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March 24th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 24, 2024

To travel with friends is companionable only if they are optimistic journeymakers and can fit in and enthuse about the destination. A good holiday is one spent with people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 6, 9

March 24th Birthday Love Astrology

March 24 is a tremendous traveller and is often happier abroad than at home. A foreign way of life suits her temperament better, especially if it's in a hot country, because she feels the cold. And rain soaked dull grey streets, and indeed rain soaked deep green fields, depress her almost physically. If he wishes, he can become a fine linguist, often speaking three or four different languages well - once you've learned another it's always easier to go on to a third. But it's worth remembering that March 24 is not a natural linguist, so the languages are more a tribute to massive effort and single-minded concentration - well known qualities for late March people - than innate talent,

Psycheologically this date is born to the easy going lifestyle of Italy. Find them idling in cafes in Venice or Rome, wearing an elegant hat to keep off the sun, reading a local newspaper and draining a glass of red wine or chilled beer. They've probably acquired a flat near the centre for next to nothing and they are earning their money in tourism, possibly in teaching or medicine, and in further flung countries, engineering, mining or surveying.

Find them also in the Middle East. The Gulf States attract them. Here they also learn the language and make a point of becoming friendly with people and their families native to this area, very much enjoying the courteous mien of Quataris or Bahrainis andj the ‘tomorrow will do' lifestyle. Sometimes they marry, settle down and never come back to England, except for visits. And when they do, they don't like what they find.

Just because they travel so much and are very independent, March 24 tends to cook extremely well. They will throw an exquisite pasta dish together in ten minutes out of apparently next to nothing, follow it with fruit and cheeses, something perfect to drink and provide one of the best evenings their companions have ever enjoyed.

In Love

People born on this date are continually being forced to choose between their longing for independence and a deep-seated need for romantic involvement. Your head tells you one thing, your heart another. Nevertheless, your desire for a harmonious love union is one of the most important themes of your life. Charming and companionable, with a strong sex drive, you rarely lack for suitors or partners. In addition to your conflicting feelings regarding relationships, you’re an idealist and a perfectionist. As a result, you are as likely to fall in love with a romantic ideal as with a real person.

In Bed

Less aggressive and impetuous in bed than other Aries lovers, you thoroughly enjoy the romance of courting and being courted. In fact, you relish the various steps leading up to the sex act almost as much as the thrill of fulfillment. More than anything, you like the feelings of companionship and closeness that sexual intimacy engenders. You prefer making love in a pleasant atmosphere with beautiful surroundings, where you and your lover can merge as a harmonious unit.


Italian cooking the Mother of European Cuisiney keeps the heart and soul happy. Try Fettucine and Seafood Sauce (serves 4). Take 4 scallops, cleaned and cut in half 225g peeled prawns, 225g mussels, boiled and shelled, 2 garlic cloves, crushed, pinch freshly ground chilli, 45 ml chopped parsley, olive oil, ‘A glass white wine, salt and pepper. Cook, drain pasta. In a separate pan, fry garlic, chilli, parsley in olive oil for few minutes. Quickly add prepared seafood, fry on high heat for 3-4 minutes. Add wine, reduce sauce until glaze appears. Season mixture and pour over pasta.


To you, lovemaking is an art and seduction its highest expression. Equally turned on as seducer or seducee, what you respond to is the siren’s slow, sensuous dance of sexual temptation. Sexy attire, smoldering looks, romantic words, sensual food and drink, soft music, scented candles, luxurious bedding, and moonlight all help turn you on.


To travel with friends is companionable only if they are optimistic journeymakers and can fit in and enthuse about the destination. A good holiday is one spent with people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.

Reality Check

You are affectionate, outgoing, and sociable. However, you’re constantly being bombarded by contradictory impulses that succeed in pulling you in opposite directions. Consequently, your actions are often in conflict with your deepest feelings and desires. Your happiness and peace of mind may well depend on your ability to strike and maintain a harmonious balance between intellect and emotion, impulsiveness and hesitation, dependence and independence.

March 24 Date Share

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, San Francisco beat poet, painter, author. Malcolm Muggeridge, writer, journalist. Bob Mackie, costume designer. William Morris, British pre-Raphaelite leader, painter, poet, designer soft furnishings, church decorator, Oxford Movement. Joseph Priestly, British chemist, oxygen discoverer, clergyman, philosopher. Steve McQueen, Hollywood film star, daredevil. Fatty Arbuckle, silent film actor. Wilhelm Reich, revolutionary psychologist inventor of ‘orgone accumulator'.

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