March 22nd Frankness Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 22, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to show tact

☆The way forward is to understand that sometimes directness comes across as self-importance. Being tactful is presenting the truth in a way that considers the feelings of others.

The Birthday Of Frankness, The Day Of Direct Current

March 22nd Frankness Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 22nd Birthdays

Sun signs: Aries/Pisces

Ruling planets: Mars, the warrior/Neptune, the speculator

Symbols: The Ram/Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Uranus, the visionary

Tarot card: The Fool (freedom)

Favorable numbers: 4, 7

Lucky days: Tuesday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 4 and 7 of the month

Lucky colors: Red, silver, purple

Birthstone: Diamond

People born on March 22 tend to be frank, confident individuals without a hidden agenda. They really are an open book, soon gaining the respect, protection and support of almost everyone they meet. Their honorable nature and reliability may even earn them a well-deserved following or, at the very least, a small group of ardent admirers.

Although they possess a powerful desire to achieve their goals, it is never at the expense of their personal values. They are the sort of people who always speak their minds because they value truth above all else. Although this can sometimes offend and wound others, more often than not others find themselves assimilating what these people say. The power and influence they have over others is an awesome responsibility for them and, if they can learn to channel it sensitively, they really can help others search for the truth or see the facts of a situation.

People born on this day may be uncompromising, and occasionally overbearing and proud, but they are not stubborn or inflexible when it comes to learning something new. They are often full of a curiosity that can draw them toward diverse experiences, and nothing fascinates them more than new technology and scientific discoveries. Their wondering mind may also be responsible for the many changes of direction in their lives, especially in their twenties. After the age of twenty-nine, however, there may be less emphasis on change and new ventures and more on stability and security, and this is when they really come into their own.

These people can get carried away by heroic images of themselves and by their enthusiasm for their current project or ideal; but generally, when they find a goal that is worthy of them, their refusal to be diverted from their chosen course of action gives them enormous potential for success. And when that success is achieved—which it inevitably is—there will be few who begrudge them it or feel that these honest, reliable and honorable individuals do not deserve every second of it.

☆ On the dark side:Overbearing, unaware, proud

☆ At your best:Reliable, confident, curious

March 22 people have a sense of infallibility and refuse to be denied. They feel no need to shout their message from the rooftops—on the contrary, they are often quietly self-assured individuals who loathe self-aggrandizement. If they so choose, those born on this day can be very successful in business or finance, carefully making their way through the competitive corporate jungle. They are not easily sidetracked or led astray, and thus continue inexorably on their path to success. Of course, some March 22 people focus on goals that are much more modest—making a happy family life, enjoying leisure time or developing a hobby—but reach that goal they must.

One of the most difficult qualities for others to deal with in March 22 people is that they will not submit to an analysis of their character nor admit to subconscious motives. Quite simply, those born on this day are among the few types who are exacdy what they appear to be (no more, no less) and woe to anyone who attempts to look behind the frank exterior they present to the world! Not surprisingly, they are also allergic to all forms of pretense, sham or underhandedness they perceive in others. Unfortunately, they run the risk of mistaking diplomacy for duplicity, so averse are they to indirectness.

Many March 22 people carry a heroic picture of themselves in their minds, an idealized image that they try to emulate. What they aspire to may not be a terribly dramatic kind of heroism but rather a quiet and protective valor that earns the respect and even worship of their family, friends and associates. Indeed, those born on this day often earn a reputation for being ultra-dependable.

Once March 22 people have discovered their true calling (generally found by the time they are in their middle twenties), they will usually continue on course for the rest of their lives. Other activities may grow out of this role, particularly in later years, but the fundamental connection will always exist. Rarely will those born on this day make sudden or abrupt shifts away from their chosen path.

March 22 people will find career fulfillment if they are able to look at their products or services critically; if they are unable to do so, they will be repeatedly baffled and frustrated, confused by their inability to achieve success. In addition they must keep their enthusiasm in check, not only because they may get too carried away and overreach the mark, but also because others may be put off by their manner. In addition, March 22 people should be sensitive to any tendencies within themselves toward despotism or tyrannical behavior.

Power Thought:Today I will say “I want to” not “I should”,Love involves respect for the time and space ofall living things

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 22th day of the month are ruled by the number 4 (2+2=4), and by the planet Uranus. People ruled by the number 4 have a unique way of doing and seeing things. Because they often take the minority point of view and are so self-assured, they may arouse antagonism and make enemies, often secret ones. In addition, Uranus symbolizes eccentric and erratic behavior, and coupled with Mars (ruler of Aries) can signify explosiveness in March 22 people. Those born on the 22nd of the month often evidence an interest in doubles of various kinds: twins, coincidences, symmetry, etc.

