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People Born on January 18th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onJanuary 18, 2024

January 18th Birthday Numerology

No. 9:An old soul that looks to spiritual awareness to solve life’s problems and likes to help others to do so in the same way.

January18 VS Capricorn, 9, Psychic empath

People Born on January 18th: Destiny, Future

January 18th Birthday Destiny

You may not think of yourself as psychic, but you know that hunch you had about which horse would win the Derby and which Christmas cracker had the tiny scissors inside? You are so intuitive (and almost always right) that you may as well accept you have psychic gifts and carry on using them for the greater good, as well as your own protection. You instinctively know what others are feeling, which makes you popular at work and among friends; people really do like and respect you. And trust those hunches we mentioned because they will help you land the right job, find the right soulmate and, if you are planning a family, know when the time is exactly right to start one. You can sometimes struggle to show your deeper feelings, but this will get easier once you fully commit to someone.

January 18th Birthday Future

January 18th people know what they want and refuse to be sidetracked by extraneous circumstances. Once you've set your course, nothing stops you from reaching your goal. You have a good head for business and an instinct for making and handling money. However, you need to be emotionally involved in whatever you are doing, or you will lose interest and your energy will stagnate. If you find a career that is significantly challenging, you immerse yourself in it and can easily become a workaholic.

People born under a number nine vibration rarely allow materialism to distract them from their higher purposes. This means you're a fierce fighter for just causes. Since taking charge comes naturally to you, you feel a responsibility to help those who are less assertive or unable to help themselves. You possess a judicial temperament, and your intuitive understanding of what others are feeling borders on the psychic. Despite a tendency to take life seriously, you have a slightly wacky sense of humor and a magnetic personality that attracts attention and admiration.

In intimate relationships you're a sensuous and passionate lover, but you have an intensely private side to your nature that makes it difficult for you to share your deepest feelings. Sometimes you see1n cool and uninvolved, yet on other occasions you are warm and caring. Nevertheless, once you decide to commit to someone, you make a loyal, generous, and devoted partner.

January 18th Birthday Tarot

Six of Pentacles:Pentacles signify money and wealth, and this card depicts a wise man sharing alms, which reflects your deep-seated empathy for the plight of others. If you can help, in whatever way, you will.

January 18th Famous birthdays

Leo Varadkar(Irish politician); Estelle(British singer and rapper); Kevin Costner(American actor and director); Born Today:

John Boorman (director); Kevin Costner (actor/director); Cary Grant(actor); Oliver Hardy (comic actor); Danny Kaye (comic actor); Mark Messier (hockey player); A. A. Milne (writer); Peter Mark Roget (physician/lexicographer/creator of Roget's Thesaurus); Daniel Webster (politician/statesman); Robert Anton Wilson (writer)

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