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March 15th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 15, 2024

In Tarot, card 15 of the Major Arcana indicates The Devil. There's a strong need for security here, which binds this date unusually close to its work. There's also romance, passion, a capacity for vivid expression and a soaring spirit.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 6, 9

March 15th Birthday Love Astrology

I11 met by E-net, proud Titania. Dating on the computer isn't satisfactory and it won't blossom into a normal way of romance in the year 2000. This is because people who surf the Net have exceedingly similar interests so dating each other could be very like dating yourself. And as computer buffs at this level don't go out much, there's little chance of meeting your contact in the flesh.

But March 15 adores the idea. Those who live by the computer cause others to sigh by the computer. Madame 15 may be a brilliant IT hitwoman, but her preoccupation is so great that her conversation is too dense for other less devoted persons to follow. It was probably Ms or Mr 15 who devised the spellchecks on the damned things. Our Microsoft denies the word ‘goll/, suggesting you substitute Goole, insists that borate replace borage and cauliflowers is incorrect, the plural being cauliflower's, also prefers pongee to the word pong, and substitutes Chopping for Chopin. ‘Golly, it's borage said a delighted Chopin, politely failing to admit he preferred cauliflowers which have less pong, ‘ now reads, ‘Goole, it's borate said a delighted Chopping, politely failing to admit he preferred cauliflower's which have less pongee.'

Stick to books Ms and Mr March 15. At least they'll teach you how to speak proper.

That apart, and it's a long way apart, there's a sweet side to both sexes and they do earn enough money to travel widely, where they will learn a lot about the human world and being adventurous, independent creatures, may decide that life at home pongees and they'd be better off in more exotic climes. Being able to spell your own language doesn't matter if you're speaking a foreign one, so that's another advantage. Latterly March 15 grows away from the early computer obsession. Both sexes find flesh and blood friends and lovers and use their expertise as an aid to life and not a prop.

In Love

Those born on this date are sensitive, sentimental, and caring, with some rather unrealistic ideas about love and relationships. Naturally agreeable and considerate, in an intimate union you’re an extraordinarily giving partner.

However, you are so devoted to your other half that you tend to forget that a relationship is a partnership. Moreover, you tend to be naive about people.

You don’t always recognize selfishness and self-interest in others. With your kind heart and idealistic outlook, you could be easy prey for an unscrupulous lover.

In Bed

You’re skilled and versatile in the art of lovemaking and as likely to be aroused by giving pleasure as receiving it. You are selective about a mate or partner, even though you do not like being alone. Love and sex go hand in hand for you. Although you find physical foreplay a wonderful turn-on, the most direct path to your sensual side is through your mind. You want to be with someone who excites you mentally as well as physically and emotionally.


Sweet things cheer March 15 up. Since both sexes can eat pretty well everything, and neither puts on weight, it's OK to indulge. This disgracefully good ice cream dish is excellent at Christmas. And it makes an exotic indulgence for lovers in bed together. Vanilla Ice Cream with Mincemeat: buy the best vanilla ice cream. Take a 400g jar of mincemeat, 50g butter, 60ml Cognac, orange segments. Mix Cognac, butter and mincemeat in a saucepan, bring to boil stirring continuously until bubbling. Place large portions of vanilla ice cream in two chilled bowls and pour over mincemeat mixture. Garnish with oranges.


You’re entitled to get as much out of love as you put into it. So there is no reason why you can’t take the initiative and assume some of the responsibility for your own sexual gratification. You have a wonderful imagination filled with sexual fantasies you’d like to take part in. Speak up and share them with your bedmate.


In Tarot, card 15 of the Major Arcana indicates The Devil. There's a strong need for security here, which binds this date unusually close to its work. There's also romance, passion, a capacity for vivid expression and a soaring spirit.

Reality Check

A born detective, you’re a stealthy watcher and observer of the human condition. You project an ethereal, otherworldly quality that makes you seem fragile and less resilient than you really are. You have tremendous insight into what motivates others, but they can’t quite figure you out. Most have difficulty understanding the complexities of your character. Your mysterious allure captivates them and prevents them from probing deeper into your psyche.

March 15 Date Share

Terence Trent D'Arby, singer. Phil Lesh, electric bass guitarist, The Grateful Dead.Sly Stone, soullrock singer, songwriter, Sly and The FamilyStone. Lightnin' Hopkins, blues singer, guitarist, songwriter. David Wall, dancer, director Royal Academy of Dancing.Michael Love, singer, The Beach Boys.

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