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March 21st Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 21, 2024

Rage comes to fertile ground. Classical music calms and wards it off. Choose single instrument music, piano or violin sonatas, rather than the more stirring big orchestral pieces.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 3, 6

March 21st Birthday Love Astrology

‘You might as well say that I dream when I sleep is the same thing as I sleep when I dream/ said the dormouse conversationally. Would you like some more tea?’

‘I've had none in the first place/ replied March 21 tartly. ‘How about some cake?' asked the Mad Hatter solicitously, albeit timidly, because of course there was none. This tea party was a disaster. March 21 adjusted its long golden hair and wide blue sash and threw several cups and saucers onto the ground, which broke into small pieces. The dormouse scampered away, crying, and the other guests sat very quietly. This individual goes j to 100 per cent rage from a standing start and it's not lack of tea and cake that ruins the party, but temper. You might as well wrongly observe, as the dormouse might say, that being hungry can make you ill-tempered is the same thing as being ill-tempered can make you hungry. But in this persons case it often comes down to the same thing. They'd better get control of themselves or they'll begin to lose control of everything.

No fate is so firmly decreed or temperament so binding that things can't be changed by an act of will, and really and truly this is j one of the easier ones to fix. You just have to admit it, then find a way to stop it. This problem manifests itself slightly more in women than men. It comes from tiredness, overpressure and a deep seated lack of self-confidence which means this person sees criticism or slight, particularly about weight and perceived lack of genuine, reliable friendliness.

Just relax. Wear white, the late March colour for luck and innocence and new beginnings. And if you can't wear white, wear jet jewellery. It's supposed to inspire the wearer with courage, hope, overcomes melancholia and maybe with this ancient and powerful reputation it's got as much chance of keeping you calm as I anything else.

In Love

You make such a delightful companion that it sometimes seems as if you can’t help attracting hoards of friends and admirers. Because you prefer variety and excitement to safety and security, fidelity is generally not your strongest suit. You fall in and out of love quite easily. Moreover, when you are in love, it’s difficult to pin you down and even harder to hold on to you.

You stick with a partner only as long as the relationship is fun and interesting. If it turns dull and boring, your inclination is to leave and move on to someone new.

In Bed

You want everything in life, including sex, to be spontaneous and exciting.

Creativity and the ability to mix words with actions are your specialties. In bed, you know what you want and you’re not afraid to ask for it. Your joyful enthusiasm and powers of persuasion virtually guarantee that your every wish will be gratified. However, your lovemaking is as unselfish as your sweet talk is convincing. You happily comply with all your partner’s needs and desires as well.


March 21 is prone to colds which adds to her general weariness. It's always been known that zinc supplements help, taken daily in conjunction with vitamin C to aid absorption, but up until now it's been a hit and miss affair, especially as it's unhealthy to take more zinc than the pharmacist prescribes. America now comes to the rescue with homeopathic zinc lozenges, soon to arrive here. Cold viruses link in, then attack human cells. Tests show that the lozenges successfully prevent the viruses from sticking to human cells. Apparently it's not an outright cure, but cuts the duration of the cold by half.


Your freewheeling lifestyle shows that you don’t like wasting time in pre-planning and preparation. You want to be swept off your feet. Your idea of a great turn-on consists of witty, fast-paced verbal sparring accompanied by a variety of exciting and innovative sexual moves leading up to ultimate culmination in an erotic mattress mambo.


Rage comes to fertile ground. Classical music calms and wards it off. Choose single instrument music, piano or violin sonatas, rather than the more stirring big orchestral pieces.

Reality Check

Driven by spurts of nervous energy, you move fast, talk fast, and rarely waste a moment of precious time. Because your energy flow is erratic, you need to learn to pace yourself. You’re a lot better at starting projects than finishing them. Easily sidetracked, you’re likely to go off on a tangent whenever something (or someone) more exciting comes along.

March 21 Date Share

Gary Oldman, British film actor. Timothy Daiton, film, stage actor, starred as James Bond. Matthew Broderick, film actor. Robert the Bruce, Scottish king, nationalist icon. Ayrton Senna, Brazilian racing driver, world champion. Johann Sebastian Bach, German composer, organist, Baroque music. Peter Brook, British stage, film director. Modeste Mussorgsky, Russian composer, Boris Godunov. J B J Fourier, French mathemetician. Ingrid Kristiansen, Norwegian runner, world record holder for women's 5000, 10, 000 metres.

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