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January 17th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 17, 2024

January 17 should take note of the following unlucky dates around the time of their birthday. (These are only signposts. Nothing wiU necessarily happen, especially if you take care.) They are January 2, 7, 10, 15, 17 and 21, all times when money problems may emerge.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 8, 9

January 17th Birthday Love Astrology

They are interested in food and drink. They like to cook for others and entertain, because January 17 is a people pleaser. They adore partying, can stay up all night and will travel miles for a good time. This individual is exceptionally slender in youth and can eat anything. But by their early thirties the lavish lifestyle is beginning to show. The waist is no longer 23 inches (28 for men) and there are little rolls of plumpness where there was once taught flesh.

This eventually rotund person will have a life-long battle with weight and is always scanning the shelves in Boots for another slimming drink or biscuit. The women suffer more than the men because that's the way of the world. Hear them say they only have to look at slice of chocolate cake and the inches pile on. Their credo is ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips', but apart from this sometimes too intense preoccupation, and days of lettuce leaves and water, January 17 usually reverts to delumptious ways and wolfs a packet of chocolate biscuits.

Mother January 17 is vulnerable to the guzzling-left-overs syndrome. Instead of binning the sausages and chips left by her children, she gollops the lot so as not to let the food go to waste (but to waist).

Nevertheless, they are good companions both at work and in private, although some have too great a tendency to control their environment and fear change more than they need. In such cases anxiety results when change does occur and 17 should remember that most things come right in the end, especially if they relax a little.

This individual is likely to have several other talents, which should not be left to lie dormant. Many have fine singing voices. Others are exceptional sportsmen and women, both of which talents bring harmony and balance to young and old. And often provide an excellent and jolly source of social life.

In Love

A powerhouse in your professional life, your climb to the top is fueled by ambition and a taste for power. However, where love and romance are concerned, you are plagued by insecurities and the fear of rejection. You can be a very generous, caring, protective, and loyal mate or partner. But you’re also jealous, demanding, and controlling, and not always easy to get along with.

Your fragile ego requires constant reassurances from your lover in the form of admiration and appreciation. Extremely idealistic regarding intimate relationships, you have high personal standards and you expect your significant other to live up to them.

In Bed

Passionate and sensual, the goat’s sexual needs and prowess are the stuff of legends. You dislike emotional games and you don’t respond well to coyness or teasing. You’re as serious and direct about satisfying your physical desires as you are about closing important business deals. Your sense of duty is so strong that you invariably put work before pleasure. However, when you make love, you do so with total concentration.


There's a variety of activities such as body brushing, mud packs, massage and manicuring your nails, keeping thoughts away from food and hands occupied, which might otherwise be rooting in the fridge for a fattening snack. Manicuring nails makes both sexes feel good, especially afterwards, because dirty ragged nails and hands are an absolute turn off to some. File nails with an emery board to a smooth round shape. Stick hands in bowl of warm soapy water for three minutes. Pat dry with towel Push back cuticles with orange stick. Massage in rich cuticle cream. Leave on for a few minutes, then wipe off excess cream. Buff nails to a soft sheen.


Once the workday is over, you can turn your attention to lovemaking. A clever sexual partner will take the phone off the hook to prevent callers from reaching you with their problems. Nothing turns you on like the discreet isolation of a secluded love nest, where difficulties of work and family are never permitted to intrude and disturb you.


January 17 should take note of the following unlucky dates around the time of their birthday. (These are only signposts. Nothing wiU necessarily happen, especially if you take care.) They are January 2, 7, 10, 15, 17 and 21, all times when money problems may emerge.

Reality Check

People with this birthday are among the most successful in the zodiac.

However, you need to work very hard in order to make it big. As a result, you may develop a tough outer shell to guard against sentimental distractions. However, once your goals are attained, you could discover that cutting yourself off emotionally leads to deep-seated feelings of loneliness.

January 17 Date Share

James Earl Jones, film star, stage actor. Muhammad AH, world heavyweight boxing champion, Olympic gold medallist. Joe Frailer, world heavyweight boxing champion, Olympic gold medallist Moira Shearer, film star, ballet dancer. Vidal Sassoon, revolutionary hairdresser, celebrity. David LLoyd George, British prime minister. AI Capone, Chicago crime boss. Konstantin Stanislavski, Russian born stage director, founder of “method” acting.

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