March 23rd Eternal Student Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 23, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to pay attention to your emotional needs.

☆The way forward is to understand that if you aren’t in touch with your feelings, your self-knowledge and self-esteem will be poor.

The Birthday Of The Eternal Student, The Day Of Curiosity

March 23rd Eternal Student Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 23rd Birthdays

Sun signs: Aries/Pisces

Ruling planets: Mars, the warrior/Neptune, the speculator

Symbols: The Ram/Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Mercury, the communicator

Tarot card: The Hierophant (guidance)

Favorable numbers: 5, 8

Lucky days: Tuesday and Wednesday, especially when these days fall on 5 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Red, light blue

Birthstone: Diamond

People born on March 23 are fascinated by everyone and everything. They are driven by a desire to learn not just how and why things work, but also what makes people tick. To this end they tend to draw toward them as many people as will feed their insatiable curiosity.

When these people learn that a good mind and education are the keys to success, their intelligence and versatility can take them to the top of their chosen field. They have great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of others, yet can sometimes be lacking in empathy. Often too emotionally detached to be fired up by compassion for others, they tend to rely on encyclopedic knowledge, rather than personal experience. Even though they have the ability to make friends easily and are often surrounded by fellow debaters, they do run the risk of becoming observers rather than participators.

Eternal students of human nature, the issues that most interest them—the meaning of life, the hows and whys of human emotion and behavior—are those that they could most benefit from applying to themselves. Their information-gathering approach has both its strengths and its weaknesses; it does not take into account the importance of a person’s inner life and how that can provide meaning and comfort. Their tendency to observe and over-analyze is most pronounced between the ages of twenty-eight and fifty-eight, when it is important that they learn to recognize their own and other people’s emotional and spiritual needs. If they aren’t able to, they may be prone to sudden and, to their frustration, unexplained bouts of insecurity and sadness.

These perceptive, inquisitive and eager-to-learn people are wonderfully entertaining and stimulating to have around and they never fail to surprise and delight others with their insights. Once they have learned to look within as well as outside of themselves for stimulation, they have all the enthusiasm and determination they need not only to make startling observations but also to act upon them with dramatic and often life-enhancing benefits.

☆ On the dark side:Skeptical, uninvolved, insecure

☆ At your best:Progressive, insightful, flexible

People born on March 23 seem to be curious about everything, but their investigations into what they find around them usually come down to the most fundamental events, thoughts, feelings and ideas concerning existence. Questions of life and death, youth and old age, and basic human emotions are of the greatest interest to them. Their approach to life is principally scientific: although they may or may not be scientists themselves, they are constantly digging, probing and testing what they come in contact with.

March 23 people will not accept any concept or idea until it has been tested, and will not advise others if they lack the facts to make a highly educated suggestion. They themselves make determinations about life based simply on what they observe. Consequently, they are difficult to fool, since their decision-making process is informed by the hard bedrock of experience. On the other hand, their perceptions culled from such experience tend to become cherished and reluctantly abandoned. Those born on this day may be rather stubborn insofar as they will not want to give up a theory no matter how much evidence is presented against it. Once something has been proven true for them, they tend to cling to it.

Those born on March 23 are extremely versatile and can make friends with people from the most varied walks of life. They are not afraid of taking risks, but must beware of the lure of gambling for its own sake, whether in the casino or in the still more hazardous world of everyday life. Nonetheless, March 23 people have strong physical impulses which should be expressed, even when occasionally involving danger. Although they usually stick to more traditional areas of exploration, they may also have an attraction for strange circumstances or people which come their way. This is simply a projection of their own highly unusual nature which so often remains unrevealed to the world.

Those born on this day generally manifest an interest in and love for children, even if they themselves are childless. But this is not to imply that March 23 people are particularly childlike, fanciful or playful. Their approach to children is, as with most areas, basic, scientific and effective, rather than subjective or emotional.

Despite all of their numerous areas of investigation, human beings remain the prime concern of March 23 people, particularly where development is concerned. Again, this interest is primarily scientific, rather than being a search for warmth or comfort. Therefore, those born on this day may be taken up with learning about others yet remain largely self-centered in their personal lives. They may also be mistaken for gregarious personalities when they are in fact just curious.

Power Thought:The love in my heart refreshes and restores me,Within the microcosm and the macrocosm there are worlds in their own time and space

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 23th day of the month are ruled by the number 5 (2+3=5), and by the planet Mercury. Those born on March 23 may not only be somewhat nervous or high-strung (mercurial), but also particularly energetic due to the influence of Mars, ruler of Aries. Number 5 people change their areas of interest with bewildering rapidity but are rarely bored, as even the most ordinary of subjects holds a fascination for them; they collect facts and explore things to the last detail. In any month, the 23rd day is one of happenings, but this day at the beginning of the sign of Aries produces people both electrically drawn to excitement and capable of radiating it.

