March 20th Insightful Wanderer Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 20, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is putting your needs first

☆The way forward is to understand that only after you know how to give to yourself can you give to others.

The Birthday Of The Insightful Wanderer, The Day Of The Labyrinth

March 20th Insightful Wanderer Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 20th Birthdays

Sun signs: Pisces/Aries

Ruling planets: Neptune, the speculator/Mars, the warrior

Symbols: Two Fishes/The Ram

Birth date ruler: Moon, the intuitive

Tarot card: Judgment (responsibility)

Favorable numbers: 2, 5

Lucky days: Thursday and Monday, especially when these day fall on 2 and 5 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, scarlet, silver

Birthstone: Aquamarine

People born on March 20 were born on the last day of the Zodiac wheel, and in many ways they are the most insightful and fully evolved individuals of the year. They possess such a wealth of gifts that it is hard to pinpoint one, but underneath their versatility lies their great compassion for others, a gift that can bring them great rewards, but at a price.

Those born on this day can feel overwhelmed by their feelings for others and therefore prone to depression and feelings of helplessness. They are also natural optimists, believing in the basic goodness of people, with a talent for boosting morale and getting people to work together. The danger for these people is that they can become confused to the point of indecision when they empathize too strongly with others’ emotions.

Although they should never repress their sensitivity—it is one of the greatest assets—they should strive to become emotionally stronger. Until the age of thirty, if they don’t learn to protect themselves, others will sometimes try to take advantage of their vulnerability and generosity. After thirty-one they have the potential for greater emotional stability; this is when they become more effective instruments for good. After the age of sixty-one they are more interested in communication and the exchange of ideas.

There is a deep longing within these people to make the world a better place. There may be many changes of direction as they experiment with different roles, and their experiences will help them discover who they really are and what they really want from their lives. Once they do settle on a goal, often to improve the lives of others in some way, they will achieve their dreams because they are both practical and idealistic. They will also find that the older they get, the more confident they become. In their later years they will draw on their rich experience of life to become a wise elder with a wealth of invaluable advice to offer the next generation.

☆ On the dark side:Indecisive, unsure, oversensitive

☆ At your best:Optimistic, compassionate, versatile

March 20 is a highly symbolic day, when considered as the last day of winter and the end of the astrological year. People born on this day possess certain unusual gifts as well as special problems. For example, they are in many ways the most highly evolved creatures of the year, when the zodiac is considered as a map of the evolution of the human being. On the other hand, they may find it difficult to start certain important endeavors and to leave the past behind. It can take them a very long time to make crucial decisions, particularly those involving big changes in their lives.

The expansive qualities and sometimes unfounded optimism of March 20 people can land them in hot water. While their dreaminess lends them magnetic charm, it also makes them prone to unreality in their outlook. However, if those born on this day manage to find their true calling and life partner they will be protected from much that can go wrong.

March 20 talents are generally both numerous and diverse. Therefore those born on this day may flounder for a while, fishing around for the right path to take. They can also be overly influenced by those in higher positions and somewhat inclined toward hero worship, often at the expense of their own ego. Their romanticism, a product of a vivid imagination, can perhaps lead them astray in this respect. By overvaluing the one they worship they tend to unconsciously undervalue themselves. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence of which they themselves may be unaware.

March 20 people must also beware of falling into depressions, which no amount of admiration (either for others or from others) will help. On the other hand, solid friends and loved ones who can keep them on track are of great importance. Ultimately, working toward greater self-assertiveness is the key to March 20 people avoiding these states.

Those born on this day are often drawn to psychic phenomena. They may have great talents in this area, but should be extremely careful not to let themselves go overboard. Such excesses could lead to an abandonment of reality which would be devastating not only to themselves but also to loved ones. If they can put these talents to use in moderation, they will achieve success in life.

Sensitivity to music and art are pronounced in March 20 people who may be particularly drawn to vocal expression. Singing, for example, can make an excellent hobby or even profession for those with musical talent. Attention to the feelings of others makes those born on this day fine interpreters of their fellow human beings' work but also good counselors to w:hom people come to seek advice. In this they should remain objective if possible, for their opinion carries weight and tends to impact heavily on clients, co-workers or friends.

