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People Born on March 22nd: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMarch 22, 2024

March 22nd Birthday Numerology

No. 4:Invested in the physical world, centred earth energy that is practical in application.

March 22 VS Aries, 4, Daredevil adventurer

People Born on March 22nd: Destiny, Future

March 22nd Birthday Destiny

And when we say ‘daredevil’, that will be both in and out of the bedroom. Sexually adventurous and attractive to both sexes, where you lead, others will follow, not knowing that you’re only going to be in charge for as long as it feels like fun and that you’ll be gone before anyone can even say ‘the grass was greener’. You are a thrill seeker, so whether that means you end up working in the armed forces or jumping out of a plane for charity, you are always looking for the next adrenaline boost. Your boredom threshold is so low that you may work your way through multiple romantic partners and marriages and probably won’t see anything wrong in dating (and stringing along) several people at the same time. The term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) was probably invented for you, if not by you, but watch out all the bed-hopping and thrill seeking doesn’t leave you finding yourself alone in old age pretending you much prefer your own company to anyone else’s, because that’s not true; you don’t and are not a natural loner.

March 22nd Birthday Future

Determination is the touchstone of those born on this date. Aries' habit of throwing caution to the winds is greatly moderated by the root number four's fondness for meticulous planning. As a result, you're considerably more controlled than other rams. You possess a strong inner drive toward success that is unequaled among your Sun sign counterparts. Adventurous, independent, and virtually fearless, you view life as a series of challenges to be overcome. Motivated by a combination of idealism and practicality, you know exactly what you want to accomplish. Moreover, you believe that you're up to the task.

People with birthdays on March 22 are born pioneers. This quality make you partial to innovative projects that venture into previously unexplored territory. Although your leadership abilities are marked, excessive enthusiasm can make you seem dictatorial. Since you refuse to mince words, some people may find your honest, outspoken manner hard to take. Basically sensible and opportunistic, you dislike squandering time and energy on unproductive enterprises. Your restless nature continually urges you forward, and lack of activity usually makes you feel frustrated.

In an intimate relationship, you're ardent and romantic, yet quite capable of directing and managing your passion. With the right person, you can be truly loyal and devoted. However, you're something of a workaholic, and even true love may be forced to take a

March 22nd Birthday Tarot

Three of Swords:Ouch! A heart-breaking card, with three swords plunging straight through the centre of a bright red heart, this tells you everything you need to know at one glance but the big question here is, whose heart is this? Is this showing you the damage you cause when you love ’em and leave ’em because your boredom threshold has been reached or is this the card warning that if you carry on acting in such a cavalier way, one day the tables will turn, and it will be your heart that’s bleeding after a bruising. Food for thought, whichever way …

March 22nd Famous birthdays

Reese Witherspoon(American actress); Andrew Lloyd Webber(British composer and impresario); Stephen Sondheim(American composer and lyricist); Born Today:

Bob Costas (TV and radio sportscaster); Keira Knightley (actress); Matthew Modine (actor); Robert Andrew Millikan (physicist); Pat Robertson (preacher/politician); Steven Sondheim (composer/lyricist); William Shatner (actor); Elvis Stojko (skater); Andrew Lloyd Webber (composer/impresario); Reese Witherspoon (actress)

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