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March 22nd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 22, 2024

Traditional March days of fortune are March 3, 5, 12, 17, 24, 26. Very specifically these are days when people with money worries can expect good fortune. And long standing quarrels will end in reconciliation and joy.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 4, 7

March 22nd Birthday Love Astrology

There's a lot of leadership in people born on this date. Many are attracted, like to be directed by them, but with March 22 it only works if it's fun, because they can be arrogant and impatient. With some, the competitive side to their nature is so developed they become bored with, even resentful of those who refuse either to compete or agree with them.

Sometimes this makes marriage sticky and they may go through two, four even six marriages before he or she realises that breaking up is wantonly hurtful - and expensive - and compromise is the solution. Marriage, or at least a long term partnership, is necessary because isolated March 22 gets extremely set in its ways and dusty bachelordom or spinsterhood ensues, the gloss goes off the flesh, and loneliness settles in disguised as independence and a love of solitude. This can, however, be quite difficult, because sex is such a strong passion here, and these people are so adventurous that they can't help stringing along several partners at once, afraid that if they plump for one person they'll certainly miss out on something.

Many rise to the top of their profession, hiding their arrogance beneath a lovely, diffident-seeming charm. There's never a hint of anything but extreme honourableness, always immense sweetness of character. Find them in teaching and religious life, but also in daredevil pursuits, motor racing, flying aircraft, the armed forces where many end up in the Special Services.

Both sexes have a strong visual eye. They like paintings, architecture and photography, and often make extremely good home movies. Women adore primroses, cowslips, irises and roses and if they can, will heap them into vases. Most of the men are passionate about some sort of racing, horse or motor, as a watcher as well as a doer and you can find quite a few in betting shops or in the hospitality tent at Le Mans.

In Love

As a kid you probably didn’t receive high marks in the category designated

“plays well with others.” Like most rams you rush in, assume the lead, and expect everyone else to follow. You may be more cautious and controlled than the typical Aries native, but you’re every bit as demanding. In a love union, you’re an assertive, caring, generous, responsible, and protective partner. Although strongly sexed and ardent, you’re not one for cuddling and exchanging intimate little secrets. Ambition and a focus on success can cause you to relegate your close relationships to a small corner of your life.

In Bed

Your sunny vitality is most likely to surface in the bedroom, so it’s not surprising that this is the place where you shine. You make a truly exciting lover, combining passion and sensuality with Aries’ legendary physical stamina and just a touch of flamboyance. You crave physical release and really love any sort of challenge. Although your approach to lovemaking is forthright and not particularly romantic, once you get going you will try just about anything in the sex manual.


March 22 goes for the feel-good factor at parties, suffering fairly rigorously from the feel-bad factor the next morning. Around Christmas and other festive occasions, hangovers are a plague. Acids in alcohol strip away the protective layer of the stomach causing indigestion and nausea. Plus your blood sugar level is reduced (hypoglycaemia). Eat a protein-rich breakfast, bacon and eggs, with toast and fruit juice to restore energy levels and blood sugar. If this is something you can't face, magnesium is reckoned to be a good hangover ameliorator, so start the day with milk and bananas.


You enjoy sex, yet you often put it off in favor of work. At times you have to be seduced away from your responsibilities with a not-so-subtle reminder of what you are missing. A clever lover whisks you off to a private hideaway, plies you with drinks, and sparks your libido with a bawdy striptease that promises more amorous delights to come.


Traditional March days of fortune are March 3, 5, 12, 17, 24, 26. Very specifically these are days when people with money worries can expect good fortune. And long standing quarrels will end in reconciliation and joy.

Reality Check

Your assertive character and personality serve as a mask to hide your emotional vulnerability. There is a changeable aspect to your nature that makes you feel moody and apprehensive. Because you take yourself a bit too seriously, your fierce pride is easily wounded and your feelings are often hurt.

March 22 Date Share

Nicholas Monsarrat, British writer, The Cruel Sea. George Benson, jazz guitarist Chico Marx, Marx Brothers pianist. William Shatner, Star Trek's Captain Kirk. Stephen Sondheim, composer, lyricist Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, changed the face of 20th century musical theatre. Marcel Marceau, French mime artist

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