March 23rd Birthday Tarot Card

The 5th card of the Major Arcana is The Hierophant, an interpreter of sacred mysteries who is symbolic of human understanding and of faith. His knowledge is esoteric and he has authority over things unseen. Favorable traits conferred by this card are self-assuredness, absence of doubt and proper interpretation; unfavorable traits are moralizing, bombast and dogmatism.

☆Luck maker:(Get in touch with nature)To lead a balanced life you need sometimes to be able to stop thinking and doing and just be; one of the most effective ways to calm your mind is to get in touch with nature.

Love Listen to your heart

You’re drawn to people born on October 24 to November 22:You share a passion for adventure, variety and communication and this can create a rewarding and intense bond.

Until they develop a true sense of self-worth, people born March 23 are prone to unfaithfulness. They also need to make sure they don’t apply their predilection for impartial analysis to personal relationships, as it will have disastrous consequences. Once they learn to search with their heart as well as their head they can, however, be generous and affectionate lovers.

Health Individually tailored

People born on this day may be prone to headaches and eye strain, especially if they stay up late studying or reading, or work long hours at a computer. They will probably have a fairly good idea of how their body works and the most effective way to take care of it with the correct diet and exercise routine, but they need to learn that each person is an individual and what might work for one person may not work as well for them. They need to make sure they drink plenty of water, leaving no more than three to four hours between meals and snacks to keep their brain adequately nourished. As far as exercise is concerned, the more vigorous the better is recommended, so as to give their minds a break from their relentless questioning. If they feel sad for no apparent reason, a bergamot-scented candle may be able to lift their mood, as would wearing the colors yellow or orange.

Although March 23 people may display little concern for their own health, reading and studies will have at least informed them about what is best for human beings in general. The problem is getting them to apply this knowledge to themselves. They should always be appealed to on objective, rational grounds, for if made to see how a healthy approach to living will improve their ability to work or to study, then they may adopt it. If not, forget it. Because of their relentless, obsessive curiosity about the nature of things and how they work, March 23 people may be prone to mental fatigue. Anything that those born on this day can do to ground themselves (sex, sleep or athletics) is in general a good idea.

Career Born surgeons

These people are clearly well equipped for careers in medicine, science, engineering, computer or video-game design, teaching, and psychotherapy. They may, however, find that their gift for analysis and observation draws them toward the arts, acting in particular. They may also be drawn to careers in writing or publishing, but whatever career they choose, their intellect and ability to be objective will help them succeed.

Destiny To make new discoveries

The life path of people born on this day is to acquire self-knowledge. Once they are able to get in touch with their feelings, their destiny is to study the facts and make new discoveries, observations or hypotheses for others to work with.

Keep calm. Never treat people as specimens, no matter how interesting they are to study.Cultivate your sensuous side. Avoid being didactic and listen to others. Don't be so self-involved.

Celebrities Born On March 23rd

Joan Crawford(American actress), Perez Hilton(American blogger and media personality), Mo Farah(British athlete),

Akira Kurosawa (Japanese master film director, Rashomon, Seven Samurai, Ran), Dane Rudhyar (French-Amencan astrologer, philosopher, music theorist, psychologist, TTie Astrology of Personality), Pierre Simon Laplace (French scientist, Mecanique Celeste), Werner von Braun (German-US rocket scientist), Hermann Staudinger (German Nobel Prize-winning chemist, macromolecule), Roger Bannister (British miler, first to break four-minute barrier, neurologist, Oxford don), Joan Crawford (film actress), William Smith (British geologist, father of British geology), Erich Fromm (psychoanalyst, writer, The Art of Loving), Juan Gris (Spanish cubist painter, sculptor, book illustrator, stage, costume designer), Chaka Khan (singer, songwriter), Moses Malone (basketball center, NBA 6x rebound leader, 4x NBA I st team, 3x MVP), Fanny Farmer ( 1 9 th c. cook), Amanda Plummer (stage, film actress), Maynard Jackson (Atlanta mayor), Hayes Jenkins (4x world champion figure skater, Olympic gold medalist, brother of David, married Carol Heiss), Julia Holmes (ice-skating champ),Milton Senn (pediatric psychiatrist, Yale Child Study Center head), Robert B. Serjeant (British arabist, traveller, writer, South Arabian Hunt), Joseph Capek (Czech modem painter, died Bergen-Belsen)

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