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March 23rd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 23, 2024

Numerologically 23 is ruled by 5 (2+3=5) and the 5th card in Tarot's Major Arcana is The Hierophant. It indicates all that is best in 23. Capacity for profound human understanding, natural authority, rapid and accurate comprehension.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 5, 8

March 23rd Birthday Love Astrology

There's a touch of GS here, Giggling Syndrome as opposed to the sexually famous GSS, G-Spot Syndrome, which is more a search-and-find situation. GS happens mostly when March 23 is in her teens and twenties, when quite often she and her friends end up crying and writhing with laughter at nothing at all. It's just a bit of fun and makes other people laugh, which is great. The problem comes when March 23 absolutely knows it's going to happen in church, in class, at the theatre, especially during ballet or opera, at important family functions, while being interviewed by any authority figure and in particular places which require you to be silent such as libraries, where this person will become snortingly insane with suppressed laughter.

A much more anti-social problem than giggling in the library is a tendency to giggle when something appalling happens to somebody else. This is not because March 23 is heartless, but a very familiar reaction to emotional stress, shock and just a strangeness of situation. There are plenty of ways to handle it, and if you feel you are liable to do this and are in a profession where such a reaction would make your work impossible, then immediately consult a doctor who can point you in the right direction. There are also expert counsellors who can help you understand how to control this troublesome and antisocial reaction.

Apart from this, people born today are remarkable for their infectious charm. They're the kind who walk into a room and light; it up. Attractively lean, with good ankles and hands, there will be many eager partners drawn to March 23 not just because of the charm and the ankles, but the illuminating intelligence. This individual reads a great deal and likes to learn a great deal about subjects that interest him, so his talk is never waffle and companions usually come away from a few hours' companionship quite inspired.

In Love

You are a maverick and nonconformist, but you are not a loner. In spite of your independent spirit, you are very much a people person. Your magnetic personality attracts others and draws them to you. In a romantic relationship, you can be as fiery as any other Aries, yet you possess a cool inner detachment that keeps you from getting truly close. Where love and sexuality are concerned, you are innovative, idealistic, and adventurous. Friendship and intellectual rapport are as important to you as romantic love. You value your freedom and the companionship of shared interests above all else.

In Bed

There is nothing dull or boring about your approach to lovemaking.

Impetuous and ardent, you waste little time coming to the point about what you want. Sex with you is likely to be intense and frequent. Although not a particular fan of protracted foreplay, you’re not afraid to experiment with new or differing sexual techniques. In the bedroom, you are romantic, exciting, and lots of fun. Your preference runs to slightly bawdy, freewheeling romps with few strings attached.


Generally speaking, March 23 people are the velvet fist in the iron glove when it comes to sex. Outwardly so cool, they luxuriate in sensuosity. PEA (phenylethylamine) is the chemical thought to be responsible for the falling in love ‘rush and it's found in both rosewater and chocolate. Natural oil of rose is expensive, but you only need a few drops in an almond carrier oil. For a turn on massage, smooth oil on a partner's back and firmly caress down from the nape of the neck to the buttocks and up again. Accompany this with a slowly eaten Whipped Cream Walnut.


You enjoy a challenge, and you’re as likely to be turned on by the thrill of the chase as by the ultimate conquest. You like sex games and you are up-front about your physical needs. You simply don’t have the patience for a slow, sultry seduction scene. Besides, you prefer rough-and-tumble sex to sweet and sentimental lovemaking.


Numerologically 23 is ruled by 5 (2+3=5) and the 5th card in Tarot's Major Arcana is The Hierophant. It indicates all that is best in 23. Capacity for profound human understanding, natural authority, rapid and accurate comprehension.

Reality Check

You maintain your individuality by following your own course in life.

Although you’re willing to lend a hand to someone else in trouble, you hate having to depend on anyone other than yourself. You’d much rather learn from your own mistakes and deal with your own problems than seek or accept aid and advice from other people.

March 23 Date Share

Died: Peter lone, Hollywood star with the big eyes, Casablanca. Born: Roger Bannister, British runner, first to run the four minute mile, neurologist, Oxford don. Joan Crawford, Hollywood film star. Erich Fromm, psychologist, writer, The Art of Loving. Chaka Khan, singer. Akira Kurosawa, Japanese master film maker. Werner von Braun, German-born US rocket scientist. Juan Gris, Spanish cubist painter.

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