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March 20th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 20, 2024

He who will feed for seven days on eggs cooked with myrrh, cinnamon and pepper will find an increased vigour in his erections and in his capacity for coition. This is from the famous Perfumed Garden. Can it be true?

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Pluto; Numbers: 2, 5

March 20th Birthday Love Astrology

This creature has sex on the brain and not much else. Whether it's at school, at the theatre, in the local club, at work or in church, what they do is speculate about those around them. In the eyes of their imagination all are naked. It's hard concentrating on most other things because of this.

Both sexes are equally intent. At least the girls remember to ask ‘Is he available and single?' Mostly. Much of the time is spent planning accidentally bumping into the latest quarry. Hours drift past at the coffee machine before the discovery is made that the stalkee doesn't drink it. Attention-seeking stunts are pulled. Sheaves of paper are dropped at feet. Telephone calls are feëâff eavesdropped on. So much time is spent by the girls doing their hair that the ozone layer above their office is shot with aerosol hairspray.

At clubs where everybody is eyeing everybody else anyway, this person pleads with friends to intercede, go over and drop the hint that they are expiring for love. March 19 dances embarrassingly alone in order to attract attention and both sexes wear too much scent. So much effort, however, usually pays off, and surprisingly, once this creature has the desired one in tow, they radiate with happiness. This doesn't stop them assessing everybody else, but people born on this date are usually content to stick where they are thrown.

It's true to say that people with a great deal of sexual energy are usually extremely creative. It all comes from the same source. He or she who makes love a lot, usually makes food a lot and makes plans for fun a lot. March 19, both sexes, are drawn to sexy sporting occasions. Motor racing makes their blood swirl and so does the spectacle of horses racing urged on by skilled, intent riders. Boat racing is full of deft-handed, willing bodies. And any girl might die for a handsome man in cricket whites.

In Love

The paradoxical individual born on the Pisces/Aries cusp is a doer and a dreamer. Your dynamic outer personality masks a sensitive, emotionally complex inner nature. Although the “urge to merge” is one of your primary motivations, you’re faithful to your beloved in your fashion. When you are attracted to someone new, your tendency is to rush right in and stake your claim. You love deeply and passionately, showering your partner with attention and affection. Moreover, you believe that love will last forever. Yet at some point, you may have second thoughts, especially if you meet someone you deem more exciting.

In Bed

Your bedroom style is straightforward and fiery on one hand and intuitive and emotional on the other. The volatility of your strong sex drive and lusty libido is tempered by Pisces’ need to cloak reality in a romantic mist. The doer in you may long to get on with it, but the dreamer wants to take it slowly and savor every delicious moment. What you lack in patience, you make up for in imagination and sensitivity to the needs and desires of your partner.


Love in a bed is plain dull for March 19. They prefer something entirely more original Love on a train rumbling through the night is spectacular, and in Europe, when the train pulls into a platform at three in the morning you can nip out and buy a reviving continental snack from the ever-present trolleys. Love in a river or ice cold pool high in the Scottish mountains is surprising. In a swimming pool a more civilised pleasure, as long as it's empty. Love on a park bandstand is an arresting offence. It's not advisable anywhere in Harrods, especially not in the Food Hall.


Turned on by romance and adventure, you enjoy the danger and excitement of fantasy-inspired sex games. Together with your lover, you attempt an escape from headhunters in a sweltering jungle, flee from the dragon pursuing the treasure you’ve stolen, or try to rappel down a craggy mountaintop in the midst of a raging blizzard.


He who will feed for seven days on eggs cooked with myrrh, cinnamon and pepper will find an increased vigour in his erections and in his capacity for coition. This is from the famous Perfumed Garden. Can it be true?

Reality Check

Those born on this cusp are a curious mix of bravado and sensitivity. Brazen Aries provides your courageous spirit and ability to meet any challenge.

Timid Pisces inspires your generosity and sweet-natured concern for others.

As a result, you can be outwardly brash and gutsy yet rather shy and lacking in self-confidence on the inside.

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