March 22nd Birthday Tarot Card

The 22nd card of the Major Arcana is The Fool, who in several versions of the Tarot is shown blithely stepping over the edge of a cliff. Some interpretations picture him as a foolish man who has given up his reason, others a highly spiritualized being free of material considerations. Positive meanings include renouncing resistance and following instincts freely; foolishness, impulsiveness and annihilation are the negative aspects. The highly evolved Fool has followed life's path, experienced its lessons, and become one with his/her own vision.

☆Luck maker:(Don’t interrupt other people)Don’t immediately jump in with your views when someone is talking. Listen to their views and ask them questions. You might hear something really important. Lucky people know how to listen; unlucky people don’t.

Love Surprises

You’re drawn to people born on January 21 to February 19:You share a passion for openness, honesty and romance, and this can create an intense and loving bond.

People born on March 22 find it hard to deal with indirectness in relationships and can get very impatient if others don’t tell them directly what is concerning them. Surprisingly, despite being extremely reliable in their professional and social lives, when it comes to close personal relationships they may be more unpredictable, blowing hot one minute and cold the next. It is important for them to get in touch with their feelings and be as honest in love as they are in life.

Health The middle way

When it comes to diet and exercise, people born on this day can go in two directions. They are either people who like to eat what they want, especially sugary, fatty foods and generally take their health and their weight for granted; or they are people who become obsessive about their diet, exercise routine and weight. It is important for them to find some kind of middle ground regarding health and appearance, and this means eating a healthy, balanced diet, taking regular exercise for thirty or so minutes a day and not letting the scales rule their life. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color green will encourage them to find both inner and outer balance.

The danger with March 22 people is that because of their confident nature and high energy they will take good health for granted. By overlooking the fact that health must be maintained, they may fall prey to their boundless enthusiasm. Plans to control calories, balance vitamin intake or add needed food supplements seem to go out the window with most March 22 people. They want to eat just what they like. Because they despise health or food fads, their families and friends should appeal to them on the grounds of good sense. A moderate amount of exercise (gardening and outdoor sports are recommended) and a reasonable limitation on fats and sweets in the diet may be acceptable to them; better to gradually phase in changes in diet without making a big issue of it.

Career Born lawyers

People born on this day often see life in black and white terms so they may be drawn to careers in law, science, technology, or medical research. Their search for truth and beauty may also draw them to the arts, in particular dance, as well as sculpture, music and art criticism. They also possess natural abilities for leadership and management, and may have a talent for spotting opportunities and setting up their own business.

Destiny To enlighten and inspire others

The life path of these people is to learn not to dismiss the feelings of others in their frank discussion of an issue. Once they have learned the art of compromise, their destiny is to uncover the real nature of a situation and—by example—to encourage others to do the same.

Have patience with those who are not as well-directed as you. Continue to move slowly but surely, working hard but also letting things just happen sometimes. Cultivate diplomacy and allow others in a bit more.

Celebrities Born On March 22nd

Reese Witherspoon(American actress), Andrew Lloyd Webber(British composer and impresario), Stephen Sondheim(American composer and lyricist),

Anthony Van Dyck (Flemish Baroque painter), Marcel Marceau (French mime, perhaps greatest of modern times), Ruth Page (ballet dancer, choreographer), Robert Andrew Millikan (US physicist, Nobel Prize, electricity and light), Agnes Martin (painter), George Benson (jazz guitanst, singer), Leonard "Chico" Marx (comic vaudeville, film actor, Marx Brothers, pianist), William Shatner (TV, film actor, Captain Kirk, Star Trek). Karl Maiden (film, TV actor), Maximillian I (German 1 5 th c. emperor), Wilhelm I (Prussian 19 th c. king, German emperor), Stephen Sondheim (composer, lyricist), Andrew Lloyd . Webber (stage com- poser, impresano), Pat Robertson (preacher, politician), William Travilla (designer), ames Neel (geneticist),Ron Carey (Teamsters Union head, elected on reform platform, "Goodbye to the Mafia"), Ornn Hatch (US senator. Utah), Nicholas Monsarrat (British writer, The Cruel Sea), Matthew Modine (film actor)

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