirteen, as general led backwoods fighters to defeat British in 1812 battle), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Supreme Court justice), Sly Stone (soul-rock singer, songwriter, Sly and the Family Stone, funk pioneer, sang song "Take Me Higher"), Alan Lavern Bean (US astronaut captain, placed first scientific observatory on the moon), Lawrence Tisch (CBS chairman), Lew Wasserman (MCA chairman), Ry Cooder (slide guitarist, singer, songwriter, versatile master of Amencan musical traditions), Lightnin' Hopkins (blues singer, guitarist songwriter), Philippe De Broca (French film director, King of Hearts, producer), Cecil Taylor (avante-garde jazz pianist, composer), Luigi Longo (founder Italian Communist Party), David Wall (British dancer, director Royal Academy of Dancing). Fu Qifeng (Chinese magician, historian, The Art of Chinese Acrobatics), Charles Nungesser (aviator), Thomas F. Dixon (aviation company e> Michael Love (singer. Beach boys). Terence Trent D'Arby (singer), Judd Hirsch (Broa film, TV actor. Taxi), Louis Berman (endocrinologist isolated parathyroid hormone, writer, Reg.. Personality). Phil Lesh (electric bass guitarist, member Grateful Dead)

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