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People Born on March 2nd: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMarch 02, 2024

March 2nd Birthday Numerology

No. 2:Shows resilience and power in gentleness, often provides the role of mediator, and linked to psychic abilities.

March 2 VS Pisces, 2, Quiet introvert

People Born on March 2nd: Destiny, Future

March 2nd Birthday Destiny

A dreamy introvert, it’s likely you’ll be more engaged with your own rich interior world than the brash and noisy exterior one which, when it does intrude, has a habit of bursting your peaceful and protective bubble. It’s not that you don’t care about social issues and the like, you do, but not an angry protest march or chaining yourself to fences to stop the diggers. You’ll want to register your protest, but you’ll do it your own way through writing or music or some other artistic endeavour. You may work behind the scenes in the caring professions or in a supporting role for the political party you support. So, you are present, but not in the spotlight. You are a fiercely loyal lover who wants and needs unconditional love back from your chosen one. Be careful that your utter devotion doesn’t slide into smothering the people you care about because smothered people can’t breathe and won’t stay smothered. Try and cultivate a little more independence in your most intimate relationships.

March 2nd Birthday Future

The individual whose birthday falls on March 2 is warm and sociable, with a compassionate heart and a friendly, easygoing manner. Temperamentally, you're a romantic idealist with a genuine love of beauty, art, and music. Solitude holds no particular appeal for you, and you actively seek the partnership and cooperation of other people. Invariably tactful and polite, you empathize with others and are extremely receptive to their needs. People in trouble turn to you for help and support because they know that you understand their problems and difficulties.

Despite your amiability, you are nobody's fool. Your psychic-like intuition quickly zeros on any attempt to take advantage of your agreeable nature. Then you let the other person know, in no uncertain terms, that you know the score and refuse to be imposed on. In career n1atters, you are ambitious and determined to succeed. Your ideas are forward looking and progressive, and your effervescent personality and willingness to work hard help you bring them to fruition. Your essential nature is refined and creative, and your best means of expression will likely be found in the arts.

In an intimate relationship, you're romantic and sentimental, with very idealistic ideas about love. You dislike confrontation, and you'll bend over backwards to keep the peace. In a worst-case scenario, you might decide to leave rather than fight.

March 2nd Birthday Tarot

The World:It may seem, on the surface, to be a contradiction that someone so wary of the real world should have this important card but, as you already know, there are many worlds, many dimensions and, in your case, your creativity stems entirely from the richness of your internal world, not whatever is going on outside your front door. This is one world you can control, so take joy in knowing you carry this glorious world with you throughout your life, wherever you go.

March 2nd Famous birthdays

Dr Seuss(American children’s author); Daniel Craig(British actor); Mikhail Gorbachev(Russian politician and Soviet leader); Born Today:

Desi Arnez (bandleader/actor/producer); Karen Carpenter (singer);Theodore Seuss Geisel, "Dr. Seuss" (writer/artist); Jennifer Jones (actress); Jon Bon Jovi (rock star); Laraine Newman (comedian); Lou Reed (singer); Martin Ritt (director); Max Lincoln Schuster (publisher/editor); Kurt Weill (composer); Tom Wolfe (writer)

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