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January 18th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 18, 2024

Youthful marriages for January 18 are often a mistake. Successful love comes with maturity. Best long-term, harmonious partners are likely to be born between April 21 and May 21, or August 21 and September 21.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 9, 1

January 18th Birthday Love Astrology

Psychic tendencies are not so common in Capricorn people. Theirs is usually a logical, tough mind, unreceptive to this otherwordly talent. January 18 is the exception. They get psychic flashes from early childhood. Coincidences are continuous. They sense what a friend or even stranger is going to do next. Most of us experience thinking of a person only to find that they are on the telephone. For January 18, this experience is so frequent they are almost never surprised.

It's a delicate talent to nurture. Some may find it frightening if they are prey to foreboding, but most of January 18's ‘flashes' are positive. Many racing enthusiasts born on this day, whether it be horses, dogs or cars, find their ‘hunch’ bets keep them in pin money at least and sometimes phenomenal cash windfalls. Naturally friends watch them closely.

Some of the psychic supernova's capacity is born of a psycheological capacity for observation of surroundings and people. They read the signs. Of course, nobody knows for sure exactly where some of the ‘messages' may lead. Always open to interpretation, they nevertheless give January 18 a head start.

In any kind of work they can almost smell a bad deal and a bad person. Colleagues and bosses watch January 18 closely and always take note. That they do well in the police force or investigative work goes without saying. But you can find them flourishing in any industry which requires that you're spot on about what's happening.

In private January 18 uses her capacity to listen to her heart, so she's lucky in love, avoids danger and silly harmful people and usually knows when she's going to get pregnant before there's been anything physical. They know if they are pregnant the moment they've made love. They pick up immediately if they have met the love of their life. They know if a place is lucky for them. And they can ‘see' the dangers that lie ahead for any of their offspring.

In Love

Your inherent caution in romantic affairs can make you seem cool and controlled, when in reality you are sensitive and warmhearted. You’re attracted to potential partners who are as hardworking and successful as you. Fearful of rejection in a love relationship, you are likely to keep your true feelings to yourself until you’re sure your sentiments are reciprocated. You are tenderhearted and something of a romantic, yet you take love seriously. In a committed union you are completely devoted to your lover. If necessary, you will sacrifice your own interests in favor of those of your beloved.

In Bed

Surrounded by an air of mystery, you fascinate your bedmate with your alluring, seductive manner. Inherently idealistic and romantic, you are ultrasensitive to the moods and desires of others. Although nobody would call you kinky, you are relatively flexible and open-minded when compared to other goats. A considerate lover, you’re prepared to do pretty much whatever it takes to keep your romantic partner happy.


Everybody wants January 18 to read their fortune, spot a ghost and generally show off their psychic talent, but this responsible creature takes his gift seriously. Both sexes are, however, extremely aware of their own aura and the colour of those surrounding other people. If they see unhappiness or ill health in others they try to help. Psychics describe the aura as rainbow coloured, ovoid shaped and radiating two or more feet around the body. Muddy colours indicate negativity. Many January 18s have healing hands and can bring better balance to others with a gentle touch. Juniper oil rubbed on the forearms is also a psychic cleanser.


For you, just being in love is the ultimate turn-on. Moreover, you tend to put your whole heart and soul into making love. Your imagination is your major erotic zone, and all it takes is a touch of romantic fantasy to get it going. In intimate situations you try to live out your dreams, and the intru-sion of too much reality can be a definite downer.


Youthful marriages for January 18 are often a mistake. Successful love comes with maturity. Best long-term, harmonious partners are likely to be born between April 21 and May 21, or August 21 and September 21.

Reality Check

In those celebrating birthdays on this day, Capricorn’s high-powered personality is softened considerably by compassion and emotional sensitivity. You actually have two distinct sides to your character. Your confident exterior masks a gentler nature that’s subject to a plethora of doubts and insecurities. On the outside you seem as practical and materialistic as your Sun sign counterparts, but within yourself you are deeply spiritual with the soul of a poet.

January 18 Date Share

Cary Grant film star, idol. Kevin Costner, film star, sex bomb. David Bellamy, botanist, writer, broadcaster. Danny Kaye, film star, actor, singer. Oliver Hardy, half of Laurel and Hardy duo. John Boorman, film director, Deliverance. Tommy Sopwith, aeroplane designer, Sopwith Camel. A A Milne, children's writer, creator of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Owl and Eeyore and father of real-life Christopher Robin. Baron de Montesquieu, French political philosopher, statesman.

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