Power Thought:I extend my love and compassion to everyone, including myself,We create nothing, express nothing;we only discover or uncover what is already then

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 20th day of the month are ruled by the number 2 (2+0=2). and by the Moon. Those ruled by the number 2 are gentle, imaginative and easily hun by the- criticism or inattention of others. This fact is underscored by Moon-Neptune influences < Neptune niles Pisces) A low threshold of irritation and a high degree of restlessness are two characteristics ol March 20 people heightened by the influence of Mars (ruler of upcoming Aries) on the Moon. Although able to function as a number 2 to someone else's number 1, they do feel resentful of it from time to time. For this reason they need to take the lead more often—this will help them build a stronger ego as well.

March 20th Birthday Tarot Card

The 20th card of the Major Arcana shows The Judgment or Awakening which urges leaving material aspects behind and seeking a higher spirituality. The card, depicting an angel blowing a trumpet, signifies that a new day. a day of accountability, is dawning. It is a card which moves us beyond our ego and allows us to glimpse the infinite. March 20 people must heed this message, but also beware of being thrown off balance.

☆Luck maker:(Take care of yourself)Creating luck requires both a giving nature and self-love. Lucky people know how important self-care is for their well-being, so they integrate it into their lives.

Love Duty bound

You’re drawn to people born on June 22 to July 23:You are both compassionate and mature souls, and this can create a physically, emotionally and spiritually rewarding union.

People born on March 20 can have problems distinguishing between loyalty and love and they may as a result stay in a passionless relationship out of a sense of duty. This reveals the maturity and strength of their character, but they do need to remember that their first responsibility should be to their own happiness. They should ask themselves who is really benefiting if they remain in a place from which love has departed.

Health Get physical

People born on this day tend to live in their head and to neglect their physical needs, so it is important for them to place more emphasis on the physical. They should make sure they eat a healthy diet rich in nutritious and tasty whole foods, fruits and vegetables and, instead of bolting down their food with their minds on something else, take the time to really taste the subtle flavors and amazing textures that all good foods possess. Moderate to mild exercise, preferably outdoors so they get plenty of sunshine and fresh air, is also recommended. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color blue will help them stay cool when all those around them are losing their heads.

March 20 people are generally more mental than physical, and are prone to getting their feelings tied up in knots. Their excess nervous energy will cause headaches and ultimately lead to exhaustion if care is not taken to seek rest and a stable life situation. Moderate, regular exercise serves to ground them in their body, use up excess energy and combat depression. It is essential for March 20 people to adopt a healthy diet as early in life as possible. Yet the extravagance of Pisces with regard to food will make this difficult. The diet of March 20 people people is best kept to the straight and narrow (grains, fresh vegetables, low-fat foods) and binges avoided. On the other hand, extremes in diet or exercise can cause problems too, however, since health fanaticism may intensify stress

Career Born counselors

These people often make excellent counselors, psychologists, advisors, consultants, managers, coaches, diplomats, and teachers. Their sensitivity for what is going on around them may also find expression in the world of art, music, drama, writing, and dance as well as photography, design and moviemaking. They also excel in any career which involves dealing with the public.

Destiny To help others reach their full potential

The life path of people born on this day is to find out what they really want. Once they know in which direction they should be heading, their destiny is to help others overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Your emotions can be destructive Keep calm and in touch with your center Duett your energies toward realistic goals Observe yourself living.

Celebrities Born On March 20th

Spike Lee(American director), Holly Hunter(American actress), Ruby Rose(Australian model and actress),

Ovid [Publius Ovidius Naso] (Roman poet, Metamorphoses, writer, The Art ofLove), Henrik Ibsen (Norwegian playwright, modem drama pioneer), B.F. Skinner (psychologist, influential behaviorist writer, Walden Two), Spike Lee (film director, actor Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X), Benjamino Gigli (Italian- bom operatic ten-or), Lauritz Melchior (Danish-born operatic tenor), Holly Hunter (film actress), Sviatoslav Richter (Russian pianist), Marian McPartland (jazz pianist, educator, radio host), Pat Rley (basketball coach, led Los Angeles Lakers to four NBA titles, all-time leader in playoff wins, winnmgest pro coach ever), Bobby Orr (hockey defenseman, 8x Norris Trophy winner, NHL 2x sconng, 5x assist leader, 8x All-NHL). William Hurt (film actor), Fred Rogers ("Mr. Rogers," TV Children's Show icon), Johann Charles Holderlin (German Romantic poet, mentally ill thirty years), Michael Redgrave (stage, TV, film actor, father of Vanessa and Lynn), Tanya Boyd actress). Carl Reiner (comedian, TV writer), Erwin Meher (Nobel Pnze-wmnmg physiologist, cell function). Alfonso Garcia Robles (Nobel Peace Prizewinning Mexican diplomat), Hal Linden (TV actor, Barney Miller